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Gran Turismo 2

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Title Screen

Gran Turismo 2

Developer: Polyphony Digital
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform: PlayStation
Released in JP: December 11, 1999
Released in US: December 23, 1999
Released in EU: January 28, 2000

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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Gran Turismo 2 is essentially just the first game with minor tweaks made and the amount of content cranked up about eight notches.

The game was notoriously rushed to meet the Christmas deadline, leading to a significant amount of content being cut. It’s also extremely buggy, to the point where a bug rendered 100% completion outright impossible. Not that this stopped the game from being a monster hit anyway - the only games on the console that outsold it were the original and Final Fantasy VII.

As an aside, it’s also the first game to be supported by the "bleemcast!" emulator project.

Also, that GT40 in the Historic Car Race for Rome Circuit.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Read about notable bugs and errors in this game.
GT2-Bonus Cars.png
Arcade Mode Disc
Unused stuff in the Arcade Mode disc.
GT2-Platinum Trophy.png
Simulation Mode Disc
Unused stuff in the Simulation Mode disc.
Unused Cars
Cars that are in the game but only attainable by cheating.
Regional Differences
Licensing and marketing choices resulted in lots of changes between regions.
Revisional Differences
Polyphony rushed to fix issues caused by rushing.

Unused Courses

To do:
In addition to l_20 - bill_checker (19), checker (1C) (both US/EU only), test_20a (69), test_30a (6A), test_40a (6C), test_hs2 (6F) and test_l1 (74) seem to be unused. Video documentation is welcome.

Hidden away in Gran Turismo 2 are three unused reverse versions of various tracks in the game.

Reverse Tracks
Track Notes
PAL: Set 0AF260 to 2B when the race starts to load. Or set 1D58CC to 35E9 and 1D58CE to 454B during the pre-race menu.

NTSC 1.2: Set 0AF230 to 2B when the race starts to load. Or set 1D589C to 35E9 and 1D589E to 454B during the pre-race menu.

Laguna Seca Raceway has an unused reverse version in the game. The real track itself was not designed to be driven on backwards, so this is likely the reason this variant was not used. This version uses earlier road surface graphics, and has two replay cameras defined. There is also no AI pathfinding. Additionally, you can not pit in on this track either.

PAL: Set 0AF260 to 4B when the race starts to load. Or set 1D58CC to 051C and 1D58CE to 353A during the pre-race menu.

NTSC 1.2: Set 0AF230 to 4B when the race starts to load. Or set 1D589C to 051C and 1D589E to 353A during the pre-race menu.

A reverse version of Test Course. The track is mostly complete with the AI pathfinding almost finished and having its own unique replay cameras with the exception of lap 3 not having any. The AI can not overtake each other on this track and you can not pit in as well.

PAL: Set 0AF260 to 5F when the race starts to load. Or set 1D58CC to D631 and 1D58CE to D141 during the pre-race menu.

NTSC 1.2: Set 0AF230 to 5F when the race starts to load. Or set 1D589C to D631 and 1D589E to D141 during the pre-race menu.

The reverse version of Super Speedway. Unlike the other tracks in the game, this track has a different starting grid layout. Just like with Laguna Seca reverse, there is no AI pathfinding and you can not pit in either. The track has its own replay cameras too.

Two further tracks named l_20 and dart_test2 weren't removed from the game and yet aren't accessible to drive on without a cheat device.

The other two tracks
Track Notes
PAL: Set 0AF260 to 23 when the race starts to load. Or set 1D58CC to FCB0 and 1D58CE to 01B5 during the pre-race menu.

NTSC 1.2: Set 0AF230 to 23 when the race starts to load. Or set 1D589C to FCB0 and 1D589E to 01B5 during the pre-race menu.

l_20 is an invisible slalom license test track. The collision is present despite being no modelling present here. No AI pathfinding is present, so the AI cars can not race properly here. The track also has its own course map.

