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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas/Unused Mission Related Text and Audio/Los Santos

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This is a sub-page of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas/Unused Mission Related Text and Audio.

Note:Used text may be used for additional context, in which case it will be in italics.
All text taken from the american.gxt file from the original PS2 release, the audio is ripped from the Windows version.

In the Beginning

Technically-speaking, there is a mission name for the beginning section of the game; however, it is only seen if the player gathers enough cash to buy a safe house, and then saves the game there before doing any other missions.

There are some additional lines of dialogue for the opening cutscene, along with a single unused subtitle for Carl hitting his head.

~z~Whassup, Sweet, what you want?
~z~It's Moms... She's dead, bro.
~z~How? How'd she die?
~z~Not now. You coming home?
~z~Yeah, yeah, I am.

~z~Passenger. Show us your hands.
~z~Reach out of the car and unlock your door.
~z~Get out of the car.
~z~Walk towards us with your hands behind your head.
~z~I didn't tell you to face me, boy.
~z~Back towards my voice.

~z~Shit... Man...
~z~Oh, man...
~z~Oh, come on with this...
~z~That's right... Come on... Come on...
~z~...fuckin' with me for...
~z~That's a fucking asshole.

~z~Stop. Get down on your knees.
~z~Now down on your stomach.
~z~Hey. C'mon man, damn. You hurtin' my arm.
~z~Touching all over me like... Wha'?

~z~You haven't forgotten about us, have you boy?
~z~Hell no, officer Tenpenny.
~z~I was just wondering what took y'all so long.
~z~Well, you know, inside the airport, that's federal. That's not our gig.

~z~Watch your head.
~z~Oh! My bad.

~z~What the fuck you want from me this time?
~z~Don't curse, Carl, you motherfucking piece of shit gang-banging cocksucker.
~z~When we want you, we'll find you.
~z~In the meantime, try not to gun down any more officers of the law.
~z~Carl, we're just here to protect and serve.

There is extra dialogue for Tenpenny that goes unheard at the end of the cutscene where they toss CJ out of the cop car.

~z~See, Hernandez, that is how an experienced officer deals with a known threat.

Big Smoke

An additional line of dialogue for Carl's flashback.

~z~Brian! Carl! Quit fighting, and go wash your hands!

You were originally meant to drive to the cemetery with Big Smoke.

~s~Drive to the cemetary with Big Smoke.

The following conversation would have most likely taken place during the drive.

Clip Subtitle
~z~You still like cars?
~z~Always love cars, man.
~z~I thought they didn't respect cars in liberty. What you ride out there?
~z~Ha, ha ha. That's my brother. Here we are.

Sweet & Kendl

Some unused dialogue for CJ and his homies while cycling back to Grove Street.

Clip Subtitle
~z~Yeah, it's Temple Drive Families - we don't roll with them no more.

~z~No shit, things HAVE changed. How we getting home?
~z~Grab a bike and pedal. Even you ain't forgotten that.

~z~Hey Sweet, try to keep up!
~z~Oh, you ain't ran out yet, huh, CJ?
~z~Damn, Ballas is chasing us down!
~z~Get up, CJ, pedal!
~z~Move it, CJ, not far to the Grove!
~z~You OK, CJ?
~z~Hey, hey, Carl's down!
~z~Oh man, that shit looked like it hurt, homie!
~z~Get back on your bike, playa!
~z~Ha ha! This fool took a fall!
~z~He can't even ride a bike!
~z~CJ, you cycle like a crack ho, fool!
~z~Move it, CJ - you're embarrassing us, nigga!
~z~Hey, look at CJ go!
~z~Hey, CJ, wait for us, man!
~z~CJ, you running like a bitch, man!
~z~Carl's showing us how it's really done.
~z~Skinny fool's flying ahead on his own.
~z~CJ's doing his thing top speed, dog!
~z~Typical, CJ! Leaving the homies behind, huh?
~z~Hey wait for the homies, fool!
~z~Figures, moving fast as a motherfucker, you busta!
~z~I got left behind! Y'all motherfuckers left me behind!
~z~Yo, East Coast sure put some legs on you, boy!
~z~Man, you gotta lose some of the Liberty City anxiety, playa!

By the end of the mission you're following Ryder to the hood.

~s~Follow ~b~Sweet~s~ back to the hood.


Possibly meant to be internal monologue, like what you hear when first arriving to Grove Street.

~z~Ryder always was crazy
~z~A big guy trapped in a little guy's body, and real angry about it.

Unused dialogue for Ryder and CJ, including one additional line commenting the haircut you get and two for getting a car. You are required to use Ryder's car during the mission and he automatically gets in it.

Clip Subtitle
~z~What's that? A wig or something?
~z~CJ, we need some wheels!
~z~We need a ride, super fast! Get us a car!
~z~CJ! Damn... Got caught slipping.
~z~What would you take a bullet for, fool?
~z~CJ, quit tripping, get up!
~z~It figures, CJ.
~z~You ain't made for these streets, CJ.
~z~Oh shit, RYDER!
~z~This ain't cool!
~z~Yeah, we straight! Here's your cut.

Additional lines for Sweet's call after the mission, explaining the state of the gangs in Los Santos.

Clip Subtitle
~z~So I understand.
~z~Just because they're wearing greens, don't mean they're allies. Copy?

Tagging Up Turf

Unused dialogue for Sweet commenting on your driving.

Clip Subtitle
~z~This ain't Liberty, homie, watch the road!
~z~Easy on the gas, partner.
~z~The steering wheel ain't thee for no decoration, man!
~z~Trays are gonna see us coming from a mile off!
~z~Dude, you drive like a base head!
~z~Hey, everybody, look at Mr. Wheeler over here!
~z~My ride, dude! You drivin' like a bitch!
~z~Hey, I just got this shit out of the paint shop, man!
~z~You back for five minutes and you've wrecked my car!

Seems like you were originally supposed to follow Sweet as he sprayed the tags instead.

Clip Subtitle
~z~I'm gonna tag this block - follow me in the car.
~z~I'll get this one, follow me in the car.

