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Final Fantasy VIII/Unused Text

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This is a sub-page of Final Fantasy VIII.

Despite an extra disc, there's much less cut, hidden and different text of actual substance than in Final Fantasy VII. To make up for this, the US->UK localisation team went totally daft.


Text in a table is changed between versions
This is a comment
Text in a box is either hidden, unused, or present in one version but not another.


The "Retry" rule was abolished from this region.
The "Retry" rule has spread throughout this region.

This text referring to an unused Triple Triad rule exists (albeit hidden) in every location where a card game is possible.

"This region is getting boring.
 I'm going to travel to a new region."

Generic leaving text for the Card Queen from every location she's at. It is never used, specific texts mentioning where she is going are preferred instead.


Almost every location in the game contains one of these two placeholders.


This placeholder text occurs everywhere there's a forced battle.


Outside the Train Station

The professional photographer gets greedy
Japanese Others
"I wanna take a lot of nice pictures and sell them to a magazine." "I wanna take a lot of nice pictures and sell them and make big money."

"We'll split everything 70/30. Actually, how about 80/20?"

"Y'know what, forget about it."


2F Outside Classroom

Selphie's late again
Is... homeroom over? Is... registration over?

Library Bookshelf

Library Girl with a Pigtail

The girl in love with Zell does remember his answers to her questionaire. This interjection goes unused as the Library Commitee Member just continues with her speech.

Localisation can be too aggressive
Love Meter For You And Your Partner: Love Metre For You And Your Partner:

Library Study Area

"I won't be able to
 cooperate with my peers,
 if you know what I mean."

"I have no choice but study really hard,

The lazy student further laments being the only one taking his upcoming test.


Headmaster Cid
"Any questions?"

-> How long is this mission supposed to last?
-> What was the password again?
-> ...Not really

Headmaster Cid
"That would depend on the other party."

Headmaster Cid
"They will say,
 ‘The forests of Timber sure have changed.'"

"You must answer,
 ‘But the owls are still around.'"

Headmaster Cid
 You're beginning to worry me..."

After telling you to go to Timber, Cid was to give you the opportunity to ask questions. It and their responses remain hidden though.

Hall - Directory


Grouped with Selphie's text after being shown the directory. Most likely this was her original ending line (given her sprite waves) before being replaced with "Thanks a lot!"

"Well, that's it for
 classes today, right?"


"Then why don't we go to the cafeteria
 before we head back to the dorm?"

"Sure thing."

"Oh yeah, I also wanted to do some
 research at the library.
 Can we go there first?"


An unused conversation between two or three people.

"Nice to meetcha, Squall"

Zell was to introduce himself after the FMV.

Hall - Rear

"What's over here?"

"The cafeteria."

"What about over there?"

"The parking lot."

 I really appreciate
 you showing me around."

"But can you try to make it
 a little more fun?
 You know, like a normal tour?"

Rinoa's tour around the back of the garden was to have a little more dialog.


Dr. Kadowaki
"Just rest until
 Instructor Trepe gets here."

An extra bit of text before Quistis sidles into the game.

"I was against dispatching SeeDs around
 the world."

"But considering our goal, NORG was
 right to point out that training
 wouldn't be enough."

"We also had to think about students
 who decided not to become SeeDs.
 ......We needed money."

Cid's speech about NORG and the real purpose of Garden had an extra bit.

Training Centre

"Thank you."

One of the White SeeDs showed some gratitude after saving Ellone. Instead, he just bows and leaves silently.

"It's my fault."

One of the two kids with the SeeD uttered this when they're cornered by the Garden Faculty during the fight for the garden.

"Are you guys all right?"

Squall, compassionate? No wonder it was cut. Would have come after defeating the Garden Faculty's monster.

"Squall, I was just wondering...
 Have you fought T-Rexaur in the
 training center?"

"I'm not sure..."

"You can defeat it quite easily by
 using [Status-J]."

"Let's go over Status changes
 in the Tutorial!"


"Use a Sleep attack against T-Rexaur.
 Just junction ‘Sleep' onto your
 ST Atk-J and attack."

The scene going to the secret area is different in the JP version to other versions. International versions add this text and the interstitial Status junction tutorial.

"Shall We?"

This being removed was a casualty of the above change. It kicks off the conversation in the JP version.

