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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Game Boy Color)

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Title Screen

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Also known as: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (EU), Harry Potter à l'Ecole des Sorciers (FR)
Developer: Griptonite Games
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform: Game Boy Color
Released in JP: December 1, 2001
Released in US: November 16, 2001
Released in EU: November 16, 2001

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

NotesIcon.png This game has a notes page

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone is a turn-based RPG based on the novel (during the same time as the film adaptation has been made). You have found a Famous Witches and Wizards Card!

See also Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

To do:
The Boomslang Skin bug was apparently fixed in the Japanese and second-run European versions.


Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.



Set $FFD2 to $44 to enter the CHEAT menu, which lets you warp to any map in the game (unfortunately, there are no unused ones). The button combination Up + A + B + Select held for 32 frames in the overworld would have activated this menu, but the code is skipped over. It's located at $00:$17b3.

The menu can also be accessed with GameShark code 0144D2FF. Note that the code must be disabled once inside the menu in order for it to function properly.

CHEAT Menu Sound Test

Hp1gbc cheat sound.png

There is also a CHEAT menu containing a sound test functioning like the one in the sequel. The code for it follows the code for the regular cheat menu, with the init routine being at 01:4d5f.

Unused KnowWonder Intro


There is an unused intro screen of the developer, KnowWonder. To trigger it, set $FFD2 to $02.

Unused Griptonite Logo Easter Egg

HP1 GBC Telescope Griptonite Logo.png

There is an unused and partly drawn over logo of the developer, Griptonite Games, hidden on the starfield of the telescope. The logo is the same color as the dark blue background, so it cannot be seen; the palette has been adjusted to make it white. It seems that at some point, the stars and galaxies were moved around, making the logo partly corrupt. There doesn't appear to be a way to make the logo appear.

Unused Items

Star Chart may have been related to the Astronomy Tower quest.

Spellbook was intended to hold spells you learn throughout the game. This is supported by a line used in the game: "I'm awarding 25 house points to Gryffindor, and you'll find a new spell transcribed into your spellbook."

Harry-Potter-Sorcerer-GBC-Item-Parchment.png Harry-Potter-Sorcerer-GBC-Item-Notebook.png Harry-Potter-Sorcerer-GBC-Item-Daily-Prophet.png Harry-Potter-Sorcerer-GBC-Item-Hagrid-Umbrella.png
Parchment, Notebook, The Daily Prophet, and Hagrid's Umbrella are all unused.

Broomstick Care Kit suggests that brooms were originally going to play a much larger role in the game. Although there are four flying minigames in total, the only one that yields a broom as an item is the Flying Key minigame (Comet 260).

Harry-Potter-Sorcerer-GBC-Item-Ordinary-Broom.png Harry-Potter-Sorcerer-GBC-Item-Nimbus-2000.png Harry-Potter-Sorcerer-GBC-Item-Shooting-Star.png
The Ordinary Broom, Nimbus 2000, and the Shooting Star go unused. Ultimately, the broom shop in Diagon Alley never sells anything to Harry. The script in the room of the final dungeon with the flying key checks for the presence of the unobtainable Nimbus 2000.

Harry-Potter-Sorcerer-GBC-Item-Coal.png Harry-Potter-Sorcerer-GBC-Item-Holiday-Popper.png
Coal and Holiday Popper are unused Christmas items.

Harry-Potter-Sorcerer-GBC-Item-Luminous-Balloons.png Harry-Potter-Sorcerer-GBC-Item-Warts-Kit.png
The Luminous Balloons and the Grow Your Own Warts Kit are intended to come from the Holiday Popper. This is indicated in chapter 12 of the novel. Luminous Balloons are seen in Sorcerer's Stone and Chamber of Secrets on other consoles - they are primarily used to distract people.

Harry-Potter-Sorcerer-GBC-Item-Flying-Key.png Harry-Potter-Sorcerer-GBC-Item-Sorcerer-Stone.png
The Sorcerer's Stone is never used as an item in the game. The Flying Key is never an item in the inventory, since it is immediately used after being caught.

