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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

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Title Screen

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

Developer: Rockstar Leeds
Publishers: Rockstar Games (US/EU/AU/KR), Capcom (JP)
Platforms: PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 2
Released in JP: December 6, 2007
Released in US: October 31, 2006 (PlayStation Portable), March 5, 2007 (PlayStation 2)
Released in EU: November 3, 2006 (PlayStation Portable), March 9, 2007 (PlayStation 2)
Released in AU: November 10, 2006 (PlayStation Portable), March 9, 2007 (PlayStation 2)
Released in KR: February 28, 2007

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
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SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories is the prequel to Vice City taking place in 1984 and starring Vic Vance, the brother of Lance Vance. Also, Phil Collins makes a cameo.


Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Unused Mission-Related Content
A large amount of unheard dialogue, from major to mundane.
Unused Sounds
Other unheard sounds of the city.
Debug Menu

Unused Vehicles

Coastguard Maverick

The Coastguard Maverick appears to have been cut again, as the same remnants from Vice City are present.

FBI Rancher

GTA-VCS FBIRancher.png
Vehicle 268, an FBI variant of the Rancher. Seems to have been cut very late, as all coding needed to be driven still exists. It can be spawned by the debug menu or trainers.

Slide Door Police Maverick

GTA-VCS VCPD Maverick.png
Vehicle 279, a Police Maverick with slide doors goes unused. It can be spawned with the debug menu or trainers and has Vice City's green and white color scheme.

VCN Maverick

GTA-VCS VCN Maverick.png
Vehicle 260, the VCN Maverick as seen in the original Vice City. It can be driven perfectly when spawned with the debug menu or trainer.


The Kuruma from Liberty City Stories was to return, but was cut. All that remains is the name in the files.

(Source: Grand Theft Wiki)


Mentioned in the official BradyGames strategy guide, but with the incorrect screenshot. Only the name seems to exist in the final game.

Unused Weapons

Land Mines


An unused and fully-functioning weapon, which can be accessed via trainers.


A phone that has no use when equipped, which may have been replaced with the pager. Ironically, the icon resembles more of a newer phone model that matches up with the earlier Liberty City Stories weapon icons.

Tear Gas

Like most games in the Grand Theft Auto series, Tear Gas is not available normally, but is fully functional. Interestingly, the model and texture is completely different from the other games!

(Source: Grand Theft Wiki)

Other Weapons

In addition to the above-mentioned Tear Gas and Land Mine, the weapon table in GAME.DTZ contains entries for the screwdriver, hammer and cleaver, most likely as leftovers from the original Vice City. Along with them is also an entry for a seamine; judging by the unused audio for the mission The Colonel's Coke it might have been intended as an obstacle for that mission.

weapon dwType iFire
dwPadding vFire
1134784 0 30 250 100 1000 45 -1 0.5 -1 -1 $AAAAAAAA 0 0.7 0.2
HAMMER 1056960 0 30 450 100 1000 21 -1 0.8 -1 -1 $AAAAAAAA 0.1 0.8 0.3
CLEAVER 1134784 0 30 250 100 1000 24 -1 0.6 -1 -1 $AAAAAAAA 0 0.9 0.2
LANDMINE 9252 2 30 100 1 1 75 0.25 -1 800 1 $AAAAAAAA 0 0 0
SEAMINE 9252 2 30 100 1 1 75 0.25 -1 800 1 $AAAAAAAA 0 0 0
TEARGAS 9252 2 30 100 1 1 75 0.25 -1 800 1 $AAAAAAAA 0 0 0
weapon dw
_f44 vTime
dwFlags dwPadding
$0 8 $3E2AAAAB 3.3 0.467 0.1 0.567 0.367 3.3 $14C $FFFFFFFF 1 $AAAAAAAA
HAMMER $0 10 $3E2AAAAB 0.667 0.467 0.1 0.567 0.533 3.3 $151 $FFFFFFFF 1 $AAAAAAAA
CLEAVER $0 9 $3E2AAAAB 3.3 0.467 0.1 0.567 0.367 3.3 $152 $FFFFFFFF 1 $AAAAAAAA
LANDMINE $0 22 $0 3.3 0.333 0 3.3 0.2 3.3 $170 $FFFFFFFF 2 $AAAAAAAA
SEAMINE $0 22 $0 3.3 0.333 0 3.3 0.2 3.3 $171 $FFFFFFFF 2 $AAAAAAAA
TEARGAS $0 22 $0 3.3 0.333 0 3.3 0.2 3.3 $157 $FFFFFFFF 2 $AAAAAAAA

Unused Pickups

The adrenaline and camera pickups are both present here, neither of which are used. The texture for the adrenaline isn't mapped properly and the camera pickup doesn't have any textures present.

