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Grand Theft Auto V (Windows)

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Title Screen

Grand Theft Auto V

Developer: Rockstar North
Publishers: Rockstar Games, 5pb. Games (JP)
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: April 14, 2015

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.

This page sucks.
If you could make it suck less, that would be awesome.
Specifically: 3 years and we've pretty much gotten nowhere at all, save for a few minor additions. You know this page is bad when even GTAforums has a thread documenting unused content for V and Online, and they're doing a much better job at it than us.
To do:
A handful of next-generation things.
  • MORE Unused vehicle modifications, including one for the Clown Van.
  • Confirm that the unused audio and other stuff from the console version is present. Also document unused online Heist dialogue.
  • Unused Split Sides Comedy Club and Bahama Mamas West interiors.
  • Differences from the last-generation releases.

Grand Theft Auto V for Windows is a port of the Xbox One/PlayStation 4 version, which in turn was originally ported off of the original. While it now has updated graphics, better-quality sound, extra features, there's still some content that was not restored from the original games during development.

This page covers the next-generation releases, so if not all, but most of the last-generation content should be there.

Unused Graphics

Textures and models exist for a cloud test in x64b.rpf.

In common.rpf/data/glass, there are 3 high resolution test pictures and 3 test decals present in raw format.

In x64a.rpf/textures/level_design_titleupdate/dancingmg.ytd, there are textures for a cut dancing minigame. It seemed that it was planned for the Grand Theft Auto Online: After Hours update, but it got cut.

GTA V-Windows-prop replace.png

This texture can be found in multiple models.

GrandTheftAuto5 Windows bokeh pent.png

This texture is found in x64a.rpf/textures/graphics_pc.ytd.

In x64a.rpf/textures/proc_mail.ytd, there are textures for an early version of car stealing missions for GTA IV.

To do:
Confirm if these are actually GTA IV peds and not GTA V peds

In x64v.rpf/textures/script_txds.rpf/assassinations.ytd, there are textures for an early version of assassination missions featuring GTA IV peds with an early version of the map in the background.

Data Crack

Early Final
GTA V-Windows-dhcomphi-unused.png GTA V-Windows-dhmain-unused.png GTA V-Windows-dhcomphi-used.png GTA V-Windows-dhmain-used.png

In x64a.rpf\textures\level_design_titleupdate\hackingmg.ytd, there are a couple early files for the Data Crack software in one of the Online heist missions. Notably, the unused one uses an Windows XP-style look.

Police Cruiser Modifications

The Police Cruiser has unused modifications applicable with the help of a trainer. It only lacks options to change the grille, left/right wing, and roof. If forced into Los Santos Customs, the number on top has five options, labelled as liveries.

Part Name (Set 1) Name (Set 2)
Spoiler Low Level Spoiler Mid Level Spoiler
Exhaust Big Bore Exhaust N/A
Chassis Enhanced Pushbar Enforcer Pushbar
Bonnet Ram Air Hood Double Vented Hood

The second exhaust lacks a name. All other police vehicles can be modified with performance, paints, wheels, window tints, and xenon lights, but lack visual parts.

Internal Radio Names

Most radio packages have names generally referring to a genre of music. Two packages have different names, likely referring to the fact the radio station names underwent changes throughout development.

  • Radio_15_MOWTOWN.rpf - The Lowdown 91.1
  • Radio_16_SILVERLAKE.rpf - Radio Mirror Park