Harry-Potter-Sorcerer-GBC-Item-Dustpan.png Harry-Potter-Sorcerer-GBC-Item-Sickles.png Harry-Potter-Sorcerer-GBC-Item-Healing-Sparkle.png
Dustpan, Sickles and Healing Sparkle are never inventory items. Dustpan is seen as a sprite in the broom closet by the Great Hall, and Sickles & Healing Sparkle (Revive) are only seen as dialogue icons in the game.

Unused Music

This is an unused song from the game. Could have possibly been used for one of the quest completed screens.

Unused Armor Gallery Countdowns


There are four countdown variables, offset by $40 and decremented by two every frame only in the Armor Gallery. They do not appear to be used by any other code. The static holes in the ground may be related to these variables, possibly having been intended to work as spikes or similar.

Partially Unused Potions Class Script

The script for Snape during the Potions class is broken. After Harry fails to bring the necessary items once, Snape will not speak to Harry until he collects them all. However, there is code for three more consecutive failure scenarios:

Incomplete. One point deduction. You're letting down your friend Mr. Longbottom.
Too few ingredients, Potter. Back to your search.
Your friend couldn't wait and had to go to the Infirmary. Poor work, Mr. Potter. 5 points from Gryffindor. Class dismissed.

The code is buggy and jumps over these.

Moreover, the game contains an unused copy of the Snape script. It contains the same bug and is possibly an early version, as it has some further differences:

  • It checks if Harry has exactly the amount of ingredients needed. If they have more, he will be denied.
  • It doesn't take the ingredients away from Harry.
  • It only gives two house points for bringing the ingredients instead of five.
  • It doesn't show the full screen quest finished screen and warp Harry to the Dungeons.

Folio Brevis

The Folio Brevis is a book for Harry to temporarily store Famous Witches and Wizards Cards he finds in his adventures. You can then go to the Folio Magi (probably stored in the Wizard Card Collector's Club), where you can deposit and view all collected Wizard Cards. Because there is no mention of the Folio Triplicus, it's very possible that the Brevis was cut early in development. An icon for the Brevis may not exist at all.

  • The Folio Brevis had a limited number of cards it could hold.

You cannot pickup any more cards as your Folio Brevis is full!

  • Hagrid was originally intended to give Harry the Folio Magi/Triplicus in Diagon Alley. This block of text generously describes the functions of the Folio Brevis.

Before I go, you'll be wantin' these. All the students at Hogwarts are keen on Famous Witches and Wizards Cards. These Folios are where yeh store the cards. Yeh carry the Folio Brevis around with yeh, but the Folio Magi, yer main album, is too big to carry aroun'. Yours is already at Hogwarts waiting for yeh, but yeh can still look at it now. Yeh jus' can't put your cards in it yet.

Unused Penalties

Harry was intended to lose House Points for disturbing classes. This feature was most likely cut due to the lack of opportunities Harry has to gain House Points. Instead of full classes for Harry to interrupt, they are simply left empty, with magical encounters enabled. Messages from teachers taking away house points are scattered throughout the various classes Harry attends.

  • A reference to this still exists in the game; when looking for the Gryffindor password, a student on the second floor warns Harry.

Don't walk in on classes that are in session. Most of the teachers take away house points if you interrupt them.


You're interrupting a class! That's a 5 House Point penalty on Gryffindor!

Defense Against the Dark Arts

  • Harry disrupting the History of Magic and Flying classes.

You've interrupted a class in session! That's a 5 House Point Penalty!

... during the wildcat Gargoyle Strike of 1911, the wildcats were winning when...

Please enjoy the 5 House Point penalty you've earned for interrupting my class, Potter!

5 House Point penalty, Mr. Potter, for landing on my field!

Say hello to Harry, everyone. Say goodbye to 5 house points, Harry, for interrupting class.


  • Harry appears to be disturbing Professor Binns' History of Magic class.

...the 14th Century economic bubble burst following the Soap Blizzard of 1378...

Harry, you startled me! But I won't deduct extra house points, just the usual 5 for interrupting.