Unused alternate dialogue.

Clip Subtitle
~z~Let's check out the Ballas' turf.
~z~CJ, check out Ballas' turf with me.
~z~Hit this up, and I'll go hit up another block.
~z~While you're doing this, I'll be doing another block.

Unused alternate dialogue for the Ballas members near one of the tags.

Clip Subtitle
~z~Hey, that's our tag!
~z~You some kind of mental case, fool?
~z~Cap that mother!
~z~Chase him down!

Alternate dialogue for Sweet telling you to get in.

Clip Subtitle

Alternate version of one of the lines from the final cutscene of the mission.

Clip Subtitle
~z~C.R.A.S.H.took what I came with.
~z~Already? Shit, them boys on their game!

After the mission, you receive a call from Officer Hernandez warning you not to leave town. It seems like it was going to be Pulaski who originally made that call instead. Audio for Carl's part of this version of the call exists, no subtitles or Pulaski's audio remain.

Clip Subtitle

Cleaning the Hood

Unused alternate dialogue for Ryder and CJ.

Clip Subtitle
~z~Hey, grab yourself a stick!
~z~Hey, fool, grab a junky club!
~z~Hey, let's head over to B Dup's tilt.
~z~Hey let's go get B Dup.
~z~Yeah, introduce him to this bat!
~z~CJ! Look! Over there! That's who we looking for!

Reactions for getting hurt.

Clip Subtitle
~z~Oh man, Ryder, get up!
~z~CJ! Get up CJ!
~z~CJ! Quit faking! Get up, fool!
~z~This ain't no time for a nap, CJ!

Ryder reacting to the police.

Clip Subtitle
~z~This ain't got nothing to do with me, officers!
~z~Yeah, that's him over there, officers!
~z~Shit, I'm outta here!

There are three unused calls from Sweet, reminding you to keep an eye out for drug dealers. There are no hints as to when exactly these calls would be used, but they would be appropriate after this mission.

Call 1

Clip Subtitle
~z~CJ, it's Sweet.
~z~I thought you were on top of that problem.
~z~Which problem?
~z~I got problems knee deep!
~z~Hey, man, there's pushers all over Ganton.
~z~I though you was going to put in time for your hood, man.
~z~Tss, don't sweat me, bro. I'm on it.
~z~I hope so.
~z~'cause a lot of homies falling to that rock!
~z~Like I said, I'm on it.

Call 2

Clip Subtitle
~z~You seen your soldiers recently?
~z~You seen what the streets are like?
~z~What you talking about?
~z~Damn base-heads!
~z~The Grove Street Families needs OG's,
~z~Not whacked-out chickenheads!
~z~They won't roll when they so high!
~z~I'll go see what I can see.
~z~Well open your eyes this time!

Call 3

Clip Subtitle
~z~What did I tell you about keeping an eye on yo'hood?
~z~Yeah, my bad. Shit been hectic, man.
~z~Grove Street's full of strawberries!
~z~Ain't no OG out here who ain't high on yay!
~z~No motherfucker going to bang when they fried!
~z~I'll tell you what. I'm a do a hood patrol, find the pushers, and whack 'em.
~z~You damn straight you will!


Additional dialogue for Big Smoke and CJ getting hurt.

Clip Subtitle
N/A ~z~Motherfucker! My cheese fries! Carl, kill them!
~z~Ballas! See 'em? Over there!
~z~Roll up on 'em, CJ!
~z~Ready, baby?
~z~CJ's down, shit!
~z~CJ! Sweet, CJ's down!
~z~He's bluffing, ain't you, CJ?

Dialogue for failing the mission by letting the Ballas reach Grove Street. A short cutscene without any additional dialogue plays instead.

Clip Subtitle
~z~Damn, we're too late!
~z~Oh, man, we let down our homies!
~z~We let the whole hood down!

Some more dialogue for Big Smoke.

Clip Subtitle
~z~Look, y'all boys got ta relax more, man.
~z~...get in touch with your spiritual side and some shit like dat.

An unused variant of the mission failed text.

~r~The Ballas crew capped your homies!

Nines and AK's

You're tasked with shooting the gas lid of the car instead of the tires. The mission is started by driving Big Smoke's car into a marker. Even if you go get a car in the middle of the mission, you will not be told to get out.

~s~Use manual aim to shoot the tires of the car.
~s~You need to be on foot!

Additional dialogue for Big Smoke and Emmet, including dialogue to either one of them getting killed. Doing so will normally simply fail the mission.

Clip Subtitle
~z~Eyes closed!
~z~From the hip!
~z~Left handed, I can't get beat!
~z~Them ain't no homing bullets, fool!
~z~Your brother got all the shooting genes!
~z~No wonder Li'l Brian got his self killed!
~z~I said the bottle, not the building!
~z~You're flinching like a little girl!
~z~Don't squeeze on that damn trigger, yank on it!
~z~You know what the bottle looks like, don't cha?
~z~He's got killah all over his soul!
~z~Ballas fools gonna be sorry!
~z~That's it boy!
~z~That's good shootin'!
~z~Oh man, you iced Emmet!
~z~Seville Families gonna be real pissed!
~z~Where we gonna get our guns from now?
~z~That wasn't a bottle, fool!
~z~CJ, what you gone and done, man?
~z~Oh fuck, Emmet!
~z~Watch where you're pointing that thing!
~z~You just iced Big Smoke!
~z~Holy sh--,crap, Smoke!
~z~The boy's gone loco!
~z~You are a terrible, terrible shot.
~z~Beverly put mercury in your babyfood?
~z~C'mon, fool, shoot straight!
~z~Is that the best you got, boy?
~z~Your shootin' is a disgrace!


Alternate targets for the titular drive-by, the final one being the Rolling Heights Ballas.

Clip Subtitle
~z~Front Yard Ballas country.
~z~Kilo Trays country.

Additional dialogue.

Clip Subtitle
~z~For real. You down, Carl?
~z~Man I ain't even strapped.
~z~You ain't cold enough for that shit, CJ.

More comments on your driving.