Classroom Terminal

Nothing to write.
Oh, good job with the fight
against Galbadia Garden.
That's all.
Garden Committee Chair's English
That's because I, the Garden Festival chair, will be leaving Garden. That's because I, the Garden Festival chair will be leaving Garden.
The original chair steps down with differing grammar
I was on the Garden Festival Committee there, so I'm excited to join...

But...there's no one on the committee here.
Who wants to be on the Garden Festival Committee!? C'mon everyone, join!
Let's all work together to make the Garden Festival a success!

I was on the Garden Festival committee there, so I'm excited to join...

But... there's no one on the committee here.
Who wants to be on the Garden Festival committee!? C'mon everyone, join!
Let's all work together to make the Garden festival a success!

Selphie steps up with differing capitalisation...
(Not at all, Quistis.) (No at all, Quistis.)
...forgets how to spell not...
The field exam took place in Dollet. I was a member of squad A, the intelligence team. The field exam took place in Dollet. I was a member of squad B, the intelligence team.
...can't remember which team she was on...
so just wait, ok? so just wait, okay?
...changes the spelling of OK...
In any case, Balamb Garden is safe. (It is, right?) In anycase, Balamb Garden is safe. (It is, right?)
...combines two separate words...
I think...I wish I could've said bye... I think...I wish could've said bye...
...and loses personal pronouns

Normal Dorm


Selphie shows off her SeeD uniform. Was replaced with "Tee-hee! So, what do you think?" in the game.

(Get changed?  Training centre?
 What's this all about?)

The used version of this text was slightly different, and wasn't displayed in the dorm.

"Meet at the main hall after you change..."

Unused line.

SeeD Dorm

"Face the bed...
[Action-button icon] to rest
[Card-button icon] to change clothes"

Actioning the bed led to a more involved menu at one point.

(I'll take a break...)

(Forget it...)

Redacted responses echoing menu choices.

"Maybe I'll wear my uniform."
->  Get changed
->  Don't get changed

Unused menu to change back into SeeD uniform.

 I'm not in the mood."

Response to Zell asking if Squall 'wants to kick some monster butt at the training centre'.

Secret Area


Squall's rebuke of Quistis pouring her heart out was met with a puzzled silence before it was removed.

SeeD Ball

Selphie can English
Used In the game but unused

"I know we'll be busy with a lot of SeeD stuff, but let's work hard on the Garden Festival, too."


"We'll be busy with a lot of SeeD stuff, but work hard on the Garden Festival, too."



This is a temporary screen. Please report on
the 4 parameters displayed below for
debugging purposes.

Remaining Time: {Var00} min. {var01} sec.
Number Shot Down {Var02}
Number Escaped {var03}
Subtracted {Var04}

Grouped with the SeeD score dialog is this debugging aid text box.

Fire Cavern


Do you have a GF?
-> (Yes I have)
-> (No)

GFs allow us to junction and set abilities.
Setting an ability lets us use it

If you forget to set an ability
it cannot be used in battle

[GF] + [Draw] + [Item] or
[Magic] + [Draw] + [Item]
is recommened

Junctioning a GF also enables
magic to boost your abilities

The more of the magic stocked
the higher the ability boost

To revisit the information
Check the tutorial

Use [Triangle] to open the menu and select 
tutorial. Choose Junction to get the 
correct description

A quick GF junction tutorial that occurs in the Japanese game. It was removed for the US & UK versions.


"Objective:  To obtain a low-level GF.
 A SeeD member will support.
 You have {Var0} mins left."

It's likely that in a previous incarnation, the time to complete the Fire Cavern kept counting down when leaving before defeating Ifrit. Upon re-entering the Garden faculty would've told you how long was left on the clock. In the final, the clock resets to the chosen time limit.

"Very good.
 You will receive your credits at Garden."

The Garden Faculty say this after exiting the Fire Cavern in the Japanese version. It goes unused in others.

Ifrit's Hole

Defeat Ifrit
Raise flag

Most likely a reminder for the devs.



"Ok, Ok..."

Giving in to Selphie's girlish glee at going through the door.

"How much longer 'til Galbadia?"
->  (We should be there soon)
->  (A little while longer)

"A little while longer."

An alternate end to the Deling City train ride. Selphie calls it Galbadia, and selecting "We should be there soon" option ends the ride.

Inaccessible sequence and an unused bit of that


"This transcontinental train
 goes all over the world."

"Is that so...?"

"If we really wanted to, we could even take
 a trip around the world on this luxury train."

"I guess you don't appreciate it."

