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Final Fight (Arcade)

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Title Screen

Final Fight

Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Platform: Arcade (CP System)
Released internationally: December 1989

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

The mayor's daughter has been kidnapped! Go beat everyone up.

Stage Debug

Like boxes? This is the screenshot for you
Setting FF8084 to any non-zero value will enable a stage debug display. This will display hitbox information for all objects and some additional stage info.

Byte Information
Camera's right bound (2 bytes) - Camera's left bound (2 bytes)
Camera's upper bound (2 bytes) - Camera's lower bound (2 bytes)


To do:
These may correspond to the difficulty dip switch settings and match up to those seen under the P1 health bar in SNES Final Fight with debug mode active.

Stage timer upper bytes, seems to cap at 0018 (2 bytes)
Unknown (2 bytes)
Stage timer lower bytes, resets at 0256 (2 bytes)

(Source: Original TCRF research)

OBJ Pattern Test

To do:
Add details from jul thread

There's text for what may be a character debug mode loaded into memory; it can be seen via the MAME debugger:

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Scroll Test

To do:
Add details from jul thread

Unused Graphics

Alternate Billboard

P/R problemUnseemly

An alternate design of the destructible billboards in Stage 3. Pretty obvious why this version wasn't used. Yikes.

Unused Name Graphics

Questioning your sexual orientation with Engrish.

These three names are never used. Guy's name is misspelled because, as director Akira Nishitani puts it, "we weren't really aware of English spelling and pronunciation conventions."



Guy performing what seems to be some sort of kick attack.

FinalFightArcGuyPose1.png FinalFightArcGuyPose2.png

Guy doing some rather odd poses, possibly related to special moves.



An alternate version of the graphic used when Cody flips through the air during a jump.


This is found with the graphics used when Cody uses a weapon, and was likely intended for the same purpose.

Developer Notes

This tile has no character

A tile marking where there's no graphics tile. Whoa man.

The End...?

This is the last tile in memory, and marks where the "Scroll 2" section ends.

Unused Tile Types

The best graphics

Tile types 15, 16, 19, 1A, 1B aren't used in the game, though they do have level viewer graphics.


These tiles would be used for a left-facing raised platform. All of the raised platforms in the final game face right.

Round 1 Stairs

Nowhere to stairs

The underground area in Round 1 has stairs on each side, which are never seen in the game. They have no collision data and are not present in any other Round of the game.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Text

The following is loaded into memory, right after William S. Sessions' name:

(Source: Original TCRF research)

According to some official Capcom books, Street Fighter '89 was the game's original title.

Regional Differences


She's in a red dress in all versions of the SNES game
In the Japanese game's intro, Jessica appears on the T.V. screen for an instant before Damnd does. However, in the US and World versions, Jessica is never shown. Damnd's face is always in the monitor, but you can hear Jessica screaming in the background. Who knows why they thought changing this would make the game seem more family-friendly.


If you finish the game without continuing, you'll get treated to an Omake ending after the credits are over. In the Japanese version you get two paragraphs by Pom and Akiman, and then short sentences by several other staff members (in the Kansai-Ben dialect). In the international versions the paragraphs were replaced by a message saying "MY NAME IS POM" and the short sentences changed to a generic "My name is...". Some of the portrait icons accompanying the sentences were also changed in the international versions.

Japanese International
Final fight arcade j end-1.png Finfightendu-1.png
Final fight arcade j end-2.png
Final fight arcade j end-3.png Finfightendu-2.png
Final fight arcade j end-4.png Finfightendu-3.png


1st Panel

"Hi! I'm Final Fight's planner, POM! But I was called Ninnin. But it wasn't just Ninnin, it was Ninnin of Candy Land! Oh yes, yes, the guy who made Final Fight's name is PomG (Pom Gee) and he's a member of Ninnin of Candy Land too. I'll introduce him."

2nd Panel

"Ha ha ha. I'm AKIMAN. I'm glad that you can see this ending. It's something to look at after playing so well. I g-e-t i-t. By the way, it's because I ate 50 Gyudons in 1 month. It'd be great if you tried it too. Right? Right? Right?

3rd Panel

"You did it! Darn, I still can't stop shaking!"

"It's great you made it this far! Try and do it again!"

"Yeah, that guy's the same as that. Even with this, in this world..."

"I cried buckets of tears at your battles 'cuz I was so moved."

"You did it, how dare you make it all the way here! I want to see your next fight!"

"I have my face in here for helping. Gratze! Gratze!"

4th Panel

"What do you think of the 7th CPS game? I want to be at the next one too!"

"We are the PomG that donned a disguise called Final Fight."

"It's over. There's probably nothing else. But there's a new game drawing near..."

"Best regards to Capcom and Alf from here on out! -- From the whole team."

"CAPCOM makes games where you kill things. Everyone, go out and kill, kill, KILL!"


"Ebryone (sic), nice work! Please come again!"