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Grand Theft Auto IV (PlayStation 3, Windows)/Unused Mission Content

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This is a sub-page of Grand Theft Auto IV (PlayStation 3, Windows).

Any dialogue marked in blue means it is used but has been added to the page for consistency.

The Cousins Bellic

There is an unused objective that tells the player to drive to the food vendor. This was possibly scrapped in favor of introducing it once you walk out of your safehouse.

Drive to the food vendor.

It's Your Call

This mission has very little interest in unused content. There are a few strings that are never shown or replaced by a different string instead.

The phone tutorial was a bit more "naggy" than usual.

At the end of a call the phone is automatically put away.

Press INPUT_PHONE_ACCEPT to enter the Menu.

Your phone is ringing.

Press INPUT_PHONE_CANCEL to hang up during a phone call.

Select Options and press INPUT_PHONE_ACCEPT .

Press INPUT_PHONE_ACCEPT to call Roman.

Same with the vehicle tutorial, but with less strings.

Hold INPUT_VEH_LOOK_BEHIND to look behind. Releasing INPUT_VEH_LOOK_BEHIND resets the camera to its default position.

When in a car press INPUT_VEH_LOOK_LEFT to look left or INPUT_VEH_LOOK_RIGHT to look right.

Press INPUT_VEH_LOOK_LEFT and INPUT_VEH_LOOK_RIGHT simultaneously to look behind.

There are a few extra strings that tell you to evade the loan sharks. Also, there is a string if you blocked the entrance of the gambling den. If you do block the entrance, the generic "loan sharks have been spooked" line displayed and you fail the mission.

Do not attack the loan sharks.

Evade the loan sharks.

The entrance to the gambling den was blocked.

Here come the loan sharks.

Lose the loan sharks and take Roman back to the cab depot.

For some reason, there are strings when the player either passes or fails the mission. These may have been used for debugging purposes.

Mission Passed.

Mission Failed.

Bull in a China Shop

According to the unused objectives, Niko was supposed to go inside the shop and destroy the vases, then beat up the shop owner's son. The audio files describe this mission a bit differently than the objectives do. An interestng fact; the interior of the shop is mostly solid (a wall in the back lacks collision) and every item is breakable. This may mean that the original plot of this mission was cut late into development.

Once the mission starts, Niko complements the shop. The shop owner then mentions Vlad. This makes no sense since Niko never mentioned Vlad. He has two more unused responses to the owner until he starts to smash the vases in the shop.

Character Audio Subtitles
Hello. You got some nice stuff in here.
Shop Owner
Big Vlad and his protection money, I so scared. What I need protection from?
From people like me.
Seems careless to not be paying Vlad his protection money.

Press INPUT_NEXT_WEAPON cycle through available weapons. Equip your baseball bat.

Smash the vases.

Press and hold INPUT_AIM to target the vases.

Use INPUT_AIM and PAD_RSTICK_ALL to target the vases.

These lines are unused responses for the owner while he watches Niko smash up his shop.

Character Audio Subtitles
Shop Owner
Stupid man, you wasting your time!
I don't give no shit about you Russians!
Smash! Smash! Smash! You boring me.
Your arm starting to hurt already? I get tired just watching you.
Big man with a big bat, I so impressed!
Okay, this not so funny no more!

This is when the shop owner gives Niko the money.

Get the money from the owner.

Get the cash from the owner.

Collect the money and take it back to Vlad.

These lines may have been used if Niko continued to smash his shop, or maybe when he beats up him or his son.

Character Audio Subtitles
Shop Owner
What are you doing? I pay you already!
I thought you were protecting me now!
I paid you all money I had. There's no more!

Once Niko meets up with Vlad, Vlad berates Niko. He then gives Niko a bottle of Vodka to give to the shop owner as an apology.

Character Audio Subtitles
What are you doing, hurting my friends, Yokel? You trying to make me mad?
I did what you said! I got your money.
You're deaf as well as stupid. That's good to know, Yokel. I said scare him, don't hurt him.
That means don't fucking hurt him, alright? Hear me now?!
I can smell you, too!
Take this bottle of Cherenkov. Say you're sorry and you won't do it again.

Get to the owner.

Niko returns to the shop and gives him the Vodka.

Character Audio Subtitles
Shop Owner
Hey! Don't hurt me! Vlad say you too stupid to understand his orders.
For the record, I don't take orders from Vlad. I'm just doing a favor for my cousin.
I will give you a bottle of Vodka now to apologise for what I did.
But know, that there is nothing stopping me from coming back here and smashing it in your face!

Apparently, Niko had a choice to either give him the Vodka or kill the shop owner.

Make peace with the owner.

If Niko gave the shop owner the Vodka, he finishes the mission.

Character Audio Subtitles
I gave him the Vodka.
You kissed and made up, that's sweet!
If you give a shit about your fatty cousin's debt, then I've got us some work for you.
Come to the bar.

If Niko decided to kill the shop owner, he fails the mission.

Character Audio Subtitles
You know what, Vlad? I wanted that Vodka all to myself, so I got rid of the shop owner.
I hope you don't mind.
You pathetic halfwit! What if I decide to get rid of your cousin when I next pay him a visit? Dipshit!

The rest of these objectives don't fit with the rest of the dialogue:

Press INPUT_MELEE_ATTACK2 or INPUT_MELEE_ATTACK3 to perform a melee attack.

Vlad is dead.

Press R3 to look behind.

Use INPUT_AIM and PAD_RSTICK_ALL to target the son.

The shop is locked.

Convince the owner to pay.

Now smash the other window.

The shop owner's son is dead.

Beat up the son.

Hold INPUT_AIM to target the son.

Hung Out to Dry

This mission's unused content doesn't make it much different, unlike Bull in a China Shop. Just a few extra lines were omitted.

This exchange was supposed to start after Niko enters the laundromat and opens his mouth. Instead, the shop keeper throws the laundry at him and tells him to stay away.

Character Audio Subtitles
I have a message from Vlad.
Shop Keeper
Fuck you, I call police! They'll show you!
You better hope the police get here real quick!
Shop Keeper
America is land of free. Leave me alone!
In Russia, I pay protection. Not here!

If the shop keeper dies, a phone call is made to Vlad. The last two sound files were supposed to play after the second dialogue.

Character Audio Subtitles
Vlad, the muscovite ain't around no more.
I hope you didn't kill him, I hope he choked on some detergent or something?
Fuck it. This is a lesson to every other fuckhead who thinks he's too clever to pay me.
Who could be too clever for you, Vlad?