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Grand Theft Auto III (Windows, PlayStation 2)

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Title Screen

Grand Theft Auto III

Developers: DMA Design, Rockstar North
Publishers: Rockstar Games, Capcom (JP)
Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 2
Released in JP: September 25, 2003
Released in US: October 22, 2001,
May 20, 2002 (Windows)
Released in EU: October 26, 2001,
May 24, 2002 (Windows)

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
MinigameIcon.png This game has unused modes / minigames.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
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RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

Grand Theft Auto III is the entry which really threw GTA into mainstream media, laying down the foundations for the rest of the series as well as defining the wicked sense of humor that would enrage lawyers for years to come.

To do:
C'mon, guys, there's a lot more than what's been posted so far, like the screens in the TXD folder. Prerelease stuff and changes made to the mobile release, such as the scrapped multiplayer maps. this is a good place to start
To do:
Changes between US and European versions of GTA 3. Source

Unused Models

To do:
Get a better picture of the radar dome. Also, get the internal name of the dome and upload the sloppily-done SSV map from GTA III guide.

There are some models in the game which are never used.

Radar Dome

This game has been cracked :p

A rather unfinished radar dome with its top being egg-shaped. Likely meant to be placed between the runways of Francis International, as the Shoreside Vale map from GTA III strategy guide suggests.

Lion Statue

GTAIII-lionstatue render.png

A very menacing statue of a lion, internally named "iten_chinatown38". Early in development, two of these were placed on a small plot of grass that once occupied the area now taken by the Punk Noodles shop in the final.

The statues, as seen in an early screenshot.


The Buggy, shown here from both angles.

A cut vehicle! The long-lost cousin of the BF Injection, with only the mesh and collision model being left over on the PS2 disc, as well as one lone text entry that confirms its name. Luckily, the textures for it are also used by the school bus wreck.

Seems to have been cut early on, as it lacks a proper body texture with a gradient (like other cars) and has damaged parts that are merely duplicates of the normal body pieces. It also uses more than one LOD (unfinished as well), which is unusual.

Camera Pickup

GTAIII-camerapickup render.png

An icon depicting a camera. Code hidden within the mobile version of the game has spawn points for it, but only the PS2 version has fully functional programming. It may have been an earlier implementation of the stunt camera, as it basically does the same thing. The icon itself didn't go to waste, though, as it was later reused in GTA: San Andreas as a snapshot indicator.


GTAIII-mine render.png

A mysterious mine. It's unclear what its original purpose was, as its model isn't found in the same file as the weapons are and it makes no appearance in any prerelease media. This model popped up consistently in every 3D-era game up until Vice City Stories, where it finally made a small cameo as a cut weapon.

Old... Heads?

GTAIII-peds render.png

Only present in the PC version's files is a peculiar model named peds.dff, which contains several unused head meshes for the various pedestrians roaming throughout the game. These seem to be very old, as they're modeled in a much more cartoony style (reminiscent of early screenshots) and appear to match up with pedestrians that have since received major design overhauls before release.


The band that didn't make it to the final.

Several street musicians that seem to be carrying pan flutes, guitars, drums, and saxophones, respectively. There's still commented-out code that lists them as pedestrians, though where they would spawn exactly and whether they were going to actually play music is a complete mystery.


He did it!

A butler which was meant to be used once in a cutscene for a mission Waka-Gashira Wipeout!. This is proven by the leaked SCM source code:

A curious image of the butler, which can still be seen on the official website.


GTAIII-col3 render.png

A fashionable Colombian man, equipped with an uzi and a bright red ascot. His brothers col1 and col2 are still used in cutscenes. The red tip on his uzi is from an old design and shows that he may have been cut a little earlier on than some of the other models in this section.



A worried-looking cop. Considering his model and texture are present in the same area of the game's archives as most unique characters, it's possible that he may have been used in a mission. His texture is also named "copcut", which implies that he was used in a cutscene at some point. He would've made a great fit for the intro, where the same generic officer model is used twice.


The cut character Darkel.

Darkel was a revolutionary vagrant who led a gang of similarly-violent bums, and had an eye towards destroying the city's economy via acts of terrorism. He was deleted from the game because his missions just weren't as good as any of the other characters. One of his known missions was going to be "I Scream, You Scream", but this was moved to being given by El Burro in the final version.

Darkel's character model is still present in the game data, and interestingly his actor (Bill Fiore) is still listed in the credits.

(Source: Rockstar Games)

Mafia Goon

GTAIII-goon render.png

A man with a uniquely rough face and an equally unique blue suit. It's unclear what he was used for, but him being clumped up with mission-critical characters and his texture being named "mafia_goon" seems to be pretty telling.



