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Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn (Windows)/Heavensward

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This is a sub-page of Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn (Windows).

The first expansion for the hugely popular Final Fantasy XIV, where you travel to the skies to battle dragons and be involved in never ending quest chains involving Moogles.

Unused Battle Lines

There's quite a chunk of battle lines that go unused, mainly for the Heaven's Ward themselves.

Ser Grinnaux

I'll cut you to pieces! (N.B. This line appears without distortion, during his encounter in The Vault.)
This ends here!

Ser Charibert

Oh, dear...

Archbishop Thordan

My reign begins!

Unused Miqo'te Hairstyle

There exists an unused hairstyle for Miqo'te women in the game .dat files. It belongs to the Au Ra NPC Yugiri Mistwalker, and is currently unobtainable in Heavensward.

It's most likely here as a leftover. During 2.0, Yugiri's model used a custom tail on a Miqo'te base body - to the point where in some cutscenes, Yugiri's horns underneath her veil would move like Miqo'te ears. The textures & model for it still exist in the game files.