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Garry's Mod (2012)/Early forms of Garry's Mod

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The early forms of Garry's mod might be different than you remembered.

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.

Title Screen

a lot of people might be familiar with the Garry's mod Title screen. But the title screen has changed during its development.

Title Image Date What about it?


29 November, 2006 The Title screen shows that it has the same Title look from Half-Life 2 but changed to say Garry's Mod. but bad news is that it's Unplayable.


(Undefined) The Title screen is still the same but now with the number 5. also it's supporting servers this time.


(Undefined) This Title Screen got an upgrade. this time it shows a Phys-gun on the bottom right. The Background is now white. Also the text is lighter and more gray. better yet it now says 8.

Spawn Menu

During the years, the Object or Spawn menu have changed a lot. The spawn Menu is used to spawn in anything the game has. For example - Click Chair to spawn in a chair.

This is the Menu from Garry's Mod 5.
This is the Menu from Garry's mod 8

To be honest, the Spawn Menu in version 5 is too much to look at.


The Weapons in Garry's Mod 5 is a bit different. Each Weapon does it's own thing like spawning in some stuff and other things too.

To do:
If anyone does not mind, could someone do some of the weapons?


Physgun look What about it?
Physgun Version 5
The Physgun is the Gravitygun but with an added bonus, It can lift up objects. Also the Physgun beam is different.
Physgun Version 8.5
This Physgun now has it's iconic blue Color. the beam is also more blue, it glows a little bit, and a bit bigger.


The pistols does some strange stuff.

The looks What about it?
Pistol from Version 5
The Pistol in Version 5 is strange, it spawns Manhacks? Ok...
Pistol from Version 8.5
The Pistol actually shoots bullets! now this is revolutionary.


Maps are for players to do stuff in. It's that simple. But creating maps does take time.

Map from Version 5

This map from Version 5 is quite small and it's the only map you can play in. there is a water area that you can swim in. There's a Room full of Jeeps and MoterBoats, (Keep in mind during this time you Can't spawn in Vehicles.)

Map from Version 8.5

The Main Map in Version 8.5 has some added stuff into the map. the lake is more natural but smaller, the Main Map is also bigger too, the rooms are a bit different too, There is a new room on the right which is one of the iconic rooms, the sand is bigger than the older Version, and there are buildings in the background.

Version 8.5 Maps

To do:
Soon, I'll add more Thumbnails of the maps. But anyone is welcome to add some too.

On Version 8.5, there are multiple maps that I can't play. Here's the thumbnails.

This is the Office from Counter Strike. As you can see, it's a snowy climate.
This one looks like a deserted building, inside of the building there are some Explosive Barrels, Carriers. Also there's pillars too.
In this Thumbnail, it's a small town. In my opinion this could of been a PVP arena.


As expected, there will be bugs in the older Versions from Garry's Mod. There are multiple bugs in this game.

Gun Bugs

  • Pistol

When you reload the Pistol, the only sound that plays is the magazine falling out.

  • Gravity-gun effect on weapons

If you use the Gravity-gun, sometimes there will be this Untextured thing freaking out in front of a weapon.

This is what the bug looks like.
  • Gravity-gun

Just take a look.

Garry's mod 8.2 bug Gravity-gun.PNG
  • Slam

This is what a Slam looks like.


But in this Version, they are just errors.

Garry's mod 8.2 bug Slam.PNG