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Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams/Expansion Packs

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This is a sub-page of Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams.

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.
  • Crossing World Platform, Generated Platform and Heavy Switch has animation config files leftover in Owltimate Edition.
  • There is another unused object called "Hit Head Block". It also has an animation config file. In addition, there is an old and new version.
  • Rogue Stormers assets leftover in Owltimate Edition from the promotional level of the Steam and GOG version, which include models and particles.
  • Placeholder tiles for hills and dungeon walls.

Even expansion packs has unused, early and altered contents and Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams is no exception. Few assets, if not many, were made during the development of the base game. Somehow, few can only be found in expansion packs, unused obviously. You won't find them in the base game.

Unused Textures

Billboard tutorial drawings

Some early drawings for the billboard tutorial can be found.

Early Final

These drawings have notable differences; Giana's prototype model is used as a silhouette (dark-yellow for Cute Giana and dark-red for Punk Giana), the input keys are already shown using the Xbox inputs and a blue plank is used as a background. The textures filename has the word "dark" in them, meaning they have a cute counterpart - which haren't in the game's files.

Another early version of the drawings for the Twist mechanic. This time Giana isn't a silhouette and the background is just a solid color.

Cute Dark
It's a fortunate these assets are unused or else Black Forest Games would have been in trouble. Nobody loves Pinkie Pie.

Placeholder drawings labeled as "Under Construction!" which by surprise, features Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The cute version drawing shows a happy Pinkie with a hard hat while the dark counterpart drawing shows a sad Pinkie laying down. Both of these drawings seem to use fanmade vectors.

Jungle bush variant

Cute Dark
GSTD-JungleBush02Cute.png GSTD-JungleBush02Dark.png

Textures of a jungle bush variant that goes unused. Its model appears to be missing.

Prototype Pink Star Gem

Named "shield_collectable_c". The texture of the early Pink Star Gem model from the Project Giana Demo, which is supposed to be a spherical candy. The original model is missing so it must be leftover in the materials of the final Pink Star Gem.

Punk Maria


Maria Sisters: Twisted Dreams

Those textures meant to be used for the punk appearance of Maria, there is no models assigned for those textures though. The textures are similar to Punk Giana's textures but recolored to give her a green sweater, blue shoes, skirt, hair, eyebrows as well as red eyes. It is not sure where it meant to be used. Maybe for a co-op multiplayer mode, a cutscene or just an easter egg for the fans to find out.
This is how she would have looked like in-game, replacing Punk Giana's textures.

Early Dream Rush HUD

Oddly enough, the early Dream Rush Mode HUD can only be found inside the HUD file of Owltimate Edition.
Icons for each playable Gianas, facing left or facing right.

Early Final
GSTD-DreamRushHudEarly.png GSTD-DreamRushHudFinal.png

Early version of the HUD. The playable Giana icons were replaced by the item slot, gems were properly aligned, the stars changed places and the cloud was reshaped with it color changing depending which Giana is played.

Early Final
GSTD-ThreeEarly.png GSTD-ThreeFinal.png
GSTD-TwoEarly.png GSTD-TwoFinal.png
GSTD-OneEarly.png GSTD-OneFinal.png
GSTD-GoEarly.png GSTD-GoFinal.png

The "3, 2, 1, Go!" used to be simplified, while the "0" was changed to "Go!".

Unused Models

Both World Pain

Models Texture
GSTD-BothWorldPain01.pngGSTD-BothWorldPain02.png GSTD-vcolorTex.png

Called "both_world_pain_state1.model" and "both_world_pain_state2.model" respectively. Some weird looking objects which both includes a small quote that says "Both World Pain". Both have a mesh behind; the first have a low-poly sphere while the other have a pyramide trunk. Also the quote's meaning and the origin of these models are unknown, could be placeholders or some kind. They belong to this following file path: models\rendering\outside\

Gameplay Objects

Model Texture
GSTD-LithnighModel.png GSTD-LithnighTex.png

Called "lightning.model". A lightning bolt, whose it texture name is misspelled as "lithning". Unknown purpose.

Model Texture
GSTD-BombVendingMachine.pngGSTD-SingleBomb.png GSTD TexVendingMachinesBombs.png

A Bomb vending machine. The texture is present in the game's files of the base game. The bombs could be used in the same way like the bomb power-up from The Great Giana Sisters and being distributed from a vending machine instead of a bonus block. It could have a good utility, only in rare cases. There is also a singular bomb, obviously related to it vending machine and surely meant to be used by Giana.

