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Final Fight: Streetwise (Xbox)

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Title Screen

Final Fight: Streetwise

Developers: Capcom Studio 8, Secret Level
Publisher: Capcom
Platform: Xbox
Released in US: February 28, 2006
Released in EU: April 7, 2006

SourceIcon.png This game has uncompiled source code.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.

Final Fight: Streetwise was a well-intentioned but ill-designed attempt to restart the Final Fight franchise that was ultimately doomed by executive meddling, which led to Capcom Studio 8 being shut down. And it contains enough cursing to make you think the writers were sailors...

(Note that this version uses the same assets as its PS2 counterpart, so some unused content is present in both.)

Uncompiled Source Code

The file located at PSXDATA\Test\sndids.h on the disc is a C++ header file that was used to define the sound effects and voice samples used in the game. Some code samples:

#ifndef _SNDIDS_H_
#define _SNDIDS_H_
//This file is autogenerated based on the bank names in config\banknames.txt
//and the data in o:\sound\deliveries

//Compound sound defs from bank 1 (bldg)
#define CSNDID_WEASAL_TAUNT                                                    0x20010000
#define CSNDID_WEASAL_HIT                                                      0x28010001
#define CSNDID_FORKLIFT_REV                                                    0x28010002

// ##DONE##
//Sound defs from bank 4 (porn)
#define SNDID_ASSTRAY                                                         0x88040000
#define SNDID_FLOWERPOT_1                                                     0x88040001
#define SNDID_FLOWERPOT_2                                                     0x88040002
#define SNDID_FLOWERPOT_3                                                     0x88040003
#define SNDID_FLOWERPOT_4                                                     0x88040004
#define SNDID_TAPE_1                                                          0x88040005
#define SNDID_TAPE_2                                                          0x88040006
#define SNDID_TAPE_3                                                          0x88040007
#define SNDID_TAPE_4                                                          0x88040008
#define SNDID_WSL_SLAM_1                                                      0x80040009
#define SNDID_WSL_SLAM_2                                                      0x8004000a
#define SNDID_WSL_SLAM_3                                                      0x8004000b
#define SNDID_MOVIE_PROJECTOR                                                 0x8004000c
#define SNDID_WSL_HIT_1                                                       0x8804000d
#define SNDID_WSL_HIT_2                                                       0x8804000e
#define SNDID_WSL_HIT_3                                                       0x8804000f

// ##DONE## 

//Compound sound defs from bank 4 (porn)
#define CSNDID_FLOWERPOT                                                       0x28040000
#define CSNDID_TAPE                                                            0x28040001
#define CSNDID_WSL_SLAM                                                        0x20040002
#define CSNDID_WSL_HIT                                                         0x28040003

// ##DONE## 

Unused Videos

The PSXData\Test folder contains two unused files:

The first, trailer.sfd, is an early E3 promo for the game which contains footage from various stages in development, and very different-sounding Kyle and Cody voice actors.

The second is a duplicate of video2.sfd, called video4.sfd. The video is What Drives the Weak, performed by Shadows Fall. Strangely, text inside the game's executable file mentions four bonus FMVs, but only three are available in the bonus section.

Unused Voice Clips

The main sound archive (PSXDATA\SOUND\DIALOG.ADS) contains all gameplay voice clips and sound effects that play during the game. It also contains some early voice clips for Kyle Travers:

Early Final
Ah, a key!
Ah... maybe if I had a key...
Ah, feelin' better already!
Aha, found it!
Aww yeah!
Don't mind if I do!
Feelin' better already!
I can use this!
I'll take that!
Shit, it's locked!
This should help!