Clip Subtitle
~z~What did I say? Told y'all CJ drives like a blind motherfucker.
~z~CJ, you a mark. Don't ever by a ride, never.
~z~This fool crashing on purpose - I swear!

Alternate dialogue for your homies driving off after being abandoned.

Clip Subtitle
~z~Carl's quitting on us!
~z~Fuck you, CJ! I'm on it.
~z~I'll get us up out of here!

Unused dialogue for failing to get all the Ballas in one go.

Clip Subtitle
~z~Some of those fools are still standing, we gotta make another pass!
~z~We didn't get all those motherfuckers!
~z~Let's finish 'em off! Woo Woo!
~z~Where you going CJ? There's sill some more Ballas need to get popped.

Additional dialogue for when you are left with a wanted level after the drive-by.

Clip Subtitle
~z~Damn, the ride is hot! Every one-time in South Central is going to be looking for this car!
~z~That's right! Now let's get back to the Grove!
~z~Yeah, what you waiting for, Carl?
~z~CJ! You such a liability, man!
~z~The one-times' on us again!
~z~CJ! Are you trying to get us pinched?
~z~C'mon, CJ, we gotta lose this attention!
~z~CJ, get us to a spray shop!
~z~C'mon, CJ, get us someplace safe!

Unknown where or how these may have been used.

Clip Subtitle
~z~Now, what was I sayin'?
~z~Hey, what was we hollerin' about?
~z~OK, we're cool. Now what was I sayin'?

You are only tasked with being the driver, so this objective goes unused.

~s~Shoot up the neighborhood.

Sweet's Girl

An alternate intro for the mission.

Clip Subtitle
~z~Hey Sweet, I was just looking for you man, wassup?
~z~I been with some girl and now I'm stuck.
~z~I ain't about to come help prise you two apart!
~z~No, CJ, that ain't what I meant.
~z~She's Seville Boulevard Familes,
~z~And we ain't cool no more..
~z~They all over the streets outside her house and I ain't heated!
~z~Yo' dick still dropping you in it, Bro!
~z~I'll see what I can do.
~z~Be ready to run when I holla, alright?
~z~That's my nigga! I'll be ready!
~z~Oh, and swing by Emmet's, you might need a nine!
~z~We'll be taking cover inside!

Alternate objectives and a prompt for getting a proper getaway car. No matter what vehicle you attempt to drive into the marker, no such prompt appears.

~S~Wait for Sweet and his Ho' to get into the vehicle.

~s~Take out the ~r~Seville boys~s~ pinning Sweet down.

~s~Get a car ~y~outside~s~ the apartment.

Sweet needs a getaway car, not one of these!

Unused dialogue for the drive back to Grove Street.

Clip Subtitle
~z~Cover my girl, CJ!
~z~Keep their heads down, my girl's coming out!
~z~Hurry it up, CJ, we gotta move!
~z~CJ, get in this damn car and roll!
~z~CJ, there's some heat in my car!
~z~CJ, there's a piece in the trunk of my car!
~z~Where we goin' then?
~z~She should hang out at our place, until those Seville fools calm down.
~z~Just want to make things clear, though, we ain't no item or nothing like that - nothing like that, baby.
~z~And what was last night, huh?
~z~And what's with all the, "Girl, you're somethin' special!"
~z~And, "C'mon, girl, you know I love you!"
~z~Well I do, just don't think there's no wedding bells around the corner, that's all.
~z~We will talk about this in private, Sweet Johnson!
~z~You in trouble now, Sweet.
~z~Eyes on the road, motherfucker!
~z~We got Seville on our tail, CJ!
~z~Pick it up, CJ, we ain't givin' up!
~z~Seville Families on our case, nigga!
~z~Shit, they're trying to ram us!
~z~CJ, they're trying to ram us!
~z~Seville trying to start a war or something!
~z~This wasn't the 'good time' I was thinking about, Sweet!
~z~You better make this up to me, Sweet!
~z~I can't never go back home now!
~z~Sweet, we gotta go back for my stuff!
N/A ~z~Big love, bro, big love.

Cesar Vialpando

Dialogue for the gangsters at the lowrider meet. These go unused both in this mission, and the lowrider competitions that are unlocked afterwards. The last few lines might have been meant for the outro cutscene, where CJ meets Cesar and gets into an argument with on of his gang members.

Clip Subtitle
~z~Na man, you need some REAL springs none of this standard shit.
~z~Man, your car gotta be set to bounce, homie!
~z~You trippin', ese? How you going to compete without a ride?
~z~Man, you gotta have a lowrider to hop!
~z~You can't take part in that curacha, get yourself a lowrider!
~z~This is for firme rides, ese, not that old shit!
~z~You gotta put up some real green, homie!
N/A ~z~My ese will see if you up to scratch, eh!
~z~That's some serious bouncing, eh?
~z~Shit, look at that Grove boy bounce!
~z~Damn, homie, that fool can hop!
~z~Hey, homie, you're bouncing like a pro!
~z~Damn, homie, he's gonna shake that ride apart!
~z~Damn, dog, he's showin' us all up!
~z~Come on Dog, My mom can bounce better than that!
~z~Hey homie stick to spraying graffiti!
~z~Ah, fucking leva!
~z~They, this fool just don't got what it takes.
~z~You're still looking lame in front of your hood.
~z~Man, dog, you're losing it!
~z~Good job, eh. We usually hang out here between 8 and 10 pm,
~z~you got a hot lowrider and you got some cash to burn, well come along.
~z~You looking for something, ese?
~z~Hey nice car, you looking for the competition?
~z~Hey homie I can show you where it's at if you like.
~z~Follow me.
N/A ~z~It just ain't right you seeing some cholo motherfucker.
N/A ~z~Hey, girl!
N/A ~z~Shit that was close.
N/A ~z~Back in the ghetto five minutes and I'm acting like my life ain't worth jack.
N/A ~z~Damn this place has a way of getting to you.

Alternate text for destroying your ride and text for not having enough money for something. You do need $50 to enter the competition, so either you originally needed $500, or you may have been required to purchase something at the mod garage.

