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Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted 2

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Title Screen

Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted 2

Developers: Steel Wool Studios, Scott Cawthon
Publisher: ScottGames
Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 5
Released internationally: December 14, 2023

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

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There are a ton of unused assets in the Meta Quest port that aren't in the files of the other versions of the game, such as placeholder animations and voice lines.

Help Wanted 2 is the sequel to the hit VR game that gave the series Remnant of its own. It might be bigger and better than the first game, but it's still got a good amount of unused stuff.

Unused Textures

Princess Quest 4 Terminal Icons

Terminal icons for the 2D and VR versions of Princess Quest 4.


The image that would've been displayed on the terminal after selecting the VR version of Princess Quest 4.

HW2 TerminalImages PrincessQuestVR.png

Princess Quest 4 Tutorial Cards

Images that would've accompanied the also unused "instructions" for Princess Quest 4. The third one notably includes Springtrap, despite the fact that he is not in the level itself.


A tutorial card featuring a megaphone and Funtime Freddy's head that was apparently used as a test. A darker version of this was used in the PAX demo as part of the Breaker Room tutorial.

HW2 InstructionImages TestCard.png

Placeholder Textures

Inside of the folder for the Glamrock Salon minigames are a bunch of images of the items taken in Unreal Engine 4's model viewer, used as placeholders before their icons were finalized. Oddly, the "Hoop Nose Ring" image uses the same as that of the "Tiarra". Also, the sunglasses are referred to as "Joan Jett", suggesting that their design was inspired by the rock & roll star of the same name.

Used in the Cold Storage mini-game before they had the UI finalized. Interestingly, the computer the player uses to go into minigames is UV'ed to support this image.


Old Helpy Textures

Helpy's body textures and eye normal map from the first Help Wanted can be found in a folder named "OldHelpyTextures", which is inside the folder containing Helpy's Bonk a' Bon model. There is also a material for the body named "MI_Helpy_TEMP" that can be found outside the "OldHelpyTextures" folder.

Duplicate Springtrap Textures

Duplicates of Springtrap's OcclusionRoughnessMetallic and Normal textures are also found in "Marketing/Characters/Springtrap", suggesting that he was meant to be shown in some sort of promotional trailer. The versions of these textures that are actually used are located in "Shading_Assets/Textures".

These textures are also used by an unused material named "MI_Springtrap", and aside from the lack of emission, it is practically identical to the material the Springtrap cutout's eyes use.

Unused Models


Montgomery Gator's fully rigged model from Security Breach is here! This model uses a set of unused dirty variations of Monty's textures instead of the clean versions that are used by his Gallery model.

HW2 UnusedModels MontgomeryGator.png


The rigged PlushBaby model from the original Help Wanted; not to be confused with the unrigged version named "FBX_Plushy_CircusBaby" that's used in Princess Quest 4's claw machine.

HW2 UnusedModels HW1PlushBaby.png

Line Art Plates

Weird looking line art paper plates in the shape of Monty, Chica, Helpy, and Freddy.

Monty Chica Helpy Freddy
HW2 LineartMonty.png HW2 LineartChica.png HW2 LineartHelpy.png HW2 LineartFreddy.png

Unused Animations


A jumpscare animation for Monty, which goes unused for obvious reasons.

HW2 UnusedAnimations MontyJumpscare.gif

Glamrock Chica Failure And Success Animations

Animations for Glamrock Chica which depict her falling to the ground with a bad stomach and striking a victory pose respectively. These were intended to be used in Pizza Pizza Pizza.

(Source: Shypley)

PAX Demo Leftovers

Almost all of the assets from the PAX demo's menu are left over in the final game. The only thing that does not exist still is the level itself.

Level Select Images

Images of Bonk a' Bon, Breaker Room and Carousel that were used in the demo's level select. Bonk a' Bon's environment seems to be in a slightly earlier state than it was in-game in the demo, as indicated by the lack of pipes on the right wall, and Moon strangely isn't wearing his hat in the Carousel image.

Tutorial Cards

The tutorial cards for Breaker Room and Carousel that were used in the demo; all of them are darker than the versions that are used in the final game. The second Breaker Room card ended up being replaced entirely, and the fourth Carousel card would later go on to be used in the Bonnie Bowl and Arts and Crafts: Loft tutorials instead of the Carousel tutorial.

Unused Audio

Carnie Scratch VO

Early versions of some of Carnie's voice lines that can be found in Audio\Fazcade\Fazerblast\VO\Scratch_VO. These lack the vintage effect all of the final versions of his voice lines have, and Carnie himself sounds less energetic.

Audio Transcript File Name
"Lasers don’t pop balloons!" CARNIE_HW2_00013
"Poppin’ balloons with a throwin’ ball? Now this I gotta see." CARNIE_HW2_00014
"Not gonna pop it with that!" CARNIE_HW2_00015
"The opposite of effective." CARNIE_HW2_00018
"Gonna need something bigger if you want to knock down that target!" CARNIE_HW2_00020
"Don’t take a genius to know that won’t work." CARNIE_HW2_00021

Original Ballora Jumpscare Sound

A jumpscare sound that was used by Ballora, Bon-Bon and Ennard in Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location. It seems to have been used as a temporary jumpscare sound for Ballora in this game.