Always an honor to have you drop by my class. Sorry about the 5 point penalty for interrupting it.

Unused Text

To do:
This needs some cleaning. Some of the supposed unused text is used in the British English language setting.

NOTE: When a message references @1 Sickles/Magic Points/Stamina Points, @1 is a variable number.

Developer Notes

  • At the beginning of the game, there is a date marking when the game was compiled.


  • Right after that, there is a string that shows the text was edited for the last time just two days before it was compiled.

Latest Text Update: 08/26/2001


  • These messages show up if you port to a map and enter a battle using the CHEAT menu without getting your wand. They are not normally seen during the game.
  • Additionally, this message shows up if you know some spells, but don't have enough MP to use any of them (only the spells you can use normally show up). This never happens, as the first spell you learn is Flipendo, which doesn't require MP to use.

You don't have enough Spell Points to cast this spell!

  • These four messages refer to the four deck types Harry can choose from in the beginning of the game. They are color coded to represent each house as well. In the final version, they are replaced with Justus Pilliwickle, Gulliver Pokeby, Gregory The Smarmy and Merwyn The Malicious respectively.

You will be collecting the Gryffindor Deck!

You will be collecting the Ravenclaw Deck!

You will be collecting the Slytherin Deck!

You will be collecting the Hufflepuff Deck!

  • Some unused reactions to Harry eating candy. All of these reactions are replaced with "It never seems to lose its flavor!"
  • These are for Bertie Botts' Beans.

Mmm, popcorn. (+@1 SP)

Yum, marmalade. (+@1 SP)

That apple wasn't quite ripe. (+@1 SP)

Odd...that tasted like envelope glue. (+@1 SP)

Yuck! What was that, belly button lint? (+@1 SP)

Ugh, I think that was dog food. (+@1 SP)

  • These are for Pumpkin Pasties, Cauldron Cakes, and possibly Licorice Wands and Best Blowing Gum respectively.

Better than the best pumpkin pie! (+@1 SP)

So good, you don't leave a single crumb! (+@1 SP)

The taste is enchanting! (+@1 SP)

Best I ever tasted! (+@1 SP)

  • Two unused bits of text intended for when Harry sells items back. He cannot sell back items to either shop.

Potage's Cauldrons

Since it's used, I'll give you @1 Sc.

Do we have a deal?

Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions

I suppose I could give you @1 Sc.

Does that suit you?

  • A secret passage was intended to be put in the mirror on the fourth floor. The passage was eventually implemented in Chamber of Secrets.

The mirror by the door to the hospital wing is supposed to lead somewhere.

My dad told me there used to be a secret passage behind the mirror in the corner of this hall.

  • A quest used for the final Great Hall scene. It is impossible to see this quest message, since you can't pause the game.

Find Harry Wiz Card.

  • A placeholder for the Pause Screen.

Pause Screen Here

Diagon Alley

  • A small conversation between Harry and the cashier at Flourish & Blotts. You are never able to sell back the books. Despite her wording, this is a generous buyback price since Harry bought the books for 143 Sickles.

I need to sell these books back to you.

Oh dear. I am afraid we can only give you 123 Sickles back for them.

  • You are never able to choose what books you want to buy in the game.

Did you decide on those books?

Hogwarts Express

  • An early version of losing the battle against Malfoy. It seems he wouldn't originally have given you his card combination had you lost.
Early Final
Thanks, Potter. Now you know better than to challenge your betters. I thought you'd be better at spells, Potter. Your weakness touches me. Here's a card combination for your Folio Triplicus. Use it if you face great danger.
  • An unused line, probably intended for Hermione after the battle.

Good thing for Malfoy that I wasn't here! Drink this Wiggenweld Potion, it will take care of your wounds.

The Hogwarts Dungeons (After Sailing Across the Lake)

  • Some unused messages from Hagrid.

Step lively, I don't want to have go back for stragglers.

I was worried about you, Harry.

Yer worse than Neville's toad for gettin' lost, Harry!

We'll be there soon...if everyone stays together.

