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Grand Theft Auto IV (PlayStation 3, Windows)/Unused Sounds

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This is a sub-page of Grand Theft Auto IV (PlayStation 3, Windows).

Unused Character Dialogue

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Nightstick Dialogue

A bunch of the cops have dialogue for the cut nightstick and can be found labeled as DRAW_BATON_##.

Location Audio Subtitles
Now listen, I don't wanna use this but I will.
Alright, you think you a soldier? We'll see.
You keep this up, you gonna lose those looks buddy!
Yeah, LCPD! Standard issue, boy. You in trouble!
You wanna meet my friend here?
I'm gonna teach you a little lesson friend.
This next bit is gonna hurt, my friend.
These things cause a lot of pain, y'know.
I'm prepared to use this!
I'm gonna have to subdue you!
You left me no choice but to use this!
Okay, you asked for this!
Meet the silencer!
Always feels good in my hand.
You ready to cooperate?
This is for real now.
This is gonna hurt you, a lot!
You asked for it, and now you're gonna get it.
Lets get it on!
Now, I gotta hurt you.
You think you can get out of this?!
Don't force me to use this!
Okay, relax!
Look, calm down or I'll calm you down myself!
I'll slap the taste out of your mouth!
I'ma smack the living shit out of you!
I almost feel bad about fucking you up.
You gonna learn some respect!
Smell this, you'll know what's in store.
I call this baby, Saul.
I'm gonna tear you up.
You know what I do with this?
You know where a nightstick goes?
See, this here's gonna be up your ass.
I'm gonna brain you with this.
Don't make me use my nightstick on your head!
You ready for some bruises?
Don't make me use this!
Lets go, punk!
I'm gonna break this stick of in you!
Lets see how many orifices this can fit into.
I got 15 inches for you to suck on.
I'm gonna jam this up your ass!
It's tune-up time!

Niko Buying Drugs

Niko has audio files labeled DRUGS_BUY_##, meaning he was able to buy drugs while freeroaming. Only audio files remain.

Location Audio Subtitles
Come on, hook me up!
Sort me out!
Give me whatever you got.
Come on, sort me out.
Quick! Sort me out.
Don't mess about, hook me up!
Come on, pal, quick!
You, sort me out. Quick!
Quick, let's do this!
Quick, come on! No fucking around.
Come on, sort me out.
Hey, buddy, hook me up.
You gonna hook me up, pal?
Hey, can you sort me out?
Come on, I'm not a cop.
You look like you've got what I need.
Can you sort me out?
Hey, hook me up!
Let's not fuck about here, hook me up.
Hook me up, my friend.

Pain Male Extra Cheer

An audio file found in PAIN_MALE_EXTRA has an unused man cheering for something.

Vendors and Businesses

Fanny Crabs

The idea for "Fanny Crabs" was a joke made by the publisher, which originally came from New York's restaurant, Fatty Crabs. The idea was cut for unknown reasons.


Sound Subtitle
Don't forget to bite me again.
Thanks for biting today.
Hi, ready to bite some fanny crabs?
Hi, the taste of fish leads to Fanny Crabs.


Sound Subtitle
Hey, welcome to Fanny Crabs.
Hey, thanks for getting some Fanny Crabs!
Hey, c'mon back to Fanny Crabs, you hear?
Can I get you some Fanny Crabs?
(Source: GTA Wikia)

Ice Cream Vendor

Niko originally could get ice-cream from vendors but was cut. Sound files still exist.


Sound Subtitle
Coldest ice cream in the city.
Smell that vanilla? How can you resist?
Whenever the weather, it's ice cream time!


Sound Subtitle
Frozen, sugar milk water for sale.
Like to lick? Ice cream!
Girls like it where you lick. Ice cream!
Get your ice cream.
Delicious, nutritious ice cream!
(Source: GTA Wikia)


Ping's was an early food restaurant. It's unknown why this was cut. Audio files still exist. The restaurant chain exists in Grand Theft Auto V as their advertising can be seen at several gas stations.


Sound Subtitle
5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Ping, you're done!
Thanks for Pinging me, LOL!
Ready for some super-nuke food?!
Welcome to Ping, what can I nuke today?


Sound Subtitle
Hope you enjoyed your microwaved food!
Come back again!
How about some Ping food, fast?
Welcome to Ping, dawg!
(Source: GTA Wikia)

Rockstar Café

Rockstar Café was originally going to be Superstar Café, a reference to the developer and publisher, Rockstar, but was cut. Audio files and a model exist within the files.


Sound Subtitle
Rockstar Café, hollaback now!
Hey thanks for coming to Rockstar Café.
Rockstar Café, what up?
Welcome to Rockstar Café!
(Source: GTA Wikia)

Well Stacked Pizza Co.

While the store exists in the older Grand Theft Auto's and the buildings and boxes exist in-game, the audio does not as the idea was cut.


Sound Subtitle
Thanks for stacking at Pizza Stack.
Get ready to be stacked to fill!
See you later!
Would you like a meat lover surprise?


Sound Subtitle
Pizza Stack, where everything has extra cheese. Can I help you?.
Hey thanks for coming to Pizza Stack.
Pizza Stack, can I get you a meat lover?.
We appreciate you stopping by Pizza Stack.
(Source: GTA Wikia)

Unused Police Radio Car Voices

During development, they were going to add the Buffalo, Majestic and Previon cars from San Andreas. The Majestic was an earlier name for the Faction and the Buffalo was later added into The Ballad of Gay Tony.

Unused Vehicle Sounds

Caddy Sounds

A file in the audio files labeled GOLF KART has unused golf cart noises. This was later added into The Ballad of Gay Tony.

Unused Weapon Sounds

Melee Placeholder

A placeholder sound for punching.

Silenced 9mm Pistol

Two sounds file named SILENCED_PISTOL_SHOT1 and SILENCED_PISTOL_SHOT2 and a texture called ecal_9mm are present in the game files.

(Source: Grand Theft Wiki Silenced 9mm)

Unused Death Music

By looking at the LOADING.rpf (which for some reason does not only contain loading music) there are six death/wasted songs. These would (obviously) play when Niko dies.

Some of them were later reused e.g. in the pause music.