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Forsaken Remastered (Windows)

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Title Screen

Forsaken Remastered

Developer: Night Dive Studios
Publisher: Night Dive Studios
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: July 31, 2018

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.

The team behind those Turok remasters take on Probe's Descent-alike.

Unused Levels

As with the Turok remasters, there are several unused maps left behind in the .KPF files.

Acclaim World

Forsakenremastered accworld.png

Access with the console command "map accworld".

A leftover from the original 1998 PC release. An empty cube where the floor has been textured with an Acclaim logo with some fancy water effects applied.

Probe World

Forsakenremastered probeworld.png

Access with the console command "map probeworld".

A leftover from the original 1998 PC release. Same as Acclaim World, but with the Probe Entertainment logo instead.


Forsakenremastered placeholder1.png

Access with the console command "map placeholder1".

A short, empty corridor with flat white textures. Upon entry, the hint message "Placeholder - Move forward to end level" is printed to the screen. Sure enough, an end-level trigger sits at the other end of the corridor.

Test Map

Forsakenremastered testmap.png

Access with the console command "map testmap".

A cube-shaped room with the Blender Monkey floating in the center, and various static, collisionless Levitank models scattered around, typically near coloured light sources.

Unknown N64 Level 1

Forsakenremastered unknownn64level1.png

Access with the console command "map unknownn64level1".

A HUGE sphere-shaped room with flat white textures. Two cube-shaped rooms jut out of the sides, but there's nothing in them.

Unknown N64 Level 2

Forsakenremastered unknownn64level2.png

Access with the console command "map unknownn64level2".

A sphere-shaped room with an unconvincing space texture wrapped around it. A sphere textured to resemble the Earth sits near one wall. Oddly, it seems to be attached to the space-wall with a stick! By using the noclip console command, a Shield pickup can be seen within the planetoid. The player has to turn the noclip command off again to collect it, at which point they are teleported back outside of it.