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Format:M4A/Sappy Soundtable

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Due to how the Game Boy Advance stores files, there isn't a specific file system (FS), so we will refer to music sections with a easy-to-understand name - like "Sound-Table". There is also little known about this format.

The Basics

Before we begin, 99% of Game Boy Advance games use this engine and this is not an Native Soundchip style system. Without any specific sound format (like MOD or Sappy), the Game Boy Advance would have music similar to the style of a Game Boy (Color).

Sound Channel Types

Out of the 99% of Game Boy Advance games that use Sappy, a large majority of them use this layout for music.

  1. Direct Sound/Multi-Sample
  2. Direct Sound/Multi-Sample
  3. Direct Sound/Multi-Sample
  4. Direct Sound/Multi-Sample
  5. Direct Sound/Multi-Sample
  6. Drum Kit
  7. Square 1
  8. Square 2
  9. Wave Channel
  10. Noise


When decompiled, the music is in a ".s" format, which is a RAW Text Code File. You can convert this to MIDI if wished, or import this into a Game Boy Advance game with the Sappy Engine. When converted to an Stream Audio File, it would sound like...