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Five Nights at Freddy's 2 (Windows)

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Title Screen

Five Nights at Freddy's 2

Developer: Scott Cawthon
Publisher: Scott Cawthon
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: November 10, 2014

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To do:
There's more unused stuff than just graphics and sounds.
  • Leftovers of the 1987 Easter egg from the first game may be in the code for Custom Night.
  • Add any changes, including adding controller button graphics and title screen music changes from the newly released console ports of the game, or create a new article stating these changes.
  • Document the broken "metalrun.wav" mechanic, which would trigger when looking at Shadow Freddy and the spare endoskeleton.

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 is the (rather quickly released) sequel prequel to the popular 2014 horror game, featuring eleven animatronics, more areas to check on, and some strange post-mortem minigames. Oh yeah, with zero doors, obviously.


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Prerelease Info

Unused Graphics


The unused Lives text and stickman from the original game are in the second game's files, possibly as leftovers as both graphics were never updated (the “Lives” text still uses the font from the first game).

FNaF2 demoleftover1.png
A leftover sprite from the demo is in the final game's files.

FNaF2 skull.png
A crying skull. While there is an object called "mike" which uses this graphic, it has no code assigned to it. The object is grouped with the other objects used for handling the position of the animatronics, and is the same size as said objects, suggesting that it may have once represented an additional scrapped animatronic.

(Click to animate) Toy Chica peeking into the office. Note that it's more instant than Toy Bonnie's.

Toy Chica without her eyes and beak. Found in an object called "chicalookatyou". Intriguingly, it is very similar to the graphic used when Toy Bonnie appears in front of the player when the Freddy head is used while he is in the vent, indicating that Toy Chica would also do the same. In fact, Toy Chica peeking into the office is fully functional! However, the state the mask needs to be in to trigger it is set to a very high number (99), which effectively makes her never appear. A similar sprite is used in Ultimate Custom Night.

A full-body sprite of the Puppet which shows its strings. The Puppet cannot normally stand inside the office like the other animatronics. It spawns inside the office by default, but is deleted as soon as the frame begins. This graphic's existence and placement in the office may imply the Puppet originally functioned similarly to Mangle.

Old New
FNAF2NewspaperArticle (2).png Fnaf2newpaper.png

In an update for the game, the newspaper that appears at the start of the game was slightly changed, changing the phone-number to a 1-555 number instead of a 1-888 number. Possibly changed to prevent fans from calling and harassing anybody who actually had the old phone number in real life.


A render of Toy Chica in Party Room 4. She never enters this room during normal gameplay, leaving this unused.

8th Night

The game has an unused 8th Night, which appears as the 1st night when loading.
The only animatronic that is present in it is Withered Foxy. Once you put on a mask, it is impossible to take it off. The cameras also don't work.
When this night is completed, the game just crashes. To access the 8th night, you must beat the Custom Night, then rapidly move your mouse over the options on the main menu until Night 8 appears next to the Continue option.

This was fixed in v1.033.

Unused Entities

Toxic Meter

FNaF2 toxicmeter.png
An empty meter reading "Toxic". According to the game's code, it shows that the meter would increase while the player wears the mask. When filled, it starts flashing red repeatedly until it finally reaches 0 again.

In Dawko's 2018 interview with Scott Cawthon, he stated that this was an early idea to prevent players from leaving the mask on forever, but Scott felt that having a meter fill up while the mask was on was too artificial of a mechanic. The problem of players potentially keeping the mask on all the time was solved by making the player have to wind the music box alongside making Foxy immune to the mask.

Set Max

FNAF2 SetMax.png
An object saying "SET MAX" that would set all characters' A.I. difficulties to 20 in the Custom Night screen. This still works in-game, though placed off-screen.

Obscured Graphics

When Toy Bonnie enters your office and the Freddy head is equipped, only his face is visible.

JJ's graphic is obscured below the eyes off-screen, as well as above them, behind the office desk.

FNaF2 ItsHimText.png
The text "it's him" is located out-of-frame on the screen used post-cutscene and can never be seen. Curiously, while other strings in the game are images, this text is made using Clickteam Fusion's "string" object, making it look completely different from other text present in the game.

FNaF2 LoadingText.png
Similarly to the aforementioned string, a "Loading..." text placed off-screen during loading sections also exists. Normally, only an icon can be seen at the bottom-right.

Cut-Off Sounds

Volume warning!

Like the previous game, the animatronic scream only plays for a second before cutting out to static.

Cheat Codes

The cheat codes from the first game are still present and work exactly the same. However, the night skip code was changed slightly; in addition to holding down the C, D and + keys, the left mouse button has to be pressed and held down on Toy Freddy's nose on the poster in the office.

File Naming Leftover/"Oddity"

The music that plays after you beat the game is named "musicbox2.wav". This matches up with the "musicbox.wav" from the first game, which is the music that plays during the power outage scene. FNAF 2 does not have a power mechanic; Scott Cawthon himself said that he was going to include the power mechanic from the first game but later decided to leave it out, explaining the file name. However, the first game uses "musicbox.wav" as the ending theme just like FNAF 2 and "musicbox2.wav", so this may simply be a direct leftover.

Phone Guy Oddity

During the Night 1 phone call, Phone Guy refers to the Prize Corner exclusively as the Prize Counter despite the in-game camera text still referring to it as the Prize Corner. This suggests that Prize Counter may have been the original name for the camera, later being changed to Prize Corner after the Phone Guy audio had already been recorded.

Revisional Differences


The 1.03 patch, released on November 11, 2014, added some hallucinations to the game:

  • A bare endoskeleton will sometimes appear while checking the Prize Corner or Left Air Vent.
  • Very rarely, putting the Monitor down will show a shadowy version of Toy Bonnie at the left side of the Office. After four seconds of it appearing, the game will close.

An additional patch, v1.031, was released 6 hours later.


Released on December 16th, 2014.

  • Fixed a bug where the flashlight and the Freddy mask could be used at the same time.
  • The Custom Night menu no longer fades in from the main menu. This was likely done to fix a glitch where pressing the 'READY!' button before the menu had finished loading caused all of the animatronics to be set to level 0, but would still reward you for "beating" whatever preset was selected.

Halloween Update

Released on October 27th, 2015. Added decorations for the office that only appear during Halloween. These decorations consist of string lights and a jack-o-lantern.