~r~You've destroyed the lowrider.

~s~You don't have enough cash, you need $500.

OG Loc

Unclear where the first line might have been used. The second one would fit for when OG Loc starts chasing after Freddy.

Clip Subtitle
N/A ~z~Man, that fool buggin'.
~z~Ah shit, he gonna get caught violating his parole!

Running Dog

Unused dialogue for the drive to the meet. Judging by the first two lines, you might have had to follow the gang member instead of killing him.

Clip Subtitle
N/A ~z~This was just the point man!
N/A ~z~That other motherfucker'll lead us straight to the weed!
~z~Why you let me drive all the time, Smoke?
~z~Cat like me likes to scope the streets once in a while, ya know what I'm sayin'?
~z~Everybody is my cousin.

~z~Brothers from different mothers, sisters from different fathers.

~z~And all that kind of shit.

Big Smoke is around only for the drive to the meet and is gone after the cutscenes, so all of the following goes unused.

Clip Subtitle
~z~CJ, what you hangin' around for?
~z~Get after him, CJ!
~z~CJ, do something useful. Catch that guy.
~z~CJ, get in!
~z~Come on CJ!
~z~Man, what's happened to the world, man?
~z~Man, people have no dignity no more!
~z~This guy is really getting on my fucking nerves.

Unused conversation that would have been heard on the drive back to Big Smoke's. Instead the mission ends when you kill the gang member.

Clip Subtitle
~z~Let's go home, I gotta eat, man.
~z~Okay. Say, Smoke, what's going on with Tenpenny?
~z~Man, I ain't never heard of him.
~z~Yes you have. I saw him leaving your apartment.
~z~Oh, Is that his name?
~z~Yeah. You know it is.
~z~Man, that ain't nothin'. He a busta,
~z~likes to give people a hard time, you know that Carl. But you know me.
~z~It takes more than a fool like him to bug me out.
~z~Hey Carl, I'll see you later, alright?
~z~And, look here, don't let that Pentenbury or whatever his name is, give you no bullshit.
~z~I'm trying, man.
~z~Well try harder. Look at me, man.
~z~You a great man, Carl. A great man!

Alternate objectives. The used version of the latter doesn't specify the gang.

~s~The ~r~gang member ~s~is escaping in a car!~N~Catch him before he gets away.

~s~Chase down the Los Santos Vagos ~r~gang member.

Wrong Side of the Tracks

This mission originally had a lot more dialogue with Big Smoke, both before, during and after the infamous train chase.

Clip Subtitle
~z~You know the parable of the wise sheep Carl?
~z~No. I don't think I do.
~z~Well, you should pay attention to what I'm going to say.
~z~The wise sheep does what he says, and only eats the greenest grass,
~z~while the foolish sheep gets eaten alive by heathens.
~z~What are you talking about?
~z~I'm thinking of going into the ministry in later life.
~z~Just testing shit out.

During the chase.

Clip Subtitle
~z~Go after that loco, CJ!
~z~Follow the tracks!
~z~This thing wasn't built to take so much weight!
~z~You're the one packing on the pounds, CJ!
~z~They don't call you BIG Smoke for nothing!
~z~Shit, I was born big, fool!
~z~You, on the other hand, have a dietary problem!
~z~Train, CJ, train!
~z~Damn, that boy's gonna be shittin' his kidneys for a week!
~z~Man, he ain't gonna be eatin' shit for a while.
~z~That's one Vagos asshole gone!
~z~Keep right, take us up to their level!
~z~Take the high ground on the right, CJ! On the right!
~z~CJ, keep us up here.
~z~Follow it over, CJ!
~z~Make the jump, fool! Make the jump!
~z~Smoke! Oh man...
~z~Aw shit, Big Smoke!
~z~Smoke, don't go out on me, man!
~z~Carl, man, you OK?
~z~CJ, get up, fool!
~z~CJ! CJ, can you hear me?
~z~Damn, you lost 'em CJ!
~z~We screwed up!
~z~Damn! That's what we wanted!
~z~Man, look at all that cash!
~z~Sh-ha ha ha! Help yourself baby! Help yourself baby!
N/A ~z~Screw this, those maniacs won't stop until we're dead!
~z~That's what we're after!
~z~They gave it up!
~z~There's our baby!

Driving back to Big Smoke's

Clip Subtitle
~z~Hey, I need to get this back to my crib!
~z~C'mon CJ, let's head back to my spot.
~z~Why Tenpenny want that package?
~z~Don't bullshit me, Smoke!
~z~Carl, man, there's something about you man, some kinda
~z~strange kinda aura, man.
~z~Smoke, when you gonna stop with this weird bullshit?
~z~The truth is Carl, we've been lost while you been gone,
~z~but now we saved again.
~z~What's in the package, Smoke?
~z~The problem is, too many of the chosen ones' get killed before their time, man.
~z~If the afterlife means peace from your bullshit, I think I'm ready.
~z~What's in the damn package, Smoke? No more bullshit!
~z~I dunno, homie.
~z~I'm just trying to help these officers keep shit off the streets, man.
~z~I don't trust them.
~z~Sometimes, trust ain't an option, homie.

Alternate objectives. While it's required to take Big Smoke's car to the station and him telling you to get back in the car whenever you exit, the game never actually shows the text prompt.

~s~Pull alongside the front carriage of the train where the ~r~Vagos gang members ~s~are standing and try and maintain that position. Big Smoke will automatically fire once he is within range.

~s~Chase down the ~r~Vagos gang members ~s~and take them out!

~s~Get back in the ~b~car~w~!

Just Business

This mission in particular has a lot of unused variants for the dialogue that occurs throughout. Also included is a single additional line for the drive to the meet.

Clip Subtitle

~z~Yeah, yeah, you go figure.

~z~What took you so long?
~z~That's my dog!
~z~Stick to my right, CJ, I'm gunnin' for that bastard.
~z~Cover my right, CJ, blast them motherfucking fools!
~z~OK, we showed those fools!
~z~Stay close, CJ!
~z~Stick real close, Carl!
~z~CJ, stay with me, homie!
~z~Keep up, baby!
~z~Pop they fuckin' brains out, CJ!
~z~Fill them fools up with holes, baby!

