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Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach

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Title Screen

Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach

Developer: Steel Wool Studios
Publisher: ScottGames
Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5
Released internationally: December 16, 2021

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CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
ObjectIcon.png This game has unused objects.
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Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach is undoubtedly the biggest game in the FNaF series to date (if the initial 80 GB filesize on PC didn't demonstrate it enough). Spanning across the Mega Pizzaplex, a seven-story building, this game breaks the traditional 'Sit N' Survive' formula of the previous games and instead goes for a free-roam mission-based structure, a first for the series.

Despite being delayed two times before release, there is still tons of material left over in the files. The sheer amount of unused functional content and various comments from the developers suggest that a lot of stuff was dummied out in order to finish the game on time.

To do:
A few things:
  • Document the debug menu for the golf section.
  • Keep an eye on maz0ntwt, as they're documenting a ton of unused dialogue and such.
  • Document LightTest's Pizzaplex, as it contains many differences, including unused hallways, unused textures, and more.
  • Document Vanny's AI in Survival Mode.
  • Document all the new pre-release content found from PS4 Prototype Builds files (ON THE PROTOTYPE PAGE. NOT HERE.)


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.
Read about notable bugs and errors in this game.
Debugging Material
Vanny meter?
Unused Audio
Jumpscare noises that are just a few seconds short.
Unused Dialogue
"I have the second key."
Unused Animations
All the promotional animations are here!
Unused Areas
"This... this area is off limits! You're gonna get us in trouble!"
Fnafsb hal9000texture.png
Unused Graphics
"I'm sorry, Gregory, I'm afraid I can't do that."
Unused Mini-Games & Menus
Survive Until 6 AM
Fnafsb cassidy.png
So that's who Cassidy is!
Update Log
Fazbear Entertainment prides themselves in their rich updates, so why don't you see what they've changed?

Unused Items


Fnafsb missingitems.png

The following collectibles are all unused, using a placeholder graphic for their icons. As they are only collectibles, they have no other bearing on gameplay.


  • Helpy
  • Nightmare Helpy


  • Baking Bag - A bag full of everything you need to make a pizza. Fazbear not responsible for injuries if not used for pizza baking
  • Fizzy Faz Monthly Mystery Mix


  • Strange Cube
  • Cube of Testing
  • Thingamabob
  • Crash Coin
  • Wallet
  • Faz Frost - Fazbear entertainment secret frosting formula
  • Uncommon Item 12
  • Rare Item 5 - 9
  • Ultra Rare Item 1 - 9


  • Fazer Tag Champion Badge

Unused Code

Unused Burntrap AI Properties

To do:
There are more AI parameters that have yet to be written down here.

Despite never chasing the player in-game, Burntrap has fully configured AI parameters like the rest of the animatronics. This may mean that at one point in the game's development, you may have actually been chased down by Burntrap, but in the final game this never happens.


WalkSpeed_4_6926191C4027638AF364ADA1761CFC41: 150.0

RunSpeed_5_06481094402B8DC17B70ABBD4A5BAA09: 300.0

SlightAngle_39_FBC170A3429F47D1D7269B32A88889A: 60.0

InnerRange_37_947B8DA84D6BB45E011ACB9F0DE64142CF0: 2000.0

OuterRange_38_4D77AE444FA522CB5A0A2DBF64142CF0: 4000.0

MinHearingDistance_18_7D4C006A43964B918AEE0098A4C710DB: 250.0

MaxHearingDistance_20_96173F7E4CB7802238C7A2A7DB84DE9C: 4000.0

(Source: OpenSauce)


There is a folder in the game's content directory called TEST_ProceduralWalls that contains many textures, meshes, and a 9211-line-long blueprint file called BP_SplineWall.uasset. It is unknown what this would have been used for.

Fnafsb Procedural-wall-tree.png
(Source: OpenSauce)

Unused Text

This section will only detail text that wouldn't have been shown via subtitles. For unused subtitles, see the Unused Dialogue sub-page.