German DJ Tom Novy was originally intended to appear in the game, along with his song Back To The Streets. For some unknown reason, both were removed from the game, although Novy's model remains in the game data. He has an LOD model (PC only), as depicted in the image to the right, so presumably his appearance would not have been limited to a cutscene.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Earlier Player Design

Although not unused, "playerx" is the player model used for the intro with the bank robbery, and appears to be based on an earlier design of Claude seen in screenshots from around E3. The most notable difference is the head which has more of a babyish face, with lower cheeks and much smoother skin.

player playerx
GTAIII-player render(bust).png GTAIII-playerx render(bust).png

The pants have more ripples in the fabric, as well as button holes. Interestingly, the soles of the shoes have a unique texture which isn't present on the finished model.

player playerx
GTAIII-player render(legs).png GTAIII-playerx render(legs).png

The look of the texture itself is very indicative of its date. Though the jacket is identical, the style of everything else is simpler, softer, and uses brighter colors than what we see in the final product. This is something that still remains in many pedestrians in-game, which goes to show how close to the deadline the change really was.

player playerx
GTAIII-tex-playa5nu.png GTAIII-tex-playa5.png

Unused Animations

There's a surprising amount of animation left over from various stages of development.


GTAIII-anim-idle cam.gif

An animation of someone who appears to be using a camcorder to look around. Possibly a cut pedestrian?


GTAIII-anim-idle drink.gif

Someone taking a drink, then wiping their mouth. Can only be found in the PS2 version's files.

TURN_180, TwistCCW, TwistCW

Simple turning animations, reminiscent of Grand Theft Auto IV. It's unclear as to whether they were meant for special situations or normal gameplay.

Vice City Leftovers

Also hidden away within the files are several animations with the prefix "skin_". which are several of GTA III's current animations (plus one new pose) adapted to work with skeletal animation, using bone names nearly identical to that of Vice City. The fact that the idling stance used here is near identical to Tommy's is no coincidence, as it was originally developed as an expansion pack to III. Although there are no leftovers as far as character models are concerned, any Vice City model can be used to view the animationsː

First-Person Shooter Mode

According to leftover data, first-person was once going to extend beyond a simple crosshair and into a fully-fledged mode with animations and all! Apparently the feature didn't make it very far, as not all of the necessary animations were completed, and comments in the weapon stats file indicates that it was only in the testing stages before getting axed:

###### NOT USED IN THIS VERSION ##############
#	X:	1st person version of anim (using orig HGUN & PUMP cause they work better at mo')
#	Y:	1st person vers of 2nd anim
#	FPS anims loaded (ie available):	FPS_PUNCH, FPS_BAT, FPS_UZI, FPS_PUMP, FPS_AK, FPS_M16, FPS_ROCKET

Implementing this feature wasn't tried again until Grand Theft Auto V, and only for the next-gen versions as not even the 7th-Generation consoles could handle it. Ouch. Fortunately, the PC version still has all of the animations made up until then, so we can witness them in all of their glory:

For more viewing pleasure, there are some videos of these animations being played IN first-person:

Interestingly, the animation for the rocket launcher uses bones much in the same way as the skeletal animations above doː

This, along with the fact that all of these leftovers can only be found within the Windows version of the game, suggests that FPS mode was a concept meant for the prequel instead.

Unused Text

Can the Real Claude Please Stand Up?


The very first string found within the game's text file. This could be a reference to Claude Speed, who was the protagonist in Grand Theft Auto 2, and if so, they likely intended to give the player character in this game, who is normally nameless, the same identity. In San Andreas, it is indeed confirmed that Claude is the GTA3 player character's name.

Debug Text

Debug:- Cam Choice1. No Locking, used as game default
Debug:- Cam Choice2. Reaction Cam On A String. Uses Locking Button LeftShoulder 1.
Debug:- Cam Choice3. Game ReactionCam with Locking
Debug:- Cam Choice4. Chris's idea. Also control the camera using the right analogue stick.

Just some debugging text for the camera, along with what seems to be an in-joke about Rockstar's longtime art director Aaron Garbut. Given the context, "Chris" is most likely Chris Rothwell, one of the game's designers.


Get outta here! You're perfectly healthy.
Healthcare costs.
I'll just fix you up.
That will be $250.

Either these appeared when you were killed and are reviving at the hospital, or you had to enter the hospital itself to get healed (reminiscent of Grand Theft Auto IV via Emergency Services), instead of health icons being there for you to collect.


You are already on a mission!

