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Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3)

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Title Screen

Grand Theft Auto V

Developer: Rockstar North
Publishers: Rockstar Games, Take-Two Interactive Japan (JP)
Platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Released in JP: October 10, 2013
Released in US: September 17, 2013
Released in EU: September 17, 2013

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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Grand Theft Auto V is an open-world action adventure videogame released in 2013, and was met with widespread critical acclaim. Like past Grand Theft Auto installments, this one contains a large amount of cut and unused material.

This page covers the content first found in the last-generation releases (Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3).

Unused Audio

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There is a bunch of audio that never made it to the final game.

Unused Police Scanner Audio

There is even audio for multiple vehicles from Grand Theft Auto IV that do not appear in the game as well as Grand Theft Auto Online-only vehicles, which cannot be obtained in singleplayer without save editing since the police scanner isn't normally heard in Online. The Liberator was originally found within the game flies before the Independence Day Special Update for Grand Theft Auto Online, and is actually in singleplayer mode.

(Source: GTAForum's Ash_735)











The Hunter was actually seen in a trailer for The Simian, which could be seen before the Meltdown movie. It never ever appeared until Grand Theft Auto Online Smuggler's Run update, but the police scanner audio refers it to a "military helicopter" or simply a "helicopter". This update was also next-gen, leaving this audio completely unused.


Police Fugitive

RC Bandito


Sea Plane





Unused Vehicle Categories

It seemed that there were supposed to be more vehicles appearing, but only the Police Scanner audio remains for them.



It seems the Combine Harvester was supposed to make an appearance from San Andreas.


The Go-kart only appeared in Bully and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas , two other Rockstar-developed games.


Motorized skateboard

Roller skates

It seems the infamous cut skateboard from San Andreas was supposed to appear, but it got cut again for unknown reasons.

Horses are a completely new thing that comes from Red Dead Redemption and is rumored to be from a cut heist. They would come in various colors, but the last traces of these are unused police scanner quotes.

Filename Clip Subtitle
On a black horse.
Riding a brown horse.
On a dark-colored horse.
On a light-colored horse.
Riding a white horse.
On a white horse.

Unused Manufacturers


Steel Horse


Mission Complete Tunes

There are multiple "Mission Complete" tunes that go unused, in favor of the same tune being reused. Each character has their own "big" and "small" tunes. Franklin Mission Complete Small

Franklin Mission Complete Big

Michael Mission Complete Small

Michael Mission Complete Big

Trevor Mission Complete Small

Trevor Mission Complete Big

Additionally, The 30-second countdown race timer from Grand Theft Auto IV remains in the files for GTA V for whatever reason.

Unused Textures


A ton of textures which makes the LCPD police computer from Grand Theft Auto IV is here for some reason. When you look in the interior of the Police Interceptor and even the civilian Stanier, you can see a low-res LCPD police computer that's black and white. It could mean that the Police Computer was either scrapped early in development, or might appear in a future DLC.


The old HUD from Grand Theft Auto IV is found in Hudold.xtd. There's textures for the radar, thumbs down, dropping a grenade, etc.

GTAV-bokeh cross.png

There's also some shapes colored red and without a transparent BG in graphics_pc.xtd, which seems to be just test textures. In the same texture file is a circle, hexagon, and octagon.

Additionally, there are quite a few cut map icons which hint at few missing activities and altered mission mechanics, along with placeholder icons from Grand Theft Auto IV. Plenty of final game assets point to the existence of these activities being in the game at some point in development, such as private security patrols in the wealthy suburbs and Los Santos being littered with abandoned taco trucks.

In common.rpf/data/glass, there are three high resolution images and three decal tests. It also exists in the Windows version.

Build Changelog

Download.png Download builds.xml
File: GTAV-builds.zip (139 KB) (info)

Inside the game's common.rpf, there is a file called builds.xml that shows a lot of builds, with the earliest dating back to 2009, a year after Grand Theft Auto IV was released. There are mentions of various changes made during development, such as "includes new square/3D minimap/satnav" listed in a build created on February 2nd 2012, suggesting that the minimap was circular like in previous Grand Theft Auto titles. There are also mentions of "Cops N Crooks" in multiplayer, with players being able to take "crooks" into custody as a "cop", along with mentions of a "stolen car tutorial" and "plate scanner". There is also reference to a "prison break" mission, possibly featuring the heavily detailed but largely unused prison; which may or may not be reference to the heist mission of the same name.

Similarly, before the game was released, some configuration files were leaked that mentioned an 'Orbis' version of the game. 'Orbis' was the codename of the PlayStation 4 before release and the PlayStation 4 version of the game was released in 2014.


To do:
Go through and find the unused/cut missions.
Download.png Download missions.xml
File: GTAV-missions.xml.zip (54 KB) (info)

Only present in the console version, missions.xml contains information of most, if not all, the missions of Grand Theft Auto V including unused/cut missions.


To do:
With Rockstar being Rockstar, there must be more.

Unusual Contacts

Using a save editor, your character will unlock every single contact in the game's files. You can even get some storyline related contacts, unused ones and some from Grand Theft Auto Online. There's even a test contact named Dummy_1 that can't be connected to.

Driveable Trailer


The trailer owned by Ortega from the mission Mr. Philips is actually a vehicle that can be spawned in your hangar with a save editor. It's missing the entire rear wall for some strange reason. Once spawned, it emits smoke from the chimneys, and pressing Triangle/Y to enter the trailer actually works; your character will go through the wall and "drive" it. Obviously though, it has no handling at all and can't move at all. Entering from the "passenger" side will open one of the doors. The inside of the trailer is detailed but has no collision and nothing is able to be interacted with it.

Invisible Railing


In the overpass on Del Perro Fwy, there is an area where you can pass through the rails. Under the right circumstances (lighting/camera maneuvering), A low-resolution bar of railing appears in the gap, suggesting that at one point in time the gap was covered, and they simply removed a section to create the area to pass through.

Unused Text

TXDCut.ide is still a leftover Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and it's disturbing to see this STILL in the game's common.rpf. TXDCut.ide simply redirected the cutscene cars textures to the non-cutscene version cars, like the cutscene Greenwood uses the non-cs Greenwood's texture.


blah@.xml contains a bunch of random letters.

bdgdb dfbd

Regional Differences

The Japanese version of GTAV has a number of cuts and changes to the game, mostly in cutscenes:

  • In the cutscene at the start of Mr. Phillips, the scene of Trevor and Ashley having sex has been removed, skipping a few seconds ahead to Trevor staring slackjawed at the TV.
  • In the cutscene at the start of Scouting the Port, Trevor's animation for exposing himself to Floyd remains unchanged, but the actual model swap to remove his pants does not occur, resulting in him miming the act of taking off his pants.
  • In the mission By the Book, the notorious torture sequence is disabled - you only see the cutscenes bookending each playable sequence.
  • In the mission Paparazzo - The Sex Tape, the animation of Poppy Mitchell and Justin having sex has been replaced with them having a quiet smoke.
  • In the mission Reuniting the Family, the tattoo Michael draws on Lazlow is shaped like a rocket instead of a penis.
  • The strippers at the strip clubs now have pasties to cover their nipples.
  • When you take the prostitutes to a secluded area, it automatically goes to one option and the camera becomes unmovable and sits behind the car at a low angle.

Surprisingly, the German and Australian versions of the game are completely uncensored.

(Source: Kotaku)
([1]: source needed)