All the dialogue for the russian mobsters in this mission was recorded in two different voices, but only two seem to be used.

Clip Subtitle
~z~Smoke, you and your friend are dead men!
~z~Kill that shahkto bastard!
~z~Kill the Americans!
~z~Kill the Amerikos!
~z~Kill that shahkto bastard!
~z~Kill the Americans!
~z~Kill the Amerikos!
~z~Big Smoke, you made big mistake, huh!
~z~You should not have come here, Big Smoke!
~z~You should not have come here, Big Smoke!

Unused alternate dialogue for the bike section.

Clip Subtitle
~z~Get on the back, CJ!
~z~I'll got it this time, get on the back!
~z~You're rear gunner this time, CJ!
~z~Hey man, we got bikes all on us!
~z~Hey, don't just sit on your horn! Get out the goddamn way!
~z~Smoke, it's more bikes!
~z~Smoke, there's more cars comin' in on the left!
~z~What they up to, Carl?
~z~Don't ask me, I'm just a tourist!
~z~They's up to something...
~z~Here comes another!
~z~Take the high road!
~z~Hit that ramp on the right!
~z~I got you, I got you, baby!
~z~Yes Sir!
~z~Houston, we have ignition!
~z~It's getting' kinda tight!
~z~Damn this is tight!
~z~They still on to us.
~z~We're clean!

CJ follows Big Smoke into the shootout within a cutscene, so these go unused. Also, as with the last mission, the text prompt to get back in Smoke's car is simply not used here either.

~r~You left Smoke alone and he died! Next time stick a bit closer!

~s~Get inside and protect ~b~Big Smoke~s~!

~s~Get back in the ~b~car!

Home Invasion

Unused dialogue for Ryder seemingly following CJ into the Colonel's house.

Clip Subtitle
~z~It's already night, man you soakin' wet!
~z~OK, fool, in you go - I'll keep watch.
~z~CJ! What we gonna get?
~z~Sshhhhh! On the hush homie. They over here. Just gimme a second.
~z~I thought you was gonna keep watch outside!
~z~That's a good idea! I'll be outside!
~z~Lord, gimme the strength.

Additional dialogue for Ryder, CJ and the Colonel.

Clip Subtitle
~z~Get back in there and strip the place!
~z~C'mon, CJ, we can empty that place!
~z~We got plenty more room in LB's van!
~z~Man, we gonna hit him up for everything he got!
~z~C'mon, keep it up!
~z~We gonna be able to retire off of this one!
~z~One more trip, CJ, we still got time!
~z~Me first!
~z~Ryder! Buster!
~z~Mark ass Ryder!
N/A ~z~Gooks!
N/A As I was saying....
N/A I heard you for sure that time, I'm phoning the cops!

Unused dialogue for Ryder introducing the burglary side mission, a silent cutscene plays instead.

Clip Subtitle
~z~Listen up, no motherfucker gonna give a gangbanging carjacker like you anything for free.
~z~So you gotta go take it.
~z~All the houses in this state full of shit to rob.
~z~They're insured - they ain't gonna miss nothing.
~z~Just bring it back here and LB will give you a nice price for it.

Ryder stays in the van and cannot be left behind, you cannot run out of crates, the used objective talks about crates instead of guns and even if you run around, you'll only get a generic "you're making too much noise" message.

~s~You've left ~b~Ryder~s~ behind go and get him.

~r~There aren't enough guns left to fill the truck!

~r~You're not going to be able to get the guns now that he's awake!

~s~Do not run or you will be caught.


Some unused dialogue for Ryder throughout the mission. Instead of five crates, Carl gets off the train (during a cutscene, instead of the player having to jump off) after Ryder has caught ten crates.

Clip Subtitle
~z~Man, we'll take LB's truck!
~z~Hey, you down for Grove, homie?
~z~Hell, you my dog, man!
~z~I'm like your motherfucking drill sergeant - hut one two!

~z~Just trying to keep my soldiers alive, nigga!

~z~Watch the jacket!
~z~Watch what the fuck you're doing!
~z~CJ! Man, I swear, man, you're trying to kill me!
~z~Careful with these damn guns!
~z~Hey, EASY, CJ, EASY!
~z~Man, you toss like a girl!
~z~Carl, do you understand the concept I'm throwing at you?
~z~I guess we can take five crates!
~z~Careful, CJ! It's explosives in those crates!
~z~We got enough, homie. Jump!
~z~A'ight, CJ - jump off the train!
~z~We good, man! Motherfucker, jump!

You take Ryder's truck instead of LB's van to the train. There are a few Grove Street members at the ammo train and in Ryder's car when driving back to Grove Street, all can be killed without failing the mission.

~s~Drive the van to the ~y~ammo train~s~.

~r~One of your gang members died. You need to keep them alive!

Robbing Uncle Sam

During the opening cutscene, you can hear Ryder utter "Buster" when the cutscene starts to fade out, but it's not included in the on screen subtitles.

~z~- Go hit the wet, nigga. Go hit the wet!~n~- Get that outta my face, man, you know I don't fuck with that, man. C'mon!

~z~Aw, c'mon, man! Buster.

Various unused dialogue for Ryder.

Clip Subtitle
~z~Just shut up and get in.
~z~Man, just shoot the switch next to the damn gate!
~z~Shit's getting hot, get a move on!
~z~Giddy up, CJ!
~z~OK, CJ, let's roll!
~z~You got the con, CJ, take us out!
~z~LB's got us a spot in Willowfield - hit the gas!
~z~Where you going? Buster! BUSTER!
~z~Man, I knew you was a buster all along!
~z~You ain't changed, CJ. Buster! Still a busta!
~z~Here, man, take your cut and get the fuck out of here!

After throwing a few crates, Ryder will automatically stop no matter what.

Clip Subtitle
~z~I ain't throwing no more, we gotta keep some!
~z~Sorry, CJ, but we gotta keep some of these crates!

