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Gorby no Pipeline Daisakusen (NES)

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Title Screen

Gorby no Pipeline Daisakusen

Developer: Compile
Publisher: Tokuma Shoten
Platform: NES
Released in JP: April 12, 1991

CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.

Gorby no Pipeline Daisakusen is a puzzle game where the player connects a pipeline between Tokyo and Moscow. Gorbachev himself appears in the title screen only.

Staff Screen


Play the game. Score enough points to be sure to get to 2nd place for both "SCORE" and "STAGE" rankings of the "RECORD TABLE". Finish the game before you get to 1st place. You'll be asked for a name. Enter "STF". Press Start, then on the Level Select menu, press Left exactly 29 times. Press either A/B or Start to see the Staff screen not shown anywhere else during the game.

Sound Test

Gorby no Pipeline Daisakusen (NES) sound test.png

Play the game. Score enough points to get to 1st place for both "SCORE" and "STAGE" rankings of the "RECORD TABLE". When asked for a name, enter "SDT". Press Start, then on the Level Select menu, highlight the "LEVEL 2" option and press either A/B or Start to get to the "SOUND TEST" screen. There are 3 tracks from Zanac unused in this game.

Unused Sound

This fanfare sound is used as the 1-up sound in Compile's own Gun-Nac.

Unused Text

There is unused text at address 0xF7E5. The text is not related to this game. It appears to be part of an early script from Little Master: Raikubaan no Densetsu, a Game Boy game also published by Tokuma Shoten.
Control characters appear as garbage in the text below. "@" is used to switch between hiragana and katakana.

Text Text with Kanji Translation
イカヌデ   ゴジャル。イザ、ショウブ=
ケンノマジンガ ナカマニナリマシタ
イエニハ モウダレモイマセン。
シュツゲキシマスカ  ハイ  イイエ
ジライヲ フンデシマッタ。
タイリョクガ ハンブンニナッタ。
ホノオノナカニ ハイッテシマッタ。
タイリョクガ ヘリマシタ。
ココマデノ ジョウタイヲ
@シナリオ@ヲ エランデクダサイ。
マホウノツボデ ミカタヲ ガッタイサセマス。
ガッタイデ アタラシイナカマガ デキアガリマシタ。
キコリガ キヲ キリタオシマス
_゙}k゙ ノ ウマレル ハカヲ ハカイシマス。
@シナリオ@  ヲ@クリア@シマシタ。
行かぬで ごじゃる。いざ、勝負=
剣の魔人が 仲間になりました。
家には もう誰もいません。
出撃しますか はい いいえ
地雷を 踏んでしまった。
体力が 半分になった。
炎の中に 入ってしまった。
体力が 減りました。
ここまでの 状態を
魔法の壺で 味方を 合体させます。
合体で 新しい仲間が 出来上がりました。
きこりが 木を 切り倒します
_゙}k゙ の 生まれる 墓を 破壊します。
シナリオ をクリアしました。
without going. Now, let us battle.
I yield.
I will join you.
The genie of the sword became your ally.
No one is in the house now.
It is raining, and the flames
have been extinguished.
Sortie? Yes No
Monster reinforcements
appeared from the forest.
You stepped on a land mine.
Your HP have been halved.
You stepped into the flames.
Your HP have decreased.
You stepped on a warp panel.
You stepped on a warp panel
but couldn't go anywhere.
The current state
has been saved.
Select a scenario.
Use the magic pot to combine allies.
The combination created a new friend.
The lumberjack cuts down a tree.
The grave that spawns *** is destroyed.
You cleared the scenario.
Proceeding to the next area.