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Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories/Unused Mission-Related Text and Audio

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This is a sub-page of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.

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Some of the mission scripts contain placeholder lines or pieces of cut dialogue. Audio for some of them also still remain in the game. Text are transcribed from the ENGLISH.GXT file.

Story Missions

Portland Island


An additional line for the dealer.

Clip Subtitle
~w~Hey! Don't leave me here, man! This is a bad neighborhood, dude!

Dealing Revenge

Vincenzo doesn't provide you with anything during the mission.

~w~I Vincenzo's left you a present that might help.

Vincenzo giving some great advice that goes unheard.

Clip Subtitle
~w~Hey! Stop hanging around outside bathroom doors because people take it strange!


An alternate take of the line.

Clip Subtitle
~w~Screw him! He made his choice. Sick bastard.

Smash and Grab

Additional dialogue for the end of the mission.

Clip Subtitle
~w~So, did you get the money?
~w~We got it all boss...
~w~Hey, listen, there was nothing we could do...
~w~...there was nothing you could do.
~w~Things got fucked up... it couldn't have been worse.
~w~What do you think... are things better now, or worse?
~w~If you fuck it up for me, ever again, things will get worse for you too!
~w~Now clear that shit up, and get outta my sight.
~w~I've got a call to make.
~w~I swear to God, Tony. The day you came back, my luck turned to shit.
~w~You're like a bad fucking penny.

Portland Chainsaw Masquerade

A leftover version number for this particular mission.


An unused objective. The game tells you to go straight to the freighters instead.

~w~The place looks deserted. Board the ~y~ship.

Ho Selecta!

Some additional lines.

~w~Hey! I'm coming too!
~w~So, where the party at?
~w~So it's just you and me huh?
~w~Are we gonna get it on or what?
~w~Get out, asshole!
~w~Aw, gee! Don't be like that.
~w~I just wanna party with ya!

A placeholder clip of a robotic voice reading out the filename.

Bone Voyeur!

Additional lines for JD.

~w~Reverse up to the car. Nice and close so I can get a look-see.
~w~Nice and easy now. We don't want to disturb them!
~w~Closer... Closer...
~w~Jeez Toni! I can't see a God-damn thing!
~w~...oh yeah!
~w~Go on baby!
~w~That's it. That's it.
~w~...oh YEAH!
~w~This is just beautiful!
~w~Are we done here yet?
~w~For crying out loud, Toni! You scared 'em off!
~w~Nice work, Toni!
~w~Never mind! *coughs* Just keep your eyes peeled for your hookers.

Blow Up 'Dolls

Text for a countdown timer that doesn't appear in the mission.


The Made Man

A placeholder clip of a robotic voice reading out the filename.

Speaks for itself.


Shop 'til You Strop

While you do get your tires shot during the mission, this dialogue isn't used. The script for the mission has no text for the lines either.

~w~He shot my fucking tires out!
~w~What'd you steal this time?

Snappy Dresser

Alternate lines for Casa getting caught.

~w~Baby needs hug!
~w~I made choc-choc!
~w~Suck my dummy! Suck it!
~w~SHIT! Someone's here!
~w~Quick! Get in the van!

No Son of Mine

Unused objectives suggesting that the mission originally took place at Saint Mark's Bistro instead of the Cipriani restaurant.

~w~The ~r~hitmen~w~ know you're here. You must get far away from Saint Mark's!
~w~More ~r~hitmen~w~ incoming! Get away from Saint Mark's. They know where you are!
~w~Deal with the remaining ~r~hitmen~w~, but stay out of Saint Mark's!

Driving Mr.Leone

A leftover version number for this particular mission.


Text for a Jump Speed meter, presumably for jumping the unfinished bridge during the mission.

Jump Speed

An additional line for the news report at the end of the mission.

Staunton Island

Sindacco Sabotage

Unused strings of unknown purpose. They appear again in the script for Rough Justice.

Got threat
Had threat
Find threat

Additional lines for the Leones.

~w~Screw them! Let's get the fuck outta here!
~w~We're getting massacred here, Toni!
~w~I don't get paid enough for this shit, man!
~w~You're crazy Toni! We're all gonna die!

Calm Before the Storm

A leftover version number for this particular mission.


Sayonara Sindaccos

A short unused line of someone telling Toni that Leon's debt has been repaid. No text for these lines exist in the mission script.

L.C. Confidential

Alternate lines for the informant. No audio exists for these lines.

I have the report I promised here...
What the... There's already an agent here!?
Another FBI car? Wait! You're an impostor!


A description of the mission, most likely a leftover from when the mission was first being worked on.

Toni must get rid of the opposition's campaign workers, thereby weakening the Forelli candidate, O'Donovan's, electoral campaign efficiency.

Love On the Rocks

Another piece of text describing the mission.

O'Donovan links Donald Love to Salvatore Leone. Donald Love's political career stands on a knife's edge. Toni must destroy the evidence. 

Shoreside Vale

Dead Reckoning

After the mission Dead Reckoning, Donald calls Toni from a flophouse on his last dime and the call cuts out abruptly. This was more than likely meant to be played at the end of that call.

Stop the Press

Unknown where this would have been used.


Additional lines for Ned Burner being confronted by Toni.

~w~Help! Help! I'm being kidnapped!
~w~Help! He's going to kill me!
~w~Save me.  Someone anyone.
~w~...I'm too gifted to die!
~w~...I can't die, I'm still working on my novel!
~w~My editor never said anything about this shit!
~w~Help! I'm an honest journalist.
~w~Don't move a muscle, assweed!
~w~Stop right there, dickhead!
~w~For crying out loud, will you stop running away!

Shogun Showdown

An alternate version of the first call Toni receives from Toshiko.

Cash In Kazuki's Chips

Unknown where this could have been used.

~r~Kazuki is laughing at you!

You meet Kazuki at the top of his casino, no chance is given for him to get spooked.

~w~You spooked Kazuki! He's escaping! ...you've lost your chance to kill him!

Love on the Run

A leftover version number for this particular mission.


An objective that simply wasn't used in the final mission.

~w~Head up to the ~y~house.

The Sicilian Gambit

Some lines that are, you guessed it, not used.

<NOT USED>~w~Take out the guards and then let's get after them in that boat!

<NOT USED>~w~Another ~r~boat~w~ incoming...

<NOT USED>~y~I'll move closer to shore so we're more protected... Take it down!

<NOT USED>~w~Good work! Let's move out!

<NOT USED>~w~Ha! They've left a rocket launcher on this thing!

Placeholder String

This placeholder string also appears in the scripts for Shop 'til You Strop, A Walk In the Park, Caught In the Act, Search and Rescue, No Money, Mo' Problems, Passion of the Heist, False Idols, Munitions Dump and A Date With Death.


Side Missions

Paramedic & Vigilante

Text for when the radio cuts out while doing the Paramedic or Vigilante side-missions, which is something that doesn't happen.

~r~The ambulance radio doesn't work in the subway!

~r~The ambulance radio is out of range, get closer to a hospital!

~r~The police radio doesn't work in the subway!

~r~The police radio is out of range, get closer to a police station!