When you accept a mission, all blue markers will disappear preventing you from starting other missions. Therefore, this is never used.


It seems like the missions were originally called odd jobs.

Oh shoot!


It was most likely used when you're being crushed inside the car by the crusher at Harwood Junkyard, since the game tells you to get out of the car before the car being crushed, this goes completely unused. If you try to do this using Airbreak into the car crusher, the game will still say "Wasted!".



A placeholder name for unusable Airtrains, found among the vehicle names.


Another placeholder name for the police helicopter.


The aforementioned cut vehicle.

Radio Range

The ambulance radio is out of range, get closer to a hospital!
The police radio is out of range, get closer to a police station!
The fire truck radio is out of range, get closer to a fire station!

Apparently, the radio could go out of range at some point of development. These messages are still programmed to appear in the game, but it only happens when all three islands fail to load, which is impossible under normal conditions.


FEM_MAP - "Select Map"
FEN_CON - "Connection"
FEN_GAM - "Find Game"
FEN_GNA - "Game Name:"
FEN_NAM - "Name:"
FEN_NET - "Network"
FEN_PLA - "Number of players:"
FEN_PLC - "Player color"
FEN_PLS - "Player settings"
FEN_TY0 - "Deathmatch"
FEN_TY1 - "Deathmatch stealth"
FEN_TY2 - "Team Deathmatch"
FEN_TY3 - "Team Deathmatch stealth"
FEN_TY4 - "Stash the cash"
FEN_TY5 - "Capture the Flag"
FEN_TY6 - "Rat Race"
FEN_TY7 - "Domination"

A large chunk of text proving that multiplayer was planned for GTA3. According to Rockstar, it was cut early on in favor of developing Vice City instead. These can be found in the american.gxt.

(Source: Rockstar Games)

Sick What?

Sick fuck
Sick fucker
Sick fuck selected
Sick fucker selected

No idea. Possible remnants of a debug menu or multiplayer character selection.

Come Again

~g~Luigi's interviewing some new girls -Come back later!
~g~Joey's out on the town with Misty -Drop by later!
~g~Toni's taken his Momma to the opera -Call in some other time!
~g~Maria and Kemuri are all tied up at the moment -Drop by later!
~g~Kenji is attending a Yakuza meeting -Call by some other time!
~g~Ray has other toilets to hang around -Try again later!
~g~Donald Love has other business to attend to -Make an appointment later!
~g~Kenji is busy! -Call by later!
~g~The Hoods are not available at this time!
~g~Come back between 05:00 and 21:00 for a job
~g~Come back between 06:00 and 14:00 for a job
~g~Come back between 15:00 and 00:00 for a job

These strings suggest that various characters only offered their jobs at certain times. Also, Kemuri was most likely an early name for Asuka and for some reason Kenji is mentioned twice.

(Source: Sheeza)

What Did You Call Me?

Come on you dumb bitch!

Would have most likely been said by Catalina during The Exchange.



An odd one, as it's written in all-caps unlike most of the other text. It may have been intended for the intro, where it would have fit nicely.

No Man Left Unskinned


Undoubtedly meant to appear in the Player Setup menu added in the PC version when there were no skins in the skins folder, except the game always has the Default player skin on the list, making this impossible to see.


Can't save the game. You're in a car

Presumably meant to appear if you somehow managed to enter a safehouse with a vehicle. However, vehicles are too wide to fit in Safehouse doors, as motorcycles had not been introduced yet. Even more strangely, if one DOES manage to enter a safehouse with a vehicle, the save menu doesn't show up. Perhaps the player could save the game through the pause menu.

Saving Elsewhere

Can save only at hideout.

Unknown where this would appear.

Ammunation Greetings

I got all your home defence needs.
You want a license too?
I don't need to see any I.D. you look trustworthy.

These lines are used when entering any Ammunation shop, yet these subtitles for the lines are not.

Cut Briefings


This line is present seven times in american.gxt alongside subtitles for mission cutscenes for Marty Chonks (three different times) and D-Ice, implying that they would have more lines of dialog. This line also appears in USJI1, USJI2, and USJI3.


I was so scared, but then I thought to myself, you're a big girl now. Oh we're going to have such fun, cause, you know, my sister said she wanted to come to stay with her two kids, because her husband's playing around again and.. XXXX

This text resides in american.gxt, attached to the ending text from Maria on the Cochrane Dam, suggesting she was to be even more of a hastle, before the protagonist would shut her up.


Blue Police Cars

As everyone knows, cop cars were originally intended to be blue, but were changed to black very late in the game's development. Nevertheless, police cars in the intro sequence are still set to be blue, but since these cars ignore color settings this goes unseen, and no texture of a blue police car remains in the game.

