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Title Screen


Developer: Brian Kendall
Platform: Mac OS Classic

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
ObjectIcon.png This game has unused objects.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

This game was stuffed away in a cardboard box and found 30 years later in a garage
This game was never completed and/or given a public release.
As a result of this, keep in mind that the developers might have used or deleted some of the content featured here, had the game actually been released.

Gobbledygooks is an unfinished top-down puzzle game reminiscent of The Tinies. Instead of directly maneuvering the color-coded fuzzballs, you manipulate the environment to guide their paths.

A 12-level demo is all that was released.

Developer Message and Bonus Level

STR# 666 is titled "You naughty person. You discovered all the passwords!!"

Inside are the (editable) passwords for skipping to each level, plus a thirteenth "SECRET LEVEL!!!" only accessible by discovering this resource. The bonus password is:

!!level terceS
Gobbledygooks (Mac OS Classic) - 1012 SECRET LEVEL!!!.png

The secret level affords you 1 minute and 50 laser shots, but no exit and therefore no way to win. It does let you experiment with elements omitted from the demo levels, such as mirrors, antennas, and crystals (all detailed further down this page).

Unused Overworld

Unused Used
Gobbledygooks (Mac OS Classic) - Overworld 24.png Gobbledygooks (Mac OS Classic) - Overworld 12.png

An alternative (and much less 3D) overworld map, with 24 levels instead of 12.

Unused Levels

All of the usable levels are stored in the Gobbledygooks levels file, but another 18 "levl" resources are stashed inside the application itself. They can be played by substituting them for the official levels with a resource editor.

Many of these have no exit or are otherwise impossible to complete.

levl 1000: Blue arrows move

Gobbledygooks (Mac OS Classic) - 1000 Blue arrows move.png

This is the only one of the inaccessible levels with unique laser and time values (5 shots and 3 minutes). All the others allow you 15 shots and 2 minutes.

levl 1321: New level

This kills the gobbledygook.

The button (upper middle) fires the laser (lower right), which snakes back and forth via the red arrows.

levl 2000: Multigob

Gobbledygooks (Mac OS Classic) - 2000 Multigob.png

levl 2322: KILL KILL!!!

Gobbledygooks (Mac OS Classic) - 2322 KILL KILL.png

When the blue gobbledygook reaches the button, all TNT on the screen goes off. There are no survivors.

levl 3000: Posibbly

Gobbledygooks (Mac OS Classic) - 3000 Posibbly.png

This is the first of several unused levels whose names suggest they were considered for inclusion in the finished product.

levl 3001: Possibly a real level#2

Gobbledygooks (Mac OS Classic) - 3001 Possibly real 2.png

levl 3005: Possibly a real level#2B

Gobbledygooks (Mac OS Classic) - 3005 Possibly real 2B.png

Identical to previous, but for the lower right corner.

levl 3002: Possibly a real level#3

This one did in fact make it into the game, with minor changes, as Level 5 ("Double Trouble").

Unused Used
Gobbledygooks (Mac OS Classic) - 3002 Possibly real 3.png Gobbledygooks (Mac OS Classic) - 1004 Double trouble.png

levl 3003: Possibly a real level#4

Gobbledygooks (Mac OS Classic) - 3003 Possibly real 4.png

levl 3004: Possibly a real level#5

This level also appears in the demo, as Level 12 ("The foursome").

Unused Used
Gobbledygooks (Mac OS Classic) - 3004 Possibly real 5.png Gobbledygooks (Mac OS Classic) - 1011 The foursome.png

levl 3006: Possibly a real level#6

Gobbledygooks (Mac OS Classic) - 3006 Possible real 6.png

levl 5000: New level

Gobbledygooks (Mac OS Classic) - 5000 New level.png

levl 7000: New level

Gobbledygooks (Mac OS Classic) - 7000 New level.png

levl 7001: New level

Gobbledygooks (Mac OS Classic) - 7001 New level.png

levl 7002: palette test

As the title indicates, this one is full of color-cycling objects.

Gobbledygooks (Mac OS Classic) - 7002 palette test.png

levl 7003: test5

Gobbledygooks (Mac OS Classic) - 7003 test5.png

levl 7004: New level

Gobbledygooks (Mac OS Classic) - 7004 New level.png

levl 9999: Changable arrows

This level is speaking my Changuage!

Things Found on Unused Levels

Magic Antenna

Gobbledygooks (Mac OS Classic) - Antenna.png

There are four variations on this object, each facing a different direction. Gobbledygooks pass them with no effect, but when the blue lens(?) is struck by a laser beam, the antenna sends a signal that raises or lowers all magic blocks on the level.

The north- and east-facing versions appear on the secret level, and all four appear on one of the inaccessible levels.


Gobbledygooks (Mac OS Classic) - Mirror.png

When hit from above by your laser beam, a mirror will deflect it onto the plane of the level.

Because the game renders white pixels as transparent, mirrors in-game have a see-through band where there should be a highlight.


A west-facing laser features in an unused level, but only the south-facing laser appears in the demo.

Unused Used
Gobbledygooks (Mac OS Classic) - Laser unused.png Gobbledygooks (Mac OS Classic) - Laser used.png


Gobbledygooks (Mac OS Classic) - Whirlpool.gif

Nothing is known about these, except that one of the unused levels contains four of them. They don't do anything when a gobbledygook passes over them.


Gobbledygooks (Mac OS Classic) - Crystal.gif

A row of nine of these can be revealed on the secret level by blasting away the gray stone on the fifth row down. They strongly resemble the bonus crystals in Crystal Quest.

Without a way to move the gobbledygooks on that level out of the top row, we don't know whether picking them up grants time, laser shots, or what.

Uncovering one makes this sound, called "crystal" internally:

Graphics Not Used at All

Elevated Arrows

Horizontal elevated arrows appear on Level 11, but their vertical counterparts are nowhere to be found.

Unused Used
Gobbledygooks (Mac OS Classic) - Elevated unused.png Gobbledygooks (Mac OS Classic) - Elevated used.png

Orange Button

This differently-colored button isn't used in any level, accessible or not.

Unused Used
Gobbledygooks (Mac OS Classic) - Button unused.png Gobbledygooks (Mac OS Classic) - Button used.png

Small Crater

Unused Used
Gobbledygooks (Mac OS Classic) - Crater unused.png Gobbledygooks (Mac OS Classic) - Crater used.png


Gobbledygooks (Mac OS Classic) - Circles.png

The texture on the rightmost circles matches the leftmost ones, but shifted one pixel over. That's all I can tell you.


Gobbledygooks (Mac OS Classic) - Unicycle wall.png

A wall sprite from the same developer's Unicycle!


Gobbledygooks (Mac OS Classic) - X.png

A red X is part of the "objects" sprite sheet.