Zell likes trains almost as much as Selphie does. Most likely dropped because the trains don't actually go all around the world, or to try and lessen Zell's insufferability.

"Let's GO to the WM!"

Extreme fourth wall breakage. May be unused character speech but most likely a developer note.

Train Announcement
"There was no damage..."

After Zell punches the train floor, this last part of the announcement is unused. The first part of the announcement "Err, there was no damage to the train from that, err, minor vibration..." repeats in its place.

(Not a player...
 ...I guess not, huh.)

Squall reacting to Irvine doubting his luck with the ladies.

SeeD Room

"C'mon, let me tell you
 what I know about Timber!"


The game gives you three rebukes to Zell's pestering, but this isn't one of his retorts. After the last knockback, Selphie interrupts the conversation. Zell doesn't get a chance to deliver the silent treatment.


Comms Tower

Frick off

”Frickin' hell...“


”Friggin' hell...“

Town Square

Dollet soldier stops repeating himself
Dollet Soldier

Everything looks ok...
Seems like no one passed through...
Yeah, no one passed through.
Everything's ok...I guess...

Dollet Soldier

Everything looks ok...
Seems like no one passed through...
Everything's ok...I guess...


The kid gets localised
”My bother's an excellent swimmer, too!“ ”My brother's an excellent swimmer, too!“
”(sigh...) I wonder how mom's doing...?“ ”(sigh...) I wonder how mum's doing...?“
”Mom...dad! I'll be home sooooon!!!“ ”Mum...dad! I'll be home sooooon!!!“

Outside Pub

”Yo, what are you doin'!?
 We shouldn't be going back!“

In the Dollet mission, you presumably weren't to be allowed to run back to the beach. As you can, this stays hidden.

Crab {Var00}
Roof {Var01}

A debugging dialog.


Sage advice indeed
It's not a good idea to eat off the floor...

I'm feelin' kinda queasy...

It's not a good idea to eat off the floor...

I'm feelin' pretty queasy...

Galbadia Garden


”It requires a password.“

Unseen keycards unlock the different doors in the game, so they don't require a password at all.

Front Gate

”You've gotta have 5 or
 more cards to play.“

Some card players have custom messages if you challenge them with an insuffient number of cards. The challenger here had theirs removed in favour of the standard "You need 5 or more cards to play."


Cerberus Battle

Development label.


'Hells' are fine but 'damn'? That's too far
”Darn! I have to start counting all over again!“ ”Damn! I have to start counting all over again!“
The student doing pushups loses count
"I hear it's one of those under-the-table, sketchy deals, though." ”I hear it's one of those under-the-table, dodgy deals, though.“
The relationship between the Garden Masters' seems slightly dubious

Reception Room

”Rinoa, how did you know him?
 You two seemed really close.“

In case the previous four times weren't enough, Quistis asked this question again.

Front Gate

(I may need to switch party members often.
 Let me just confirm how to go about it...)

This text and the subsequent party member switching tutorial aren't present in the Japanese version.

Deling City


Bar Room


”You want the whole Galbadian Army
to know what a weenie you are tomorrow?“


”You want the whole Galbadian Army
to know what a wuss you are tomorrow?“


”Way t'go, Laguna!
Here, here, sit down!“


”Way to go, Laguna!
Here, here, sit down!“


”No worries, man!
That's like, my specialty.“


”No worries, man!
That's like, my speciality.“

(...Pretty uncomfortable for me.)

(What the heck is up with this?
 ...What the...?  What's going on?)

(If this is a dream... Wake up...)

Reactions from the first dream sequence that don't see the light of day.


”Please excuse me.“

”Ms. Julia is waiting in her room.“

Proactionary text for the hotel busybody.


Laguna gets the Selphie treatment

”I must be dreamin'...“


”I must be dreaming'...“

”Hey, we should all go out drinkin' sometime! Whaddya say?“ ”Hey, we should all go out drinkin' sometime! What do you say?“

”Yeah, that was way cool...“


”Yeah, that was so cool...“

It's Julia and Laguna's event.
Everything's temporary;
the motion, the location, etc. 

More development text from the Japanese version, it was replaced with a copy of the opening line of the scene ("Thanks for coming") in the international versions.

Presidential Palace

Englishmen don't choke, they lose temperature

”I...I can't... I'm sorry, I can't do it.
I always choke like this...“


”I...I can't... I'm sorry, I can't do it.
I always freeze like this...“

”The parade may be canceled

if there is any commotion.“

”The parade may be cancelled

if there is any commotion.“

(I may need to switch party members often.
 Let me just confirm how to go about it...)