It seems that you were originally supposed to drop the boxes behind the van and let Ryder load them up instead of doing so yourself with the forklift.

Clip Subtitle
~z~Drop 'em at the back of the van and I'll load 'em up.
~z~Drop it here, CJ!
~z~Right there, man!
~z~Just put it down here, CJ!

Unused dialogue for the guards.

Clip Subtitle
~z~You here for the shipment?
~z~Just back her up and I'll open the door.
~z~Hey, this shipment ain't going out until tomorrow!
~z~You're a phony!

An unused variant of one of the objectives and as mentioned above, Ryder automatically stops throwing boxes and the game doesn't tell you how many you have to spare.

~s~You need to let Ryder in, shoot the ~r~switch~s~ at the front gate.
~s~You can only ditch 3 boxes, you need to keep the rest!

The original objectives with Ryder loading the boxes into the van.

~s~Drop the box.

~s~Lift boxes with the forklift and drop them ~y~behind the van~s~.

To drop a box press ~A~.

~s~Drop the box behind the van, beside Ryder.

Press ~O~ to pick up and drop boxes.

High Stakes, Low Rider

The mission starts by driving a lowrider into the mission marker, so the first two objectives go unused. The third one, while technically used, requires the player to go out of their way to push Cesar's normally invincible car halfway through town in to the water. As soon as the car hits the water the screen goes black, though the game seems to continue even though can't see anything. Pausing the game at this point and checking the briefing is the only way to see this text in-game.

~s~Go and pick up your ~b~car ~s~for the race.
~s~Get to ~y~Cesar's place~s~.

~r~You destroyed Cesar's car!

Additional unused lines meant to be heard while following Cesar to the starting line.

Clip Subtitle
~z~You gonna have to drive better than that, CJ!
~z~Hey, CJ, you wrecking your car, eh!
~z~C'mon, Carl, you've gotta be kidding me right? - pick it up!
~z~Oh, Carl, I thought you said you could drive!
~z~Carl! What are you doing?
~z~Watch out, Carl!
~z~Carl, you idiot!
~z~Hey, Carl, don't play dirty!
~z~Hey, watch out, Carl!
~z~You trying to kill your sister?

Life's a Beach

An older version of the rules for the dancing minigame.

When they're on the green marker, press the correct buttons to dance.
Moves correct (%)

Unclear where this line might have been used.

Clip Subtitle
N/A ~z~Hey, hold that door for me, homie?

A large amount of unused dialogue for the attendees at the beach party. No audio for the first set of dialogue seems to exist.

Clip Subtitle
N/A ~z~Been here two months and all I've done is porno.
N/A ~z~It's great to relax after a day's shoot.
N/A ~z~Great party!
N/A ~z~This is so romantic!
N/A ~z~I love sitting around a fire!
N/A ~z~The sea is stunning!
N/A ~z~At first I struggled, but now I can take the full twelve.
N/A ~z~It's the group scenes I enjoy the most.
N/A ~z~From pain to ecstasy, the full range!
N/A ~z~This is simply blissful!
N/A ~z~Let your troubles melt away.
N/A ~z~Then he came in my face, oh, hello!
N/A ~z~It's best to imagine it's someone you like!
N/A ~z~For now, porno pays the bills.
N/A ~z~Anybody want another beer?
N/A ~z~Hey, who's this fellow?
~z~Getting sand in my trucks!
~z~Great aerobic workout!
~z~Get those feet moving!
~z~This is pure, you know?
~z~A fire makes a beach party...
~z~Could stay here for hours...
~z~So I said to her, "Anaerobic, you bitch"!
~z~The sea looks real beautiful...
~z~Anybody got an isotonic sport drink?
~z~C'mon, get that body working!
~z~Get dancing, you square!
~z~Can't you feel the rhythm of life?
~z~You wanna seat by the fire?
~z~C'mon, sit down, plenty of room!
~z~Great party, isn't it?
~z~Hey, who's this guy?
~z~You wanna join us, buddy?
~z~Take a seat and grab a beer!
~z~This party's pretty cool, huh?
~z~Anybody know this guy?
~z~Best way to relax on a day like this.
~z~The sky is so awesome!
~z~This girl knows how to spin those decks man
~z~Man, why aren't more people dancing?
~z~I think I've had too much to drink...
~z~I think I need to go puke...
~z~That last beer was too much man...
~z~Hey, I heard Madd Dogg is recording a new LP!
~z~The sand's getting in my shorts!
~z~Dude, I am trippin' on these tunes!
~z~C'mon, dude, dance!
~z~Don't cramp my style!
~z~What you lookin' at?
~z~You want a seat?
~z~Don't get too close to the fire, dude!
~z~Anybody know this cat?
~z~Another dude, for the fireside!
~z~Have a seat, dude!
~z~Sit down and join the party!
~z~Seville always throw a good gig.
~z~Seville Families watching over us...
~z~Seville Boulevard throw the best parties, man.

Unused dialogue for getting access to and stealing the sound van.

Clip Subtitle
~z~Like your style, homeboy, want to go someplace more private?
~z~Great, we can use my office!
~z~Nice van, what you drinkin' on?
~z~Hold on, I'll go get us some!
~z~Sorry, girl, but I need these sounds for my homeboy's house party!
~z~You skitzing two-faced bastard!

An unused call with Loc, trying to figure out where to take the van. Only partial audio remains.

Clip Subtitle
N/A ~z~LOC! Where do you want these sounds, The Grove?
~z~No way, we gotta strip them out the van first!
N/A ~z~Well what do you suggest?
N/A ~z~Jeffrey! You ain't here to chat on the phone!
N/A ~z~Look at the state of these urinals!
~z~Man, hold on CJ, I'll call you back.
N/A ~z~Loc? LOC!
N/A ~z~DAMN!
~z~Loc, man, don't be playin' with me!
~z~Cool it, CJ, cool it.
~z~Half of Los Santos looking for this damn van.
~z~OK, OK. Drop it off at LB's garage and commerce.
~z~Don't mention it,
~z~All y'all stressin' it.
~z~When you're over sixty,
~z~You gotta - click.
~z~Ah shut up. Motherfucker.