Note that Enforcers are set to use the black color in the intro, not blue like police cars.

Flyable Helicopters

Even though there are no flyable helicopters in the game, some partial coding for them remains in the game's executable. This might mean that they were supposed to appear in GTA III after all, but were cut for unknown reasons. It should be noted that most of the buildings in the game don't have a solid roof (or even a roof at all), so the city was definitely not meant to be seen from above, even though a semi-flyable plane (Dodo) remains in the game.

A mod was made that's based on the leftover code and restores helis to the game. According to the mod's author, the helis were supposed to fly much slower than in the game's sequel, Vice City.

Apparently there are some bike code leftovers too, but not nearly enough to restore them to the game.

Debug Menu

R4GN0R0K found a fully working Debug SCM in the mobile port, and made it usable for the Windows version as well. SILENT_Pavel found some Debug functions like a car spawner in the PS2 version.

Cut Song

A song called "Wash Him Off" by the fictional band Marydancin didn't make it into the game in its entirety. The song is only previewed for a few seconds in one of the advertisements on Lips 106. The same advertisement also features a clip from "Rush Rush" which plays on a different station, Flashback FM. The song was eventually released by Rockstar on iTunes as part of the Lips 106 Soundtrack album.

You can listen to the song here. The advertisement can be heard at the beginning of this video.

Unused HUD Icon

This Police Car can be found in the hud.txd file, next to the other Minimap Icons. Perhaps it was planned to display Police Cars on the Minimap?

Present in menu.txd, and was certainly meant to be used in multiplayer, as it claims to be powered by the defunct Gamespy multiplayer service.

Multiplayer Menu Backgrounds

Also in menu.txd are three menu backgrounds that are unused with names referencing multiplayer. Also worth noting is that the menu background used in the Player Setup menu is internally referred to as 'findgame24'.

Early Loading Screen

There is an early version of the PC loading screen that looks almost identical to the PS2 loading screen, except the copyright date says 2002 instead of 2001.

Revision and Platform Changes

To do:
Cover Xbox version's graphics (and sound when ripping becomes possible), cover mobile stuff more.


Catalina's head got three different designs over the course of the game's various releases and updates. On the PS2 versions her face is more rigid, and her hair is tightly brushed back, with a smaller pony tail.

PS2 (cutscene)

In some early versions her in-game model even has a different texture, though this may have been considered a non-issue by the game's developers, as it can only be seen briefly in "The Exchange".

PS2 (in-game, early)

On the PC, Xbox, and mobile versions her face is more relaxed, she has a bigger pony tail, and she has bangs hanging to the side. The old PS2 model is still used in-game on the PC, however.

PC/Xbox/Mobile (cutscene)


The first release (v1.40) of the PS2 European version has an extra line for Catalina during the cutscene for "The Exchange", where she says, "Throw over the cash, and you can have this overused puta backǃ" In addition, there is an echo filter that was also removed from all other versions of the game.

EU V.1.40 EU V.1.60/Other

The PS2 versions have altered cutscene audio for "Bomb Da Baseː Act I", where the introduction with Salvatore speaking about the war with the Triads was cut.

PS2 PC/Xbox/Mobile
The Cartel has got bottomless funds from pushing that SPANK crap.
We should take these Colombian bastards out, but while we're at war with the Triads, we ain't strong enough. The Cartel...

Oddly, the briefing for "Under Surveillance" is completely different between the PS2 and every other version of the game. On the PS2, it's Leone gangsters that are spying. In every other version it's the FBI, which doesn't match the character models used, or even the subtitles!

PS2 PC/Xbox/Mobile
My police source indicates that the mafia are watching our interest around the city in a bid to track you down. We cannot continue our operations until they're dealt with. Take out these spying fools and end this vendetta once and for all!
My police source indicates that the FBI has mounted a surveillance operation at key locations around the city. It is too late to contact anyone and avoid incrimination. Take out these spying cops, but be careful, they're bound to have backup.

The PS2 versions of the game have different police scanner audio, with more clarity compared to the muffled sound they gained on other platform releases.

PS2 PC/Xbox/Mobile


There are quite a few design changes present in the HUD between in the PS2 and PC versions of the game. On the PS2 the weapon icons are a completely different color, a very desaturated shade of yellow as opposed to the PC's vibrant tone. Some textures look completely different, and many of the other icons on the PS2 have a unique faded look to them.