This text is used before the party switch tutorial at Galbadia Garden, but not before the Parade.

”Ah...I'll just leave it up to you.“

This comes directly after the above text. As he initially picks the party at that switch tutorial, this may have been his response when you shoot down his selection.

President's death event

Dev text at the top of the podium, only present in the Japanese version.

City Square

General Caraway
”It's time for you all to
 split up into 2 teams.“

General Caraway
”{Squall} and Irvine are on the [sniper team].
 The rest of you are on the [gateway team],

Instead of Squall deciding the teams in the warmth of the mansion, the General wanted to do it outside on the walk to the gateway. That usurper!

Rinoa's Proud pose


Two separate bits of dev text upon arrival in Deling City proper.

Where to?
-> Gateway
-> Residential Area
-> Shopping Arcade

An unused menu for buses. In the game, you just get on and off of your own accord rather than choose when you get on.

To [Galbadia Hotel].
Get on?
-> Yes
-> No

Outside the station, buses only go to the Presidential Residence and Caraway's Mansion so this stays hidden.

Ward's Weenie/Wuss Wonderment

”Yeah, just drink some juice like a weenie.“


”Yeah, just drink some juice like a wuss.“


”Snap out of your weeniehood and do it!
Come on, Loverboy Laguna!“


”Snap out of your wusshood and do it!
Come on, Loverboy Laguna!“

Error 1
Error 2
Error 3
Error 4

More dev text.

Caraway's Guard
”I have no more maps.“

Caraway's Guard
”It's useless without a map.“

In an earlier version, you presumably had to buy the map of the Tomb of the Unknown King.

Caraway's Guard
”Alright then, what is your answer?“

”Student ID Number {Var0}“

When you select to give the answer, the guard doesn't speak, likewise when you've finished entering he only says the number and not that whole sentence so these remains hidden.



All that's unused in the sewers is this, a development dialog containing the value of something.

Outside Hotel

Is it his, or not?

I just got in from
Fishermans Horizon.
This city is so overwhelming!


I just got in from
Fisherman's Horizon.
This city is so overwhelming!

”I know the
Fishermans Horizon rules.“
”I know the
Fisherman's Horizon rules.“
This is both unused and different

Train Station


Two labels for something or other.

Station Staff
”This train is scheduled to go to Galbadia Garden,
but it is currently out of service.“

This never happens in-game.

Caraway's Mansion

General Caraway

More probable development text.

”Well, let's get going.“

Quistis readies the gatehouse team for the off.

A little of this or a little of that

”We don't have time for that.“

"Squall and Irvine are already standing by."


”We don't have time for this.“

"Squall and Irvine are already standing by."

”Let me see.“

”Hard glass...“

Maybe Zell tried breaking the window glass in order to escape the mansion. Or maybe it was too obvious a clue to the escape route. Either way, it got canned.


More overly aggressive localisation
”This city has roads circling the perimeter.“ ”This city has roads circling the perimetre.“
”Please wait until the bus arrives.“

The bus stop attendents use more specific versions, but never this generic message.

Galbadian Soldier
 Galbadia and the sorceress.
 Hahahahah!  No one can touch us now!

Galbadian Soldier

 I'll always be working
 for Sir Seifer.
 I'll never make it big...

No Galbadian soldier is ever present on the fountain side of the gateway, so these bits of dialog are never seen.



Strike, reverse it

”Hoo-boy, not again...“


”ooH-boy, not again...“

(Anything's possible.)

Squall's thoughts on being caught and paraded on Galbadian TV are ignored by the masses.

This is temporary. Going back.

More development text, this time from where the car is in the first dream sequence.

Timber Maniacs

”Are you busy?
 I'm busy.
 Here's a word of advice.“

”Don't ever talk to the
 editor when he's busy.
 Trust me.“

”You have to sell to win in this business.
 If it sells, it's a winner.  The editor
 just can't accept this fact.“

”As long as there are battles being fought
 in this world, battle series magazines like
 ‘Weapons Monthly' are gonna keep selling.“

”(In Timber, there are many people
  in the resistance, so it'd be great
  if we can release a bunch of battle
  series magazines and books.)“

”Do you want to become a journalist
 by any chance?  If so, I don't know
 about your chances in this company.
 It's a career of the past, if you ask me.“

”I heard the sorceress showed up...
 (Time to do some business.)“

Copious bits of dialogue from the journalist wound up on the floor.