Madd Dogg's Rhymes

Three more lines of dialogue for the guard distracted by a game.

Clip Subtitle
~z~Oh man, this sucks!
~z~Yeah, look how this Tanner guy runs!
~z~He moves like his bowels have let go...

An alternate objective, no matter what weapons you have when entering the mansion, you are given a knife to use until you get the rhyme book. Most notably, this mission would have introduced the cut skateboard item which acted both as a weapon and a vehicle. It was replaced by a bike in the final mission.

~r~Madd Dogg's personal security ~s~are patrolling the mansion. You do not have any powerful weapons, stealth is your best option here.

~s~To use the skateboard pick it up and select it from the weapons inventory items. Press ~K~ whilst over it to pick it up if your inventory is full.

To use the skateboard, select the it from your weapons inventory. Use the ~h~left analog stick ~w~ to steer the skateboard. Tapping ~x~ helps you pick up speed and ~q~ makes you jump.

Management Issues

Some unused dialogue for the other drivers (a few of which are missing the walkie talkie effect) and some unused lines for the kidnapped manager.

Clip Subtitle
~z~Hold up here for a second until the cops let us through.
~z~Hey, watch what you're doing!
~z~Watch the damn car!
~z~You unprofessional asshole!
~z~Keep your mind on the job!
~z~Hey, where you going?
~z~Hey, where's he off to?
~z~I know Ballas OG's, we're like brothers!

~z~They'll fuck you up so bad!
~z~And yo' moms. And yo' dad!


An unused variant of one of the objectives and a fully unused one. The mission fails if you leave the car or if you shoot at the other drivers from your car. Lastly, the name of the awards ceremony where you pick up the manager from, for whatever reason.

~s~Go and meet up with the other ~y~drivers~s~. Don't damage your car!
~r~You killed one of the other drivers!


House Party

Some unused subtitles for the cutscene at Loc's house. The dialogue itself can for the most part still be heard in the background.

''~z~Get some real fly girls, you know what I'm saying?
~z~The ones in bikinis and shit, in the videos?
~z~I told you, brother, I am the chronicler of our struggle,
~z~the voice of the Families, like Moses,
~z~only keeping it real. You know what I'm saying?
~z~You said it!

~z~Yeah, yeah, let me here you say O... G...
~z~Hey, what's dope, baby, And it's Loc baby, It's dope, It's Loc, No joke, No joke...
~z~I'm the man in the place, Punch you in the face, A gun in my waist...
~z~It's Loc, baby! Yo it's Loc Loc - it's Loc Loc...
~z~Let me hear you say LOC!

~z~Hey, what's happening with you, man?
~z~OK, chillin', chillin', that's right, OK...
~z~Yeah, what's up, folks? Yeah...

An unused chant for Sweet for beating the Ballas.

Clip Subtitle
~z~Grove is king! Grove is king! If you ain't about Grove then you ain't about shit!

Burning Desire

Dialogue most likely meant for the gang members that hang around the house you're tasked with burning down, along with some subtitles for sound effects.

Clip Subtitle
~z~Who the fuck are you?
~z~You started this!
~z~Eh, this Grove Street chingon started the fire!
~z~Some Grove Street OG started the fire!
N/A Rumble... Rumble... (sounds of building collapsing)

Gray Imports

Unused dialogue for the warehouse workers and the confrontation with the russian mobster.

Clip Subtitle
~z~Hey, who the fuck are you?
N/A ~z~Go on, get out of here!
N/A ~z~I think you are trespassing, my friend!
~z~You don't want to be nosing around here!
~z~You're putting your nose where it's not wanted!
~z~Big mistake, my friend!
~z~He's after the guns!
~z~Wrong, I'm after you!
~z~Hey, hey, maybe we can talk about this!
~z~Got to get away from this crazy Americansky!


The mission merely suggests you to go to Ammu-Nation if you need a gun, it isn't required.

~s~Go to ~b~Ammu-Nation~s~ and buy a gun.
~s~Enter the ~b~shop~s~ and buy a gun.

Los Sepulcros

An unused scenario for the off chance you were to start the mission without enough respect to recruit the two homies needed. If you manage to somehow lose enough respect and try to start this mission, the game simply tells that you need to earn more respect first.

Clip Subtitle
~z~Yeah I'm gonna call up the homies and get us a little crew.
~z~But I warned you about putting time in for the homies.
~z~You ain't got enough stripes to rally up the troops.
~z~What can I do about that now?
~z~Head over to Ballas' hood, and put some work in.
~z~Bad news travels fast.
~z~I'll be waiting for you back here.
~z~Cool, we'll take my ride.
~z~Hey, where to?
~z~Just along the block up there by the bridge.
~z~I know a couple of Grove Streets we can bring along.
~z~A Grove posse? Man, you know I'm down with that.
~z~Get out and muster up the troops, CJ!
~z~There they go - get out and bring them along.
~z~There they are, go get 'em!
~z~OK, let's cut corners - we got a couple of homies to meet up with.
~z~Y'all know CJ, right?
~z~These two boys been watching Front Yard Ballas set things up.

~s~Drive to the nearby Grove Street ~y~hangout~s~ to find some help.

~s~Join Sweet in that ~b~car~s~. You need to pick up some help for the hit.

~s~You need help on this hit but before you can recruit gang members you need to be respected.

~s~Get to Ballas territory and take out some tough ~r~gang members~s~ to earn respect.

~s~Good. Your respect is increasing, keep taking out enemy gang members.

~s~You've earned enough respect. Join Sweet back at his ~b~car~s~ now.

~r~Getting rough with Sweet won't earn you any respect!

Reuniting the Families

Judging by this unused objective, you may have been required to kill the SWAT team and heli outside the motel before going in.

~s~Take out the swat shooters and the helicopter!

Some additional dialogue for the drive to the motel.

Clip Subtitle
~z~Everything you do is a joke, Ryder.

~z~That's right, that's my brother!

~z~That ain't true!

~z~Tell 'em, Smoke - back me up! It ain't true!
~z~Ryder... just chill the fuck out, man!