PS2 PC/Xbox
GTAIII-tex-fist(ps2).png GTAIII-tex-fist(pc).png
GTAIII-tex-radar save(ps2).png GTAIII-tex-radar save(pc).png
GTAIII-tex-radar bomb(ps2).png GTAIII-tex-radar bomb(pc).png
GTAIII-tex-radar weapon(ps2).png GTAIII-tex-radar weapon(pc).png
GTAIII-tex-site m16(ps2).png
GTAIII-tex-site m16(pc).png

In addition, the 10th anniversary mobile releases retain the PC's design changes, and introduces some of their own. For starters, every weapon icon was redrawn in 128x128, using more of a "brassy" shade of yellow.

PC/Xbox Mobile
GTAIII-tex-fist(pc).png GTAIII-tex-fist(mobile).png

The sniper scope was changed slightly when it was redrawn, and the pager is completely different.

PC/Xbox/PS2 Mobile
GTAIII-tex-site sniper(pc).png GTAIII-tex-site sniper(mobile).png
GTAIII-tex-pager(pc).png GTAIII-tex-pager(mobile).png

Splash Changes

In the PC version it’s a mash up of art in a tent of blue but in the mobile version it’s changed to a tent of white and uses a different mash up of art.

PC Mobile
Splash1.png SPLASH1.PNG

Double Clef FM

To do:
Is it also removed from the Xbox and mobile versions?

The PC version removed one song which was present in the PlayStation 2 version, "O mio babbino caro".

Early "Luigi's Girls"

The iOS port of the game contained mission source files, one of which seems to be an earlier version of Luigi‘s Girls. In issue 93 (July 2001) of HYPER magazine, Leslie Benzies mentioned that "...the first [mission] could be looked upon as a training one. This inaugural mission involves Luigi, pimp and owner of a seedy strip club called Sex Club Heaven, getting you to pick up two "ladies of the night", one from a shop and the other from a clinic. Pick up the girls and return them to Luigi, who rewards you handsomely." and that it was "...for you to familiarize yourself with game controls and city layout.", though this version of the mission doesn't have any kind of tutorial implemented. The mission doesn't seem to have a proper motion captured cutscene or any voice acting yet. The objective is also different, telling you to not only pick up Misty from the hospital as you do in the final mission but a second girl named Trixie from "Reverend Flannery's" as well. As the source file is from a much earlier point in development, Misty's coordinates do not match up with the location of the hospital in the final game. Trixie is set to spawn near Saint Mark's Bistro and uses one of the generic pedestrian models. After delivering both girls back to Luigi's, the mission is passed and you are rewarded $1500 as in the final (though this text isn't displayed properly). Additionally, no mission passed music cue is present yet.


  • The PS2 versions of the game lack the ability to shoot off people's limbs, but it can be reactivated with a button code (Square, L1, Circle, Down, L1, R1, Triangle, Right, L1, X - the only such code that doesn't give a confirmation sound when entered). The PC versions have this feature enabled by default, but there still is a cheat code (NASTYLIMBSCHEAT) that's been stubbed out and does nothing.
  • Earlier version of the game in US and both versions in Europe on PS2 still have DMA Design as the developer before their transition to Rockstar North. This can be seen in the game's loading screens and the intro videos, which also contain a logo for the RenderWare engine and an earlier credits sequence with blue cop cars.
  • The European V1.40 version of the game contains flight data for the NPC Dodo that is completely different from any other version of the game. In general, it flies lower and goes to more points on the map.
  • In the European V1.40 version of the game, the goons who attack you in the parking lot in the mission "Kingdom Come" are called suicide bombers, whereas they're called madmen in every other version.
  • The mission "Waka-Gashira Wipeoutǃ" plays differently on PS2 versions of the game. Instead of Uzis the Yakuza guards are armed with M16s, making the mission much more difficult to complete.
  • Although completely unused, the PC version has extra branding on its loading screens which is absent from the PS2 releases:
GTAIII-tex-loadsc1(ps2).png GTAIII-tex-loadsc1(pc).png

Regional Differences

The German version had several edits made in order to get a USK 16 rating (although some releases still have a USK 18 rating):

  • The removal of all blood.
  • The removal of all the rampage missions.
  • The player can't hit people lying on the ground with a baseball bat nor unarmed, and instead will just wave the bat/punch in the air.
  • Headshots and amputations were removed, although the affected character(s) still limp after being shot.
  • Killed characters never drop any cash.
(Source: Schnittberichte)

On the PS2 version, these changes can be deactivated by setting both the in-game language and the console's language to English.

Somewhat famously, the Australian version was altered post-release to remove the ability to hire Prostitutes for a health boost.