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Hannah and the Ice Caves

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Title Screen

Hannah and the Ice Caves

Developer: Robotduck
Publisher: Neopets
Platform: Adobe Shockwave
Released internationally: October 27, 2004

See, this is why game preservation is important.
This game is defunct.
Do note the game no longer works at all without modifications. This is most likely due to the game's servers being shut down. As a result, further official developments with the game are unlikely to happen.

Hannah and the Ice Caves is the second in the trilogy of Hannah the Brave games. Following her exploits in the Pirate Caves and coinciding with a sitewide plot event, Hannah is joined by Armin of the newly introduced Bori race. Together, they must combine their unique abilities to clear a path and reach the exit.

Tile Data

Like the first game, Hannah and the Ice Caves uses text files to store its level data. With this, each tile used in a level has a unique character assigned to it. However, since there is no official level editor for Hannah and the Ice Caves, no player would know which character is assigned to the new Snow tile introduced in Hannah and the Ice Caves. By examining the level data, we can determine that s indicates snow. How nifty!

A list indicating which characters pertain to which tiles can be found below.

^ = Arrow Up
< = Arrow Left
> = Arrow Right
V = Arrow Down
o = Boulder
D = Door
/ = Dynamite Crate
1 = Enemy 1
2 = Enemy 2
3 = Enemy 3
G = Gem Crate
" = Ladder
[ = Platform Left
= = Platform Middle
] = Platform Right
z = Secret
s = Snow
w = Stalactite
m = Stalacmite
# = Starting position
K = Steel Crate
| = Steel Dynamite Crate
x = Terrain
+ = Treasure
~ = Water level
b = Wooden crate