Unused Graphics

HUD Icons

HUD icons for a phone, a property and a clothing store, none of which are used.

Earlier Textures

Early textures for Blista Compact can be found in the PlayStation 2 version.

As seen in some trailers, Louise originally had black hair. The aerobics model of her still has the early version present, the only difference being the head.

Early Used
VCS Early Louise.png VCS Final Louise.png

The texture sheets for Vic (where his arms are exposed) feature a tattoo, which is never seen in-game.

VCS Vic Tattoo.png

The PSP version contains an early model for Vic, looking more like his appearance in the original Vice City, which was seen in early screenshots. He is also wearing a USMC uniform and some of the textures are named cs_vic_marine.

To do:
Replace with the model.
Early Used
VCS Vic Marine (1).png VCS Vic Army (1).png
VCS Vic Marine (2).png VCS Vic Army (2).png
VCS Vic Marine (3).png VCS Vic Army (3).png

Here is what he would have looked like in-game

SPLASH4-10.XTX are unused splash screens, which are just lower quality copies of the loading screens, two of which seem to be early versions. The one featuring Diego Mendez has a different skyline in the background and Diaz's face was touched up a bit.

Early Used
VCS Splash9.png VCS Loadsc4.png
VCS Splash10.png VCS Loadsc5.png

Textures for Toni, the protagonist of Liberty City Stories are left over in the PSP version as well.

Placeholder Textures

A lonely test texture is repeated multiple times.


Three sets of placeholder textures are present in the PSP version. Frankie, Janet and Mary-Jo are all minor characters in the game. Similar textures were in Liberty City Stories as well.

Unused Save Icon

Depending on which island the game is saved on the game uses one of two icons. Since there are only two islands, this third icon goes unused.

GTA-VCS safe3.png

Cut Characters

There are strings of text showing that Leo Teal would return from GTA: Vice City. He also has five missions mentioned in the game's files.

 CH_LANC: Lance Vance
 CH_LEOT: Leo Teal
 CH_LOUI: Louise Williams

Several multiplayer characters from the PSP version appear to have been cut as well.

MPC_018: Paramedic - Lose this one
MPC_022: Gloria - Lose this one
MPC_023: Woman - Lose this one
MPC_024: Bloke 1 - Lose this one
MPC_025: Bloke 2 - Lose this one
MPC_026: Woman - Lose this one
MPC_027: Woman - Lose this one
MPC_028: Bloke 3 - Lose this one
MPC_029: Bloke 4 - Lose this one
MPC_033: Beach guy - Lose this one
MPC_034: Woman - Lose this one
MPC_040: Worker - Lose this one
MPC_041: Cabbie - Lose this one
MPC_042: Construction guy - Lose this one
MPC_047: Bloke 5 - Lose this one
MPC_050: Bloke 6 - Lose this one?
MPC_052: Beach guy - Lose this one
MPC_055: Bloke 7 - Lose this one
MPC_065: Old Guy - Lose this one
MPC_067: Woman - Lose this one
MPC_069: Bloke 8 - Lose this one
MPC_074: Construction dude - Lose this one
MPC_075: Golf woman - Lose this one
MPC_076: Golfer - Lose this one
MPC_079: Woman - Lose this one
MPC_081: Bloke 9 - Lose this one
MPC_083: Woman bum - Lose this one
MPC_084: Old bum - Lose this one
MPC_086: Bloke 10 - Lose this one
MPC_111: Golfer - Lose this one
MPC_112: Golfer - Lose this one
MPC_129: Buger Bar - Lose this one?
MPC_136: Cameraman - Lose this one

Unused Text

Placeholder radio station.


Stats for Hidden Packages, which were replaced by 99 Red Balloons in this game.

Hidden Packages collected

Apparently you were meant to be able to take screenshots in the PSP version of the game, no such feature seems to exist though.

