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Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance/Test Map

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This is a sub-page of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance.

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Fire Emblem PoR Test Map.png

Map ID 00 contains an enormous test map, full of broken units, random objects and patchwork terrain to test.

Enter the following Action Replay codes, then select Restart Chapter from the main menu, and hold down L while pressing A on any non-epilogue file. This will redirect the game to the test map. (A video can be seen right here.)

Version Action Replay code
Japan 122ED508 00000140
0402C938 88630010
4A2ED508 00000140
0402C938 38600050
0099742C 00000050
US 122EF408 00000140
0402D570 88630010
4A2EF408 00000140
0402D570 38600050
00330718 00000050
European 122F98E8 00000140
0402D710 88630010
4A2F98E8 00000140
0402D710 38600050
0033A718 00000050
(Source: AR Central)


The map contains a preset collection of 18 playable units and 18 enemy units, all of whom have inventories full of powerful weapons and, for the enemies at least, are equipped with impossible skill combinations all well exceeding capacity. The enemies also generally have higher stats than the player units, especially Ashnard. Thankfully, their lack of AI means they won't move at all on enemy phase, so you won't have to worry about them while exploring the map.

A few points of interest among the units:

  • Both the allied Greil and the enemy Tanith have Reinforce, but it doesn't work since the skill is hardcoded to only work in maps from the one where she is recruited onward. Since the test map is technically counted as the first map in the entire game, it isn't in the range for Reinforce to work.
  • Lekain is one of the playable units here, and is the only unused unit to show up on this map.
  • Despite being an enemy here, Elincia is still rigged to give a game over if she is killed.


Fire Emblem PoR Test Map Conditions.png

The map is one of the largest in the game, clocking in at 45 spaces across by 37 spaces down. It doesn't have a name or any objectives according to the conditions screen, although the map HUD disagrees and claims it's a rout chapter (routing it would be impossible due to the aforementioned enemy Elincia, though).

Around the area where all the units start, the terrain is divided up into several types: plains, desert, snow fields, thickets, floors, and swamps. The map itself doesn't actually look like it has these differences, but starting battles on these terrains will load the appropriate battle scene backgrounds.

There are a lot of objects scattered around the map - some are bits and pieces of scenery, including entire landmarks from specific maps, while others are common objectives and obstacles in need of testing. Going clockwise from the top-left corner, these objects include:

  • The ship from Chapter 3, complete with a ramp to enter it.
  • A walled-off area with a door, topped with a roof that's completely unique to this map.
  • Two of the pushable stones from Chapter 25, without the pedestal to push them off.
  • A ballista and an onager. Oddly enough, they don't seem to have been programmed properly in the US version - when mousing over them, the terrain box reads "Ballista not deployed!" (シューター未配置!), and they don't respond when archers or snipers attempt to use them. For some reason, the European version fixed them to behave like proper ballistae and onagers.
  • Three treasure chests. They're not programmed properly in the US version and don't respond in any way. The European version fixed two of them to give an iron sword each when opened, but the leftmost one is still unresponsive.
  • Several stacks of decorative barrels.
  • A large staircase, measuring over 20 spaces long and 2 wide to occupy a total of 44 spaces. It's easily the tallest bit of terrain that units can actually walk on in the entire game, as it keeps going up and up until it suddenly ends.
  • A chunk of Riven Bridge from Chapter 23, with the addition of a staircase to let units climb up onto it. It doesn't have any of its sandbags, but it does have post-trap pitfall holes.
  • Two more unique roofs, this time without any accompanying walls or doors.
  • Five glowing objective tiles: two seize points (orange), a visit point (crimson), a defend point (green), and an arrive point (blue). None of them do anything at all.
  • A building that has no visit programming.
  • A section of interior wall with windows that's unique to this map.
  • A pond that's treated as coast terrain.
  • A replica of the floodgate from Chapter 20.