Don't drag yer feet...somethin' might grab 'em.

Sorting Hat Ceremony

  • Unused messages from people waiting in the Great Hall.

Hurry into the Great Hall or you won't get sorted!

No time to talk, I have to go get sorted.

There's nothing to do out here. All the action is in the Great Hall.

  • Supposedly someone's head hurt after getting sorted.

Oww...my head...

Harry Asking Where Gryffindor House is Located

  • Used for a student. Probably from Slytherin House.

Already in last place, if I'm not mistaken.

  • A response from a professor. Possibly Snape.

You'd better find it before lights out, Potter.

Harry Asking for the Password to Gryffindor House

  • Various responses. The second last line is meant for a Slytherin Student.

I don't even know my own password.

What's a `password'?

I know mine, but not yours.

No, sorry.

Couldn't say.

Try `Second Rate'. It certainly fits.

Beats me.

Gryffindor Common Room

  • A possible setup for a cut sidequest.

There's supposed to be a box of confiscated items in the teachers' common room. I bet there's some pretty nice stuff in there.

  • A workaround to quote Dumbledore accurately from the film. Instead of Dumbledore announcing this information in the Great Hall, this speech was set to appear as a note in the common room, possibly on the notice board.

Mr. Filch, the caretaker reminds you all that no magic should be used in school corridors between classes. Violators are subject to House Point penalties. The forest on the grounds is forbidden to all students at all times. The third-floor corridor on the right-hand side is out of bounds to everyone who does not wish to die a very painful death. Signed, Albus Dumbledore

Harry Searching for the Potions Classroom

  • Various unused messages from random students.

"Potion Prices Slip, May Be Headed For The Dungeons"

You have a long way to go.

Just like a Gryffindor to be lost!

  • Conversation between Filch and Harry.


You! Why aren't you in class?


I'm trying to find the Potions classroom.


It's in the dungeons! Even a first year should know that!


  • A common line cut from many classes. This is the first instance of it.

You won't find what you are looking for in here, Mr. Potter.

  • An alternate line to These are beetles' eyes, all right!. This unused line is cut, and the one left in is doubled.

These look like insect eyes...like from a beetle!

  • Snake Fangs were intended to appear on the front of a Griffin statue, rather than acquiring them from a battle.

I thought I saw some on the eagle-headed lion things on the second floor.

What are between the griffin's paws? These must be snake fangs. I hope they're the right kind.

  • If you take too long to collect the ingredients, Neville is sent to the Hospital Wing.

Your friend couldn't wait and had to go to the hospital wing. Poor work, Mr. Potter. 5 points from Gryffindor. Class dismissed.

Defense Against the Dark Arts

  • Another one of the "You won't find _____ here" lines.

You won't find the c-c-counter-curse in here, Harry!

  • Messages from students.

I told you this would happen.

  • Harry asking a Slytherin student how to remove a curse.

You ARE a curse, Potter, and I WISH I knew how to remove you.

  • A response alluding to the "Grow Your Own Warts Kit". This line suggests that the Warts Kit could be an Astronomy-related sidequest.

Expose it to moonlight. No, wait, that's how you remove warts.

  • Small conversation between a student and Harry.


Aren't you feeling well, Harry?


Yes, sniffle snort. Peeves just cast a spell on me and made me sick.


He makes everyone sick. It sounds like a curse to me. You should see Professor Quirrell on the third floor. He's the curse expert here.

  • An unused line from Harry. This was intended to show up after you use the Curse Book to remove Peeves' curse, but Harry automatically learns Mucas Ad Nauseum after you exit the Menu.

Ah, that feels better. I think I can remember this spell, too.


  • Unused conversation with someone.


Do you know a good place to find herbs on the school grounds?


Look hard for unusual tufts of grass. They're like magnets for herbs and other potion ingredients. Just make sure to have your dragonhide gloves on if you pick them. Some herbs can hurt a little.

  • Hermione finding out that she didn't finish the assignment first.


I got them all! I'm...oh, Harry. I thought I'd be the first one done.