Hour Length

Used in the Survival Mode menu.

WARNING - Time does not stop when looking at the Faz watch.

This line of text makes it seem like at one point in development, Gregory bringing up the watch would not pause the game, allowing the Animatronics to still jumpscare him when it is up.

Cameras, messages, and more can be accessed through the watch.

A basic text string that teaches the player about what they can use the Fazwatch for.


These strings of text are used in the unused Survival mode's settings page, as seen in the unused Extras menu.

Unused Models

Chica's Guitar

An earlier version of Chica's guitar is present within the files, consisting of different textures and a slightly different model. Interestingly, this model is used by the Chica hologram in the final game, though the regular version is never used.

Texture Model Hologram Final Model
FNAF SB Beta Guitar Tex.png FNAF SB Beta Guitar Model.png FNAF SB Holo beta Guitar.jpg FNAF SB Final Guitar.png
(Source: Triple A Fazbear)

Frozen Endo

Fnafsb frozenendomodel.jpg

An unused endoskeleton enemy that, aside from a model, only has scrapped mission text mentioning it. In the final game, its head and some parts of its body can be found in the first office in the game, but the rest of the model goes unused. The related unused dialogue suggests that this would've appeared in a scrapped boiler room area.

Blue Fazwatch

Fnafsb Bluefazwatchmodel.png

An unused version of the Fazwatch exists in the files which doesn't look like the Freddy version we know. In the files, it is called "basic Fazwatch". The model can be seen in the unused character gallery on Gregory, and it was also seen in the October trailer for Security Breach.

Unused Objects


The elevator found in the main area has buttons that are unable to be pressed due to the doors never opening. If the player were to enter the elevator via hacks, however, the buttons can be pressed, making the elevator doors close and loading the player into a separate area of the map. This elevator was once seen in a pre-release trailer, but it is never used in-game through legitimate means.

Glass Ball

An unused distraction that resembles a glass ball. When summoned in-game, it quickly falls to the ground and shatters, signaling nearby animatronics.

(Source: Maz)

Development Text

To do:
There's very likely a lot more of these.

Development Text in Maps

In the raw asset files for the maps of the game, several strings of normally-unseen debug text can be found, some of which may refer to unused content. It should also be noted that these are all seen in "old" versions of areas that appear to have had an updated map made (i.e. MAP_Laundry_Room_LightsOn vs. MAP_Laundry_Room_NEW_LightsOn).

Fnafsb devtextdoor.png

In MAP_Laundry_Room_LightsOn, the text 'Requires Staff Bot' can be seen in front of a door. The closest thing to using a Staff Bot in the game is when the player temporarily controls the chef Staff Bot in order to lure out Chica, but that happens nowhere near where some of these doors are located. It is also possible that this was just a note left in by a developer leaving a reminder that a Staff Bot still needs to be added here, as in the final version of this area a Staff Bot is seen behind this door.

Fnafsb devtextgate.png

Also found in MAP_Laundry_Room_LightsOn, above a fence in one of the rooms, is some text that says 'FenceGate(Locked)', despite no such gate existing in this room. This suggests that a fence gate (probably requiring Monty's Claws or Chica's Voicebox) was once planned to be inserted here.

Fnafsb devtextelectrical.png

Found out-of-bounds in MAP_Loading_Dock_Hallway_LightsOn is text that states 'ElectricalBox'.

Internal Development Text

Of course, there is also some development text located in the internal files of the game. A few of these were added in the 1.05 patch of the game, and include some interesting stuff, such as references to cut locations, as well as some colorful language in a few areas...

Cheese Station
Crust Station
Delete the shit out of this file right about now.
Freezer room. Chef boyardee can food is all stored here. Most of the food is stored in boxes. (Probably should have used more boxes than cans for the whitebox)

Internal Name

The game's .exe file is referred to as 'fnaf9.exe'. Additionally, several internal files refer to the game as 'Quarters'.

(Source: OpenSauce04)