Do you want so save this screenshot to your Memory Stick
? Press ~X~ to save or press ~O~ to go back to the game.
There is no Memory Stick
 in your PSP. If you want to save this screenshot, insert a Memory Stick
 and then press ~X~ to save or press ~O~ to go back to the game.
Your Memory Stick
 does not have enough disk space. If you want to save this screenshot, insert a Memory Stick
 with sufficient disk space and then press ~X~ to save or press ~O~ to go back to the game.
Please wait... Saving... Do not remove your Memory Stick
 or go into suspend mode until saving is finished.
Saving successful! The screenshots are stored on the Memory Stick
 in folder PSP/SAVEDATA/ULUX80212_SCREENSHOTS. Press ~X~ to go back to the game.
An error occured while saving. Have you removed the Memory Stick
 or did you go into suspend mode? If you want to try again press ~X~ to save or press ~O~ to go 
back to the game.

This message is simply never displayed.

You have as much ammo for this as you can carry!

An additional pager message from Phil, possibly after Where It Hurts the Most. Oddly, this text was stored away from the mission related text, where the other pager text was stored.

Phil: Thanks for looking after Louise, man. I appreciate it. Any time I can help - just call...

Regional Differences

Japanese Version Differences

  • The menu in the Japanese version uses different wording for its options and the word "Map" uses the same font as in Liberty City Stories. Additionally, subtitles are turned on by default in the Japanese version.
GTA VCS US Menu.png GTA VCS JP Menu.png
  • Damage taken was reduced in the Japanese version, demonstrated below. Additionally, attacking and targeting downed enemies is disabled.
  • The Mac-10 rampage near the Downtown Ammu-Nation was moved further north in the Japanese version.
GTA-VCS MacRampageUS.png
GTA-VCS MacRampageUS Map.png
GTA-VCS MacRampageJP.png
GTA-VCS MacRampageJP Map.png
  • The gang members that are spawned by the rampage on the rooftop near the junkyard use baseball bats and pistols in the international versions, while in the Japanese versions their bats were replaced by machine guns.
  • Analog sensitivity was increased in the Japanese version.
  • The Japanese version applies a three star wanted level instead of a two star one in the missions Jive Drive (after taking out the attacking Cholos) and Purple Haze (after taking out the drug thieves and retrieving the van).
  • In the mission Burning Bridges your weapons are taken away and placed nearby, but presumably due to a bug, any weapon in the assault rifle slot or above is lost. This was fixed in the Japanese version as well as the PS2 port.

Other Differences

  • Like with other 3D Universe Grand Theft Auto games, blood was removed in the German version.
  • The song "Sex (I'm A...)" by Berlin (played on Wave 103, along with its related DJ banter) is only present in the US release of the game for unknown reasons.
(Source: Grand Theft Wiki)

Version Differences

To do:
More in-depth info would help with picture comparisons.

When ported over to the PlayStation 2, several minor changes and new features were added.

  • The resolution was increased and texture quality and draw distance improved.
  • A Trails option was added.
  • Multiplayer content was removed.
  • Six new side missions were added. Caddy Daddy, Crims on Water Wings, Hyman Memorial O.D.T., Playground on the Park, Playground on the Dock and Rush!.
  • Five new rampages were added. Additionally, the Mac-10 rampage is found in the same place as in the Japanese PSP version.
  • Five new Unique Stunt Jumps were added. Some used ramps which were previously only used as decoration, while others required some changes to the map.
  • "Seagulls Sniped" was added to the stats.
  • A new Easter egg was added to the VCN building and several returning ones were altered.
  • Several sound effects were changed, including ones for the stubby shotgun, rocket launcher and grenades. The sound of some aircrafts and bikes were also made higher pitch.
  • Planes are less durable and explode upon impact.
  • The Air Ambulance now has a radio.
  • The sniper scope was changed from pink to green.
  • The garbage and leaves floating around the city are much more visible.
  • The Wintergreen received a different windshield.
  • The "Hired Muscle" outfit now includes gloves on the in-game model as well. In the PSP version they were only visible on the cutscene model, most likely due to an oversight.
  • In Soldier, the hitmen do no damage to you.
  • In Home's on the Range, Jesús' clothing was changed.
  • In Domo Arigato, Domestoboto, the gun Armando fires at Domestobot was changed from the pistol to the Equalizer.