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Final Fantasy V

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Title Screen

Final Fantasy V

Developer: Square
Publishers: Square (JP/US), Sony Computer Entertainment (EU)
Platforms: SNES, PlayStation
Released in JP: December 6, 1992
Released in US: October 5, 1999
Released in EU: May 1, 2002

EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.

Final Fantasy V is the middle entry in the Super Famicom trilogy of Final Fantasy games. It was scheduled to be released in the U.S. as its version of Final Fantasy III, but due to a few complications during localization they ended up skipping it in order to focus on localizing the newer Final Fantasy VI in its place. It would eventually get an official English version through its PlayStation port released seven years later (although a fan-translation of the game already existed by that point).

Story-wise, it's a fair bit weaker than the games to the other two games in the SFC/SNES trilogy, but it makes up for that with the sheer level of customization courtesy of its excellent job system.

Unused Enemies

To do:
Need rips of these enemies with their SFC/PS palettes.

Big Boss

Big Boss gonna eat your nuts.

Big Boss uses the same graphics as the Nut Eater and has absolutely ridiculous stats: 250 attack, defense, and magic power, along with 99% evasion and magic evasion. It's immune to all elements and status effects, and is undead and heavy-flagged. The real big catch is that it only has a measly 3 HP.

While it seems complete stat-wise, its attack sequence only uses "Regeneration" (a do-nothing skill).


Ki Mirror?

While the game has plenty of chimera enemies, this basic one is never encountered. All of its stats are 0, with the exception of its HP and Speed. Its attack sequence is very basic, just choosing between a 2/3 chance of fighting and a 1/3 chance of using its special.


An illusion of Melusine.

Everyone's favorite naked flying snake lady has another monster entry. It isn't found with her other forms, but instead in between the bosses fought in X-Death's castle.

While this Mellusion's stats are, for the most part, higher than those of the one fought in front of the Elder Tree, her HP is lower, at 15,000, and her attack sequence is much simpler. Several of her stats, including her item drops and steals, are identical to those of Carbunkle, who precedes her in the enemy data. She is always weak against fire, ice, and lightning, immune to earth, and never changes her weakness. She uses normal attacks, Fire3, Bolt3, Ice3, Tempta, and her special, which is not set up to have any effects. When defeated, the first line of Ramuh's dialogue with Ifrit is spoken and she escapes, implying that whatever she was originally going to say was overwritten after she was scrapped.

Neo Goblin


This guy's found with the bosses and other story enemies, and is about as interesting as you'd expect from an enemy with "Goblin" in its name. He doesn't even have a jaunty color scheme like the normal ones!

Unused Objects

I have one just like that!

Loaded into memory along with the Elder Branch, bracelet, and giant mirror graphics is what appears to be an unused full-size icon of the necklaces belonging to Lenna and Faris.


This small jewel or crystal is loaded into memory along with the Adamantite, but it's not clear what it's supposed to be or what it's used for.

Unused Items

There are five unused items present in all three versions of the game, and weren't used in any of them.

  • Mythril Staff - A simple staff with 19 attack power and no special features. This item may be extremely basic, but there is no legit way to get one; they can't be bought, there are none in chests, and no enemies carry them. It was probably not used because at the likely place it would have been bought, you can buy the flail.
  • Blood Shield - The strongest shield in the game, defense power-wise, at 15...but also has the game's lowest evade boost, at a lousy 1%. This would have fit in neatly with the Bone Mail, Thornlet, and Cursed Ring, as it shares the combination of high stats and a big drawback, and would certainly also share its annoyance of being auto-equipped all the time.
  • Saber - This is categorized as a dagger, but it has 0 attack power and cannot be equipped, even by the default job. It was probably intended to be much like the Spoon/Knife in Final Fantasy IV.
  • Dummy - As the name would suggest, it seems to be a dummy item. It cannot be used and has no function.
  • Efuefu - Translated as FF in the GBA version. Like the one before, this is probably a dummy item and has no function.

An interesting side note is that Final Fantasy V Advance more or less cements these items being wholly unused. If hacked into that version, attempting to auto-sort the inventory will result in them being shuffled to the very end of the list.

Unused Commands

There are two unused and unfinished commands that can be accessed via hacking.

  • !Dummy01 - Attempting to use this command will allow the user to target him/herself, then does absolutely nothing.
  • !Dummy02 - Has the same effect as enchanting your sword with the Fire spell via the "Magic Sword" command.

Inaccessible Steal Item

The first boss Wing Raptor has a Potion to steal. However, this is completely impossible - the !Steal ability is gained after this boss.

Unused Sprites

The Berserker class has sprites for the "Ready" stance (if !Defend is used or before an action is executed) and for the "Magic casting" stance. Both are never used - the Berserker is always in Berserker state and can never do anything other than attack.

Unused Maps

There are a few map locations that are only used for events, but there's a particular room (ID=0056) that was meant for a Jail in Castle Tycoon. The room has the same dark background as with the Basement (B1) where you can find Garkimasra, but none of the elements (doors, switches) will function.

Unused Terrains

There are up to 34 different types of terrains in which a Geomancer can use Gaia. However, there are two of them that are never used in the game: 0x14 & 0x20. Background 14 is exactly like background 1A, which is the one you'll see once Exdeath's Castle transforms (even the spells are the same). Background 20 is exactly like background 0C, which corresponds to the Big Bridge (spells #1 & #3 are different).