”It was so fun back then.
 We didn't have all the
 stuff we have now...“

”But we kept ourselves busy by
 making toys and doing other stuff.“

”I tell ya, the kids and young people
 now are so spoiled and selfish...“

Likewise for the editor's extra expounding.

”Go ahead. Have a look around.“

The receptionist also had a bit cut.

Old Man's House

Don't Force It
”Ahh...good to hear. Drink all you want from the faucet.“ ”Ahh...good to hear. Drink all you want from the tap.“

”I feel revitalized...“


”I feel revitalised...“

Forest Fox's House

Strangers are people too
”How many times have I told you not to take money from people!!!“ ”How many times have I told you not to take money from strangers!!!“


Jacking it All in


"Everything's jacked up because the resistance tried to kidnap the president."



"Everything's messed up because the resistance tried to kidnap the president."

”You don't have any money?
 Here, take it.“

Received [100 Gil]!

If you somehow don't have enough money to buy the drifter a drink, the bartender will give it to you. This isn't unused but is unlikely to ever be seen.

Tantal (Green/Sweet)
Mimett (Red/Sweet)
Reagan (Green/Bitter)

Full descriptions and/or menu choices for three of the six drinks the drifter describes.

TV Station

All Wussed Out

Shut your damn mouth! Chicken-wuss!


Shut your damn mouth! You chicken!


”Nice going, Chicken-wuss!“


”Nice going, you dumb chicken!“


Oh bums
My girlfriend's doggin' me for

being such a loser.

My girlfriend's hastlin' me for

being such a loser.




”Major bummer!“




”Oh, MAJOR bummer!“

Forest Owls' Base


E's are good

Squall, way t'go! You tell'm!
They can't treat us that way!


Squall, way t'go! You tell'em!
They can't treat us that way!

(‘Serious negotiations'...
 Better make sure my GF's equipped...)

The Japanese version doesn't have this reminder and automatic trip to the menu before fighting the fake president.




 W...We have to discuss some stuff.

 Oh...you're ready...
 Well...let's go then...

 Squall!!! Wait a minute!
 You think I'm...scared, don't you?

 ...Well I'm not!
 I was just thinking...of what to say...
 That's all, really!

Various bits of Rinoa dialogue goes unseen.

(She doesn't know what to do...)

(Her voice is shaking.
 What's she gonna say?)

”Do you really...wanna do this?“

 Showdown with the president...
 Sounds big... OHHH YEAHHH!

As well as other characters dialogue before confronting the 'president'.

Strategy Room

Watts the point?

”Gathering information is my specialty, sir!“


”Gathering information is my speciality, sir!“


The president's going to the
[TV Station]! Security's super tight, sir!


The president's going to the [TV Station]!
Security's really tight, sir!

The line break difference is in the game

Rinoa's Room

”Angelo is really smart!
 Here, let me tell you...“

”Smart, huh?“

These two pieces surround the Angelo limit break explanation. They aren't present in the Japanese version.

Uncoupling Demo

”That's way too much hassle.“

”Heeey!  How about this?“

”Let's derail the president's car.
 Y'know, hit it with a big log or something.“

”Then we watch it crash and burn!
 Ooh... So what do you guys think!?“




”What's the point of killin' him
 before abducting him?“

This exchange at the end of the demonstration is not hidden, but with it requiring you to sit through the entire sequence twice, it's as good as.

Train Uncoupling

”Movie starting.
 Event starting.
 As is.“

Go to the movie
only if the code
entering event is a success.

After successfully entering the codes:
 Test/Go to the beginning immediately.
 Test/Go to the beginning after the movie.
 Actual event/Infiltration movie.

Game over procedure when
you fail by being discovered by the guards.

Game over procedure
when you fail by running out of time.

Various bits of development/QA text.

Zell”Yo, the blue guard is coming!“ (sic)

”So's the red one!“

When entering the second bunch of codes, Zell and Selphie are otherwise disposed so they never get to say these.


Excavation Site

”Cuchi-cuchi!  Cuchi-cuchi!“

Laguna tickles Ward before they jump off the cliff. The motion is silent in the game.

Battle1 (Hatch not working)
Battle2(Small rock untouched)
Battle3(Big rock untouched)
Battle4(Not about to fall)
Battle5(Last/Required Battle)

Labels for use by the developers or QA.