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Grand Theft Auto IV (PlayStation 3, Windows)/Unused Textures

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This is a sub-page of Grand Theft Auto IV (PlayStation 3, Windows).

To do:
There are a lot of unused textures in the game's files that we have yet to uncover.

Unused Textures

There are plenty of unused textures hidden in the game's files.


A whiskey bottle's label placeholder texture which can be found inside shitkitch.wdr.

GTAIV-Windows-bm whiskeylabel.png

Boat Map Icon


An unused map icon representing a boat. Its file name is radar_boattour, suggesting that a boat tour service was once available in the game.

Phone Placeholders

Four unused placeholder images can be found in the phone's .wtd files.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Found at the pc\textures directory, in the vehicle.wtd file, are 19 leftover texture files from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

These consist of various vehicle textures, such as license plates, lights, steering wheels, tires and police livery.

Texture File Name(s)
GTAIV Unused-GTASA-Texture carpback.png carpback & carplate
GTAIV Unused-GTASA-Texture plateback1.png plateback1
GTAIV Unused-GTASA-Texture plateback2.png plateback2
GTAIV Unused-GTASA-Texture plateback3.png plateback3
GTAIV Unused-GTASA-Texture platecharset.png platecharset
GTAIV Unused-GTASA-Texture vehicledash32.png vehicledash32
GTAIV Unused-GTASA-Texture vehicleenvmap128.png vehicleenvmap128
GTAIV Unused-GTASA-Texture vehiclegeneric256.png vehiclegeneric256
GTAIV Unused-GTASA-Texture vehiclegrunge256.png vehiclegrunge256
GTAIV Unused-GTASA-Texture vehiclelights128.png vehiclelights128
GTAIV Unused-GTASA-Texture vehiclelightson128.png vehiclelightson128
GTAIV Unused-GTASA-Texture vehiclepoldecals128.png vehiclepoldecals128
GTAIV Unused-GTASA-Texture vehiclescratch64.png vehiclescratch64
GTAIV Unused-GTASA-Texture vehicleshatter128.png vehicleshatter128
GTAIV Unused-GTASA-Texture vehiclespecdot64.png vehiclespecdot64
GTAIV Unused-GTASA-Texture vehiclesteering128.png vehiclesteering128
GTAIV Unused-GTASA-Texture vehicletyres128.png vehicletyres128
GTAIV Unused-GTASA-Texture xvehicleenv128.png xvehicleenv128

The aforementioned files being present adds credibility to suggest that Grand Theft Auto IV was literally developed directly from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

It's not clear why these specific files are leftover, as opposed to any other files being leftover. However, it's feasible to suggest that they were perhaps used as filler material to test the R.A.G.E. system early on during Grand Theft Auto IV's development.

Unused Store

There is a texture for a billboard of what appears to be the Binco store from past GTA games in the game's files. The area depicted in it is the Russian clothing store in the final game.

The image of the Binco store found in the game's files.

(Source: Grand Theft Wiki)

PS3 Controller Icons

The PC version of this game contains the file buttons_ps3.wtd, and frontend_ps3.wtd which is located in pc\textures. The buttons_ps3.wtd contains textures for every key and button, including the Sixaxis tutorial icons for the PlayStation 3 controller. The frontend_ps3.wtd contains a whole PS3 controller to show the controls which is not supported in either the PC or Xbox 360 versions. This is probably just a leftover from porting the game from the consoles to PC.

GTAIV circle.png GTAIV cross.png GTAIV l3.png GTAIV r3.png GTAIV select.png GTAIV square.png GTAIV triangle.png GTAIV Sixaxis drive.png GTAIV Sixaxis pitch.png GTAIV Sixaxis reload.png GTAIV Sixaxis roll.png GTAIV Start butt.png GTAIV ps3controller.png

(Source: Grand Theft Wiki)

Cut Visual Effects?

Found at the pc\textures directory is a visualeffects.wtd file, 55 bytes in size. It appears to be an empty, unused texture(s) file which contains no data that could be used in-game. Furthermore, opening the file using a text editor reveals nothing more than a short line of nondescript text.

Cut Zombie Gamemode

A cut zombie gamemode, called "Zombie Revolution" can be found in zombie.wtd at the pc\textures directory.

Texture Alpha Texture File Name(s)
GTAIV Zombiemode ak47hud.png GTAIV Zombiemode ak47cuthud.png ak47 & ak47a
GTAIV Zombiemode akbullets.png GTAIV Zombiemode akbulletscut.png ak47bulls & ak47bullsa
GTAIV Zombiemode grenade.png GTAIV Zombiemode grenadecut.png grenade & grenadea
GTAIV Zombiemode gunhud.png GTAIV Zombiemode guncuthud.png gun & guna
GTAIV Zombiemode gunbullet.png GTAIV Zombiemode guncutbullet.png gunbull & gunbulla
GTAIV Zombiemode life.png GTAIV Zombiemode lifecut.png life & lifea
GTAIV Zombiemode scratch1.png
GTAIV Zombiemode scratch2.png
GTAIV Zombiemode chtarget.png
GTAIV Zombiemode chtargetcut.png target & targeta
GTAIV Zombiemode chtarget2.png
GTAIV Zombiemode chtarget2cut.png target2 & target2a
GTAIV Zombiemode uzihud.png GTAIV Zombiemode uzihudcut.png uzi & uzia
GTAIV Zombiemode uzibullet.png GTAIV Zombiemode uzibulletcut.png uzibull & uzibulla
GTAIV Zombiemode uzibullets.png GTAIV Zombiemode uzibulletscut.png uzibulls & uzibullsa
GTAIV Zombiemode zedge.png
GTAIV Zombiemode logo.png
GTAIV Zombiemode select.png

Test Textures

Testing textures found in pc/textures/effects.wtd.

GTAIV Testtexture.pngGTAIV Testtexturebumpmap.png

Silenced Pistol Texture

The texture for the cut silenced pistol weapon.

GTAIV Silencedpistoltexture.png

Cut Rockstar Cafe Worker

The unused clothing maps for the Rockstar Cafe Worker.

Gtaiv unusedclothingrockstarcafe.png Gtaiv unusedclothingrockstarcafe2.png

Title Screen Placeholder

A file found in pc\data\frontend has a jpg file of an early, static menu, followed by some Flash files.

Gtaiv titlescreenplaceholder.jpg

Space HUD

space_hud contains textures possibly for an unknown minigame.

Texture Alpha Texture File Name(s)
GTAIV-space hud-missle.png
GTAIV-space hud-misslea.png missle & misslea
GTAIV-space hud-radar.png
GTAIV-space hud-radar a.png radar & radar_a
GTAIV-space hud-radar a old.png
GTAIV-space hud-radarblack.png GTAIV-space hud-radarblacka.png radarblack & radarblacka
GTAIV-space hud-ship100.png GTAIV-space hud-ship100a.png ship100 & ship100a
GTAIV-space hud-shipcount.png
GTAIV-space hud-shipcounta.png shipcount & shipcounta
GTAIV-space hud-shiphealthbar.png
GTAIV-space hud-shiphealthbar a.png shiphealthbar & shiphealthbar_a
GTAIV-space hud-shipshield.png
GTAIV-space hud-shipshield a.png shipshield & shipshield_a
GTAIV-space hud-shipshieldbars.png
GTAIV-space hud-shipshieldbars a.png shipshieldbars & shipshieldbars_a