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Gran Turismo 4 Prologue/Prius Trial Version

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This is a sub-page of Gran Turismo 4 Prologue.

To do:
There's probably more unused cars.

This version was released in Japan, possibly at one of the dealerships. Looking at the title screen of this one, you wouldn't think it'd be based off of Prologue and more off the final, as the "Prologue" title is dropped and just displays the normal logo with "PRIUS TRIAL VERSION" on the bottom. However, when you actually press Start, which is labeled as a Prius' power button, you can already start to notice that in fact it is. The menus are similar, it uses the recycled Gran Turismo 3 music in some places, and some of the HUD is kept the same. The difference is you can only race a Prius 1 lap around Tsukuba Circuit, the rest of the HUD that isn't the same has been replaced to show the hybrid aspects of the car, and before the race you watch a quick video of someone turning on the Prius (you know, to convey the realism). Speaking of videos, the trial also has a nice video showcasing the car, with some guy speaking in Japanese probably telling you about its features.

As the game is based on the Japanese version of GT4P, all 3D objects in the game are in GT3 format.

Unused Tracks

What's also nice about this demo is that it has its own share of unused tracks.

  • test: A void with a skybox and some cones.
  • test2: Super Speedway as seen in Gran Turismo 3, but set at night.
  • laguna: An earlier build of Laguna Seca.
  • nurburgring: A really early build of the Nurburgring, having only the track's road map and some elevation done.
  • yosemite: The early version of the Cathedral Rocks Trial rally track, having just a basic road layout and some trees put in.
  • route5r: Similar to the other early build of Special Stage Route 5 seen below, but with a bit more done.
  • Twin Ring Motegi: In a very unfinished state here and has untextured buildings.

Unused Cars

There's even some unused cars as well!

  • 206 Rally Car: Takes place of the Polyphony001, and wow, is it very glitched-up here. It's somewhat surrounded by white 'bands', and has missing or very odd rims.
  • Lancer Evolution VII Rally Car Prototype: The same prototype car from Gran Turismo 3, but is a bit more updated in this version, including less white on the bumpers and the number 7 displayed on its door.