Volume warning!

Audio File Name

Montgomery's Golf Swamp

The song "Montgomery's Golf Swamp" from Security Breach. It is unclear where this would've played since there are no levels that take place in Monty's Gator Golf.

Audio File Name

Unused Text

Test Text

You will never guess what this is supposed to be.

"Test Text ...\r\nTest Text ...\r\nTest Text ..."

Default Minigame Description

This comes from the WBP_LevelInformationWindow widget blueprint instead of the locres files.

"This is a long description about the currently selected minigame. This does not scroll so we should try to keep them shortThis is a long description about the currently selected minigame. This does not scroll so we should try to keep them short"

Sun Carousel Dialogue Variant

"(SUN)\\\\\\\\Attention. This Carousel is out of service and will require repairs before we\\\\open tomorrow."

Princess Quest 4 Level Titles

These confirm that the terminal would've had the 2D and VR versions of Princess Quest 4 split into two different levels, allowing you to play the VR version without having to replay the 2D version first.

"Thumper_PQ2D_LevelTitle": "Princess Quest (2D)",
"Thumper_PQVR_LevelTitle": "Princess Quest (VR)",

Princess Quest 4 Instructions

Not very helpful, are they?

"Thumper_LI_PQIV_N1C1": "What’s going on?",
"Thumper_LI_PQIV_N1C2": "This shouldn’t be happening.",
"Thumper_LI_PQIV_N1C3": "What do I do?",

Vanny Dialogue

Just like in Security Breach, Vanny had all of her dialogue for this game cut. All that remains is the locres entries.

"(VOICE)\\\\\\\\Act natural and don't say anything.",
"(VOICE)\\\\\\\\The S.T.A.F.F. might get suspicious.",
"(VOICE)\\\\\\\\Don't worry. They can't hear me. I am on a special signal the S.T.A.F.F. can't process.",
"(VOICE)\\\\\\\\I was able to upload some helpful code.\\\\\\\\It should look like a key.",
"(VOICE)\\\\\\\\Find a place where we can talk safely.",
"(VOICE)\\\\\\\\You need to listen to me carefully. Don’t help it escape. It’s using you to finish where she left off. Only a small piece of his code remains.",
"(VOICE)\\\\\\\\It is bound to the past. Find its memories and return.",
"(VOICE)\\\\\\\\Look for my messages. They will guide you.",
"(VOICE)\\\\\\\\Open the door.",
"(VOICE)\\\\\\\\Use the key.",
"(VOICE)\\\\\\\\Why won’t you help?",
"(VOICE)\\\\\\\\Make it stop.",
"(VOICE)\\\\\\\\Find them.",
"(VOICE)\\\\\\\\Release them.",
"(VOICE)\\\\\\\\You have a chance to end it.",
"(VOICE)\\\\\\\\You are the last.",
"(VOICE)\\\\\\\\It kept you for a reason.",
"(VOICE)\\\\\\\\Deactivate the inhibitor.",
"(VOICE)\\\\\\\\Remove your Mask.",
"(VOICE)\\\\\\\\See the world as it really is.",
"(VOICE)\\\\\\\\The memories are freed.",
"(VOICE)\\\\\\\\Use the token.",
"(VOICE)\\\\\\\\Bring him to me.",

Bonnie Dialogue

Glamrock Bonnie was at one point going to be heard during the Bowling minigame. Why this was cut is unknown, but all that remains are the subtitles.

"(GLAM BONNIE)\\\\\\\\Enjoy Bonnie Bowl’s cutting edge computer graphics.",
"(GLAM BONNIE)\\\\\\\\Hey, gang. Welcome to Bonnie Bowl.",
"(GLAM BONNIE)\\\\\\\\Lucky you! You have been upgraded to the “Bonnie’s Wild!” premier game package.",
"(GLAM BONNIE)\\\\\\\\No street shoes allowed.",
"(GLAM BONNIE)\\\\\\\\The rules are simple. Roll the ball and knock down those pins!",
"(GLAM BONNIE)\\\\\\\\Use the terminal to begin.",

Terminal Image Oddities

Bonk a' Bon

Helpy uses his model and textures from the first Help Wanted, as indicated by the seams on his palms and the fact that the inside of his mouth uses a darker shade of purple.

HW2 TerminalImages BonkaBon.png

Cold Storage

Glamrock Freddy's eyelids are using the wrong material. An older, much less blue version of the level's lighting is also used.

HW2 TerminalImages ColdStorage.png

Revisional Differences

12/19/23 Rapid Patch

  • Fixed an issue where players would encounter blank cards in Endo Warehouse when playing in any language that wasn't English.
  • Added a short term fix for an issue where PC players would get stuck on the EULA screen due to the controls not working.
  • Added baseline Steam Link support.
(Source: https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/2287520/view/3884981746127805421)