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Guilty Gear X (PlayStation 2)

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Title Screen

Guilty Gear X

Developer: Arc System Works
Publishers: Sammy Entertainment (US), Virgin Interactive (EU)
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in US: September 30, 2001
Released in EU: March 1, 2002

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

The arcade sequel to the original Guilty Gear, Guilty Gear X introduces several new characters, new mechanics like the Roman Cancel, and high resolution sprite work which looks pretty slick. Despite this entry still not being quite as balanced as Arc System Works games are now known to be, later Guilty Gear games would take what this game established and build upon it.

Debug Logging

Within the game is a stubbed printf function which would have logged various background information to a debug unit. This logs various memory information. It would also report errors if any occurred. To re-enable this mode, apply the below code for the US version of the game:

USA Code:

Re-enable printf Messages
201002C8 0806AB10
201002CC 00000000

If you are playing the game on a regular PlayStation 2, you will need to use a TOOL, RDB, or a debug version of OPL to view the logs. If you are playing on an emulator, you can see this information by enabling the option "Show Console". Below is an example of what type of information gets logged.

IRX Init Over
Malloc Enable(PLAYER1) 74dda0-fbdda0
Malloc Enable(PLAYER2) fbddb0-182ddb0
Malloc Enable(BG) 182ddc0-1aafdc0
Malloc Enable(VOICE1) 1aafdd0-1b6ddd0
Malloc Enable(VOICE2) 1b6dde0-1c2bde0
FileMalloc 74dda0
FileMalloc fbddb0
FileMalloc 182ddc0
FileMalloc 1aafdd0
FileMalloc 1b6dde0
Malloc Enable(HEAP) 1c2bdf0-1c5bdf0
Initialize Over
----Heap Area Clear----
Keep Spr Memory Vertex03Work 70000000
Keep Spr Memory NLVERTEX00 70000400
Keep Spr Memory scr_stp 70000840
Malloc Enable(CockpitFile) 1c5be00-1cab090
File Requested 34 > 1c5be00
Malloc Enable(DCFontFile) 1cab0a0-1cb80f0
File Requested 35 > 1cab0a0
File Requested 36 > 1cb8100
File Requested 37 > 1cc7910
Malloc Enable(EffectCmnFile) 1cd7120-1d424a0
File Requested 38 > 1cd7120
Malloc Enable(SEFile) 1d424b0-1db84b0
File Requested 39 > 1d424b0
Malloc Enable(SEFile) 1db84c0-1df3cc0
File Requested 41 > 1db84c0
Read Request 3a00c 4ea90 1c80090
File Read Over
Read Request 3a062 c850 1cb10f0
File Read Over
Read Request 3a070 f800 1cb8100
File Read Over
Read Request 3a08f f800 1cc7910
File Read Over
Read Request 3a0ae 6ab80 1d01ca0
File Read Over
Read Request 3a12f 76000 1d424b0
File Read Over
Read Request 3a287 3b800 1db84c0
File Read Over
BGM Free
 SnDrvBgmMode Called 0
----Heap Area Clear----
Keep Spr Memory Vertex03Work 70000000
Keep Spr Memory NLVERTEX00 70000400
Keep Spr Memory scr_stp 70000840
File Requested 42 > 74dda0
File Requested 148 > 1aafdd0
File Requested 168 > 1b6dde0
Read Request 3a2fe 2a8390 7de930
File Read Over
Read Request 4cf88 5f800 1aafdd0
File Read Over
Read Request 4de55 4a800 1b6dde0
File Read Over
Keep Normal Memory opsp 1c2bdf0
Keep Normal Memory OpBgWork 1c2c430
Keep Normal Memory OpBgWorkX 1c2c5c0
Keep Normal Memory OpBgWorkY 1c2c750
BGM Request 20
10 10
BGM Start 0
(Source: Punk7890)