~z~OK, we're nearly there. Y'all cool?
N/A ~z~All you dogs cool?
~z~Ice cold, baby.
~z~For sure, homie.

Additional dialogue for the encounter with the wounded Grove Street member and for Sweet.

Clip Subtitle
~z~Shit, eh man, you alright?
~z~Nah, I real fucked up, man

~z~Where the OG's at - I gotta get my brother, Sweet.

~z~They were meeting in the back of the motel someplace...

~z~Alright, man. Hang in there.

~z~Fuck you cops! Fuck all y'all!
~z~What took you? Where's Smoke and Ryder?

~z~They shook on us!

~z~Li'l bro, let's hit it!
N/A ~z~It's Smoke and Ryder!

~z~Get in!
~z~Nice to see you guys again!

Loads of unused lines for the police. Mostly unvoiced.

Clip Subtitle
~z~Freeze or we will open fire!
N/A ~z~Fall back!
N/A ~z~Defensive positions!
~z~Await backup!
N/A ~z~These fucking gang bangers!
N/A ~z~Drop these ghetto bunnies!
N/A ~z~We're gonna hump your cold bodies!
N/A ~z~Take him out!
N/A ~z~Neutralize that tango!
N/A ~z~Drop that guy!
N/A ~z~Tango down!
N/A ~z~Scratch one asshole!
N/A ~z~One for a bag!
N/A ~z~Breach that door!
~z~Go Go Go!

(Used version has the door kicking sound)

N/A ~z~Clear to the left!
N/A ~z~Tango on the right!
N/A ~z~Clear to the right!
N/A ~z~Tango on the left!
N/A ~z~Room clear!
N/A ~z~Clear!
N/A ~z~Shoot out the lock!
N/A ~z~Where's that shotgun?
~z~I'm taking fire, cover me!
N/A ~z~Get those damn shields in here!
N/A ~z~Where are those shields?
N/A ~z~Shut up and get in!
N/A ~z~Mind your head.
N/A ~z~Take your last look at freedom, boys!
N/A ~z~You can't hide for ever!
N/A ~z~Might as well come out!
N/A ~z~Buzzard 1, light up the roof!
N/A ~z~Buzzard 1, tangos on the roof!
N/A ~z~We got tangos on the roof, where's that chopper?
N/A ~z~Roger, I got 'em!
N/A ~z~Wilco, team leader, I have a visual!
N/A ~z~This is Buzzard 1, I eyeball 'em!
N/A ~z~Light up these tangos!
N/A ~z~Put some light down there!
N/A ~z~Damn!
N/A ~z~We lost the searchlight!
N/A ~z~Put Charlie Team down on the roof, now!
N/A ~z~We need to get Charlie Team down there!
~z~Blue 4-door in East Los Santos headed for Ganton!
~z~Block him!
~z~Cut him up!
~z~Get in front!
N/A ~z~We got 'em like fish in a barrel!
N/A ~z~Hit that vehicle with everything you got!
N/A ~z~Mike-mike those mothers!
~z~Holy shit! Echo unit is down!
N/A ~z~This is Buzzard 1, we're coming in hot!
N/A ~z~Buzzard 1 is leaving the party, adios, boys!

Additionally these subtitles go unused. All the police lines heard while inside the motel are only seen in the briefing, except for these two. The first part of the second pair of subtitles is used when you get to the roof, the second part is not.

~z~Go! Go! Go!
~z~Get into positions!

~z~This is the Los Santos Police Department;
~z~stay where you all are!

Additional dialogue for the police chase.

Clip Subtitle
N/A ~z~Did you see that?
~z~We really in the middle of this shit tonight!
~z~My side! MY SIDE!
~z~CJ! To our right!
~z~Cover the right, Carl!
~z~We got trouble up front!
~z~They in front of us!
~z~All hell's breaking loose tonight!
~z~Guess we better lend a hand...
~z~Oh, man, my window's broke!
~z~Smoke, what are you thinking, man?
~z~Aw man, my damn window down!
~z~I got suds in my eyes!
~z~We're going around in circles!
~z~Smoke, stop going in circles!
~z~This ain't no Sunday cruise, CJ!
~z~The K's jammed!

~z~Cheap Emmet shit!

~z~CJ, we got the ghetto bird up ahead!

~z~Eh, I told you my clip is empty!

N/A ~z~What the holy f-AAAARGGH!
~z~What's that motherfucker doing?
~z~Oh, man, where'd I put my water?
~z~Smoke, you're insane!
~z~Oh man, that's nasty!
~z~Agh! I got a bit of a ear in my lap!
~z~CJ! Get it off me! Get it off me!
~z~Ah man, I ain't touchin' not shit in your lap!
~z~Hey, I can't see jack through all this fucking blood!

The Green Sabre

Cesar only appears during a cutscene and thus cannot be killed. The second objective is a slight variation of the used one which specifies that Cesar is waiting for you under the freeway.

~r~You killed Cesar!
~s~Get to where ~b~Cesar~s~ is waiting for you.

Two unused lines from Cesar's call, some extra dialogue for Sweet and a single line for the police.

Clip Subtitle
~z~This can't wait, holmes. If I tell you, you won't believe it, ese, I swear.

~z~So you gotta come and see right now

~z~I'm under the freeway northside of Verdant Bluffs.

~z~Keep it on the dl homie

~z~I told you to get the hell out of here, CJ...
~z~I wasn't going to lose another brother...
~z~Man, I was wrong, Carl. You ain't no buster.
N/A ~z~Ha ha! Yeah, you know it!
N/A ~z~Little slick ass nigga!
N/A ~z~That's right.
~z~Don't move a fucking muscle!

Additional lines for the outro cutscene. Carl does say the last one during it, but the subtitle for it isn't used.

~z~Wake up, boy.
~z~Carl. Hey Carl.
~z~What's going on?

~z~We want you to do a little favor for us, Carl.
~z~Yeah, an eye for an eye, and all that.

~z~Sounds like your wife.
~z~Come here.

~z~Damn, man. Take it easy!