Uninteresting course map
PAL: Set 0AF260 to 20 when the race starts to load. Or set 1D58CC to 1C8A and 1D58CE to 4EFE during the pre-race menu.

NTSC 1.2: Set 0AF230 to 20 when the race starts to load. Or set 1D589C to 1C8A and 1D589E to 4EFE during the pre-race menu.

dart_test2 is more substantial in terms of content despite having no course map of its own (the game defaults to the Autumn Ring map). The twisty track actually forms a complete lap though any AI cars present cannot navigate around it. The track uses the evening skybox from Red Rock Valley Speedway, and the road's surface (determined by the drivtype file) is considered as dirt by the game (hence "dart" on the title, a romanization of the katakana ダート). A track map of this course is available here.

Unused Graphics

The following graphics are unused on both discs.

Demo Title Screens

Found in gzip archives in the arcade directory of GT2.VOL are two leftover title screens from demo versions of the game.

Japan/Europe (arc_topmenu) North America (arc_topmenu_usa)
GT2-DemoJPEUTitleScreenLeftover.png GT2-DemoUSTitleScreenLeftover.png

Early Communication/Data Transfer Panels

Early graphics for the Communication/Data Transfer menu options can be found in the final version of the game. The used version features different art and is smaller in height.

Unused Used
GT2-EarlyCommunicationPanels.png GT2-FinalCommunicationPanels.png

Indi Leftover

GT2-indisky bsp.png

Indi, a track shaped after Indianapolis Motor Speedway, can be accessed through hacking in demo builds of the game. The track was mostly deleted in the final game, with its only surviving asset being this background texture.

License Test Minimaps

Minimap files for the various license test tracks exist, but go unseen as the map isn't displayed during tests earlier than the Super License (which only uses regular courses). Many of them are crudely drawn so they form a complete loop, even though they're simply "track sections" in reality.

Unused Text

Platinum Prize

A text string present in gt2.vol shows that it was possible to earn a fourth prize in the license tests. It is even translated to other languages.


Check Grid

Another text string inside the game also shows that a feature to check the starting line-up in the post-race menu, much like the original Gran Turismo, was meant to be included.

Check Grid

Unused Music

There are two unused short jingles within the game, which might be an unused alternate race start and finish jingles, respectively.

Unused Tuner IDs

"Tuners" are what the developers define manufacturers and brands in the games; in this game, it defines which car goes to which dealership for tuning (the game will throw a "Your car cannot be tuned here" error message if the car's current tuner and the dealership's tuning shop mismatches) as well as used car listing definitions. There are 36 tuners defined in the game, stored in alphabetical order; however, there are three tuner IDs that are not used by any car in the game:

  • 0C - located between Honda (0B) and Jaguar (0D).A possible candidate is Infiniti, which has trackside advertisements despite they appearing only in the US version of the game as a name swap for the Nissan Primera sedan models.
  • 0F - located between Lancia (0E) and Lister (10). A possible candidate is Lexus, whose cars are sold and tuned in the Toyota dealership in-game. Of note is that this ID was not documented in the source mentioned below, although the other two are documented.
  • 14 - located between Mercedes-Benz (13) and Mini/MG (15). A possible candidate is Mercury, whose cars are sold and tuned in the Ford dealership in-game.
(Source: James McDaniel, RogsR34UK)

Texture Tags

A few car textures are inscribed with the word 'polys' in out of the way or unused portions of the image. This refers to Polys Entertainment, the original name of developers Polyphony Digital. It should be noted that these texture tags appear too in the previous game, since these cars originate from there with no significant changes to GT2 except for updated rims.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolutions are singled out for special treatment. Possibly owing to the fact that the various models differ only slightly, most of their textures forwent the Polys writing in favour of identification text. Some exceptions would be the Evo II, III and IV, whose textures are devoid of any text whatsoever (note the Lancer Evolutions that had those identification text are new to GT2, except for II since the texture sheet were based on the Evo III):