Model Texture
GSTD-ClockVendingMachine.pngGSTD-SingleClock.png GSTD-TexVendingMachinesClocks.png

A Clock vending machine. Like for the bomb, the clock power-up have also it own vending machine. Could have been used in areas that would require a very good timing to get pass through. Like for the bomb, there is a singular clock.

Model Texture
GSTD-CloudModel.png GSTD-CloudTex.png

A cloud-shaped platform. It uses a solid light-blue color.

Model Cute texture Dark texture
GSTD-ButtonSwitchModel.png GSTD-ButtonSwitchTex.png GSTD-ButtonSwitchTexDark.png

Called "button_switch.model". A pyramid trunk-shaped object, whose is supposed to be a switch.

Model Cute texture Dark texture
GSTD-CrossingWorldModel.png GSTD-CrossingWorldTexCute.png GSTD-CrossingWorldTexDark.png

Called "crossing_world_platform.model". Unknown purpose.

Model Cute texture Dark texture
GSTD-GeneratePlatModel.pngGSTD-GeneratePlatCubeModel.png GSTD-GeneratePlatTexCute.png GSTD-GeneratePlatTexDark.png

Called "generated_platform.model" and "generated_platform_box.model" respectively. As its name implies, it meant to be used to generate small cubical platforms.

Model Cute texture Dark texture
GSTD-HeavySwitchModel.png GSTD-HeavySwitchTex.png GSTD-HeavySwitchTexDark.png

Called "heavy_switch.model". As its name implies, it's supposed to be a switch.

Model Cute texture Dark texture
GSTD-RotatingPlatMainModel.pngGSTD-RotatingPlatPartModel.png GSTD-RotatingPlatTexCute.png GSTD-RotatingPlatTexDark.png

Called "rotating_platform.model" and "rotating_platform_backpart.model" respectively. A mechanical objects where the brown colored platform would rotate, requiring Giana to be careful and avoid from falling.

Unused Characters

Model Textures
Discount Mikey Mouse GSTD-MouseBalthasarTexBody.pngGSTD-MouseBalthasarTexHead.png

A male anthropomorphic mouse whose its model's file name is called "mouse_balthasar.model". This character is actually the mascot of Europapark, which his real name is "Ed Euromaus" and not "Mouse Balthasar". The name "Balthasar" comes from the Balthasar Castle of the amusement park. There is also a movie regarding the castle that features Ed and his friends as the main characters. A video game adaptation also exist.
His presence in the game's files is unknown. Maybe they wanted to put him in the game to sponsor Europapark. According to Black Forest Games themself in a Twitter post, they "were young and needed the money".

Unused Enemies

The game have several artworks and promotional arts that featured some enemies that were never seen in-game. However they do have models, textures and even transformation animations (though they use the dummy particle by default) hidden in the game's files. However, no animations and sound effects data can be found.

Model Texture Model Texture
GSTD-BeeModel.png GSTD-TexBee.png GSTD-BettleModel.png GSTD-TexBeetle.png

The bee and the beetle enemies. From the Kickstarter page, the bees would rising in height while beetles would fall off, allowing the player to access new areas based from their movements.
By surprise, the bee model is used for Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back. The enemy has now a different behaviour; They attack Bubsy when he gets close to them, but they can be disctracted by giant flowers which no longer make them a threat.

Model Texture Model Texture
GSTD-PenguinModel.png GSTD-TexPenguin.png GSTD-CrabModel.png GSTD-TexCrab.png

The penguin and the crab enemies. From the Kickstarter page, the penguin would be a hard-to-hit fast enemy while the crab would be slower and indestructible, but both would become invulnerable in certain condition. In addition, there are particle animations for leaving and entering water related to them.

Model Texture Model Texture
GSTD-GeckoModel.png GSTD-TexGecko.png GSTD-BlobModel.png GSTD-TexBlob.png

The gecko and the blob enemies. From the Kickstarter page, they lurk inside walls which make wall jumping more challenging.

Model Texture Model Texture
GSTD-ButterflyModel.png GSTD-TexButterfly.png GSTD-BatModel.png GSTD-TexBat.png

And lastly, the butterfly and the bat enemies. Unlike the others, there are no information about them. Oddly, the butterfly's model appears misshapen.

Unused Sound Effects


From Owltimate Edition. It's supposed to play during the cutscene after saving Maria, it would play alongside the background music. It starts off with a growl from Gurglewocky, followed by giggles from Cute Giana and Maria (which those giggle voice clips are unused) before an explosion. After few seconds of silence, the sisters giggle a bit.

Regional Differences


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