Prof. Sprout:

No, Harry was first and got a special reward.


Well, do I get something for being second?

Prof. Sprout:

Well, since you know so much about Herbology, you should do an excellent job weeding the garden. Won't that be fun?



Prof. Sprout OR Harry:

Congratulations, Hermione.


I hope I'm not allergic to any of these herbs.

Charms Class

  • The game always gives 15 points for a perfect exercise, no matter how your performance was.

Well done, Harry. 5 house points for a fine performance.

Top knotch! Are you sure you haven't levitated feathers before? 10 house points for a job well done!

  • Some lines from Flitwick. In the final game, he just says "On to your next class, Harry".

Hurry along, Harry. If you're late, you may lose those house points you just earned.

No reason to stay once class is over. There's more to learn elsewhere.

Transfiguration Class

  • Another "won't find it here" message from a professor.

The rabbit isn't in here, Harry! Please hurry and find it!

  • Harry gets a snarky reply from a student when asking about a purple rabbit.

No. Maybe you could find one if you had a purple carrot.

Midnight Duel with Draco

  • When Harry returns, the Fat Lady in the Pink Dress asks what's up.

Where on earth have you all been?

Never mind that! Pig snout!

Looking for Hermione (Troll on the First Floor)

  • Unused message from someone on the main floor.

Nothing up there to see, Harry. All the fun is down here!

  • Various replies from students.

I thought I saw her by the broom cupboard.

Her nose is probably in a book, but I don't know where the rest of her is.

Maybe she's with Neville's toad and they're both lost.

  • This is right after Harry finds out that Hermione is on the first floor. Instead of this line showing up, it goes right to Dumbledore prompting everyone to enter the Great Hall.

Let's talk to her when she comes back.

  • After Quirrell announces that there's a troll, there were supposed to be crowds of students. They were most likely taken out because of sprite lag.

Stick together, first-years! Follow me!

Looking for Hidden Christmas Gifts

  • An alternate line for McGonagall. In the final game, she just says "I haven't seen him.".

I haven't seen him. I know he likes to hide things behind locked doors, though.

  • Unused replies from students. The school has no wandering NPCs during the Christmas stage, so these are never seen.

Peeves! His kind give haunting a bad name. I haven't seen him lately, though.

I haven't seen him or your package. I hope there wasn't anything good to eat in it.

  • Harry describes the flute he got from Hagrid.

Sounds a little like an owl.

Looking for Dumbledore

  • Various lines from students. Many of these were cut because they contradict the time Dumbledore left (overnight), or because they reveal information McGonagall is meant to tell Harry.

Professor McGonagall says that Dumbledore is in London.

Maybe he's in the Great Hall practicing his end-of-year speech.

Anywhere he pleases, I suspect.

I haven't seen him in days.

Maybe Neville Longbottom has him looking for his toad.

I saw him having a whispered conversation with McGonagall. Ask her.

I've heard he likes to surf in the lake. Or was that Filch?

Well, he's certainly not up here.

McGonagall is assistant head master. She'd surely know.

I haven't seen him today.

I really don't see him very often.

No, I haven't seen him all day.

  • This line looks possibly unfinished, as it does not have a question mark at the end.

Do you know where we can find Dumbledore, professor.

Encountering Fluffy

  • Harry forgetting the flute to put Fluffy to sleep. The flute is always in your inventory.

I didn't bring it! We have to go back!

Devil's Snare

  • A line taken out as Ron and Hermione fall onto the Devil's Snare.


  • A message for when you lost against the Devil's Snare. In the final game, the party is teleported to the point before Fluffy.

We're still stuck, Harry! Try again!

The Flying Key

  • The minigame is not timed, and the player is stuck until they catch the key. It is impossible to lose.

Darn, I missed the key! I'm going to have to try again!

Giant Chess Pieces

  • A line intended for Hermione.

Be careful...

Troll Room

  • It's possible to find a Grand Wiggenweld Potion on the hand of the troll's sprite. This line was intended to go along with the discovery.

A Wiggenweld Potion! I'm glad he didn't have the chance to use it!