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Geometry Dash

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Title Screen

Geometry Dash

Developer: Robert Topala
Publisher: RobTop Games
Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows
Released internationally: August 13, 2013 (iOS, Android), December 22, 2014 (Windows)

ObjectIcon.png This game has unused objects.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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This game is still under active development.
Be aware that any unused content you find may become used or removed in the future. Please only add things to the article that are unlikely to ever be used, or went unused for some time. If they do get used, please remove them from the page and specify in the edit summary!
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To do:
Several things:
  • At least 59 known (some lost) Fingerdash "beta" versions, some with interesting differences.
  • Song table probably isn't the best way of displaying that information, especially since it's half used content.
  • Update history is much more complicated than this and really deserves its own sub-page, especially since some of the little information here (about the coins) seems to be either really badly worded or inaccurate.
  • A lot of stuff from this video
  • Unused levels leftover from Meltdown and World.
  • Add ID's to unused objects

Geometry Dash is a game that started as a ripoff of The Impossible Game, but ends up being better than it.


Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info

Unused Graphics

Geometry Dash World


I'm just fine. I'm all sideways.

Graphics from the worlds in Geometry Dash World exist in the game. They were exported in high graphics during the 2.11 update on PC, but Geometry Dash on mobile only supports up to medium quality graphics.

Get Orbs

Get ORB'd

In Geometry Dash World, players were able to, in the shop, watch a video advertisement for 100 orbs. This was only available in the iOS version, and was redrawn for high graphics, while mobile only supports medium graphics.

Unused Icons

There exists 2 versions of unused icons, with both each having the "No" symbol over it. The checkpoint icons are known to be from an earlier build of the game, as the tutorial shows auto checkpoints with this button.

These are stored with the button to toggle music lines, which is in the game's level editor pause menu. That icons was used on the oldest versions of the game.

Unused Scratch Face

HEY! Only the masters can edit this caption! I mean, what caption? ...

Unused angry face for Scratch. In the final 2.1 or 2.11, Scratch never gets angry. The face was later reused for Potbor.

Everyplay Button

The Windows version of Geometry Dash has sprites for a "watch replay" button.

This was used in the mobile version of Geometry Dash, for the now defunct Everyplay functionality, where you could view and share level replays.

Heh, should've used a screen recorder, loser.

Unused Blocks

To do:
There's certainly more objects that have been replaced. Check old levels and older versions.

Start Pos Block

This one doesn't know what it's doing.

This is a block that uses the Start Position's graphic.

Before update 2.0, it was not visible in play mode and didn't have collision. Now it acts as a regular block, with no special features.

GD Unused startpos showcase.gif

Unused Fade Effect

Why is everything spinning around my screen?

An unused fade effect. It's fairly glitchy (i.e certain objects move way too much), suggesting this was just a test.

Like the Start Pos Block, it was not visible in play mode and didn't have collision before update 2.0. Now it has a normal block collision, it's visible and it still works!

Lined Blocks

The block set used mostly in Clubstep and Electroman Adventures has been replaced with non-solid variants. The original blocks were kept for compatibility reasons and are currently unavailable in the editor.

GD Unused clubstep.png

Old Color Triggers

Has anyone ever noticed how big this thing is?

In update 2.1, the color triggers were unified. The old color triggers were kept in the game for compatibility reasons, and can now only be accessed through old levels.

Hidden Songs

There are hidden songs in the game's level editor. The first 21 slots are selectable in the game, but there are actually 37 slots. Most of these are used in Geometry Dash Meltdown, Geometry Dash World, or Geometry Dash SubZero.

Slot Slotname Creator Played Song
00 Practice: Stay Inside OcularNebula During Practice Mode: Stay Inside Me
In level editor: Back On Track (By DJVI)
01 Stereo Madness ForeverBound Stereo Madness
02 Back on track DJVI Back on track
03 Polargeist Step Polargeist
04 Dry Out DJVI Dry Out
05 Base after Base DJVI Base after Base
06 Cant let go DJVI Can't let go
07 Jumper Waterflame Jumper
08 Time Machine Waterflame Time Machine
09 Cycles DJVI Cycles
10 xStep DJVI xStep
11 Clutterfunk Waterflame Clutterfunk
12 Theory of Everything DJ-nate Theory of Everything
13 Electroman Adventures Waterflame Electroman Adventures
14 Clubstep DJ-nate Clubstep
15 Electrodynamix DJ-nate Electrodynamix
16 Hexagon Force Waterflame Hexagon Force
17 Blast Processing Waterflame BlastProcess
18 Theory of Everything 2 DJ-nate & F-777 Theory of Everything 2
19 Geometrical Dominator Waterflame Geometrical Dominator
20 Deadlocked F-777 Deadlocked
21 Fingerdash MDK Fingerbang
22 The Seven Seas´ F-777 The Seven Seas
23 Viking Arena F-777 Viking Arena
24 Airborne Robots F-777 Airborne Robots
25 Secret DJVI It's complicated.
In-game, called Secret by DJVI.
In the files, called DJRubRub.
Uploaded to Newgrounds as "Random Song 06" by RobTop.
The level it's used in is called "The Challenge".
26 Payload Dex Arson Payload
27 Beast Mode Dex Arson Beast Mode
28 Machina Dex Arson Machina
29 Years Dex Arson Years
30 Frontline Dex Arson Frontline
31 Space Pirates Waterflame Space Pirates
32 Striker Waterflame Striker
33 Embers Dex Arson Embers
34 Round 1 Dex Arson Round 1
35 Monster Dance Off F-777 Monster Dance Off
36 Unknown Unknown (Shown as DJVI) Back on Track

The slots 22 to 24 and 26 to 35 are not used in the main game, but are used in other editions of Geometry Dash. 25 uses the song from The Challenge and 00 and 36 uses Back on Track. The unused songs' music files were later added to the game in update 2.11, but the options to use them are not shown.
Slot 36+ will show as unknown, as it is the default case in the switch statement that determines the song name and filename.

Revisional Changes

1.9 - 2.0

Before update 2.0, custom levels which had secret coins had shown the secret coins in them, and were collectible.
A glitch that pushed away an icon if it was affected by many speed portals in dual mode was fixed, however, that in turn made some levels impossible.

In 2.1

Levels didn't have special Demon types. The levels that had a Demon rating changed to either Easy, Medium, Hard, Insane, or Extreme Demon. This is to let players know how hard the Demon is. The Hard Demon graphic reuses the old Demon graphic. New slope objects were added to allow for redone collisions. A similar change also occurred to many blocks that used the color black, which gave them a new object that had the ability to be colored to any color.