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Hello Neighbor

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Title Screen

Hello Neighbor

Developer: Dynamic Pixels[1]
Publisher: tinyBuild[2]
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: December 8, 2017

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
ObjectIcon.png This game has unused objects.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.

ProtoIcon.png This game has a prototype article
PrereleaseIcon.png This game has a prerelease article
NotesIcon.png This game has a notes page
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Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror game about sneaking into your neighbor's house and figuring out what he's hiding in the basement. Notable for having an "advanced" AI that learns from your actions.

The game was released to both critical and commercial acclaim, launching a franchise.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.
Read about notable bugs and errors in this game.

Old Art Leftovers
Why are these even here?
Unused Animations
Unused animations from various points of development.
Content Expansion
The semi-unreleased Mobile Content Expansion!
Update Log
A whole lot of changes documented in-house.

Modkit Resources Folder
The resources folder of the Modkit, with a lot of cool stuff.
Hide and Seek Remnants
The Modkit has stuff related to Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek.

Unused/Test Widgets


A test for the developer credits when booting up the game. All it contains is the words "MainMenu" written in Quikhand. Closes the editor due to the associated file not being present.


Debug menu. Cannot select anything, and even if you could, it would close the editor because none of the main game's UMAPs are in the Modkit.



Text. On a screen.


Unused Audio

To do:
Get the phone anims sounds, I am also pretty sure the Alpha 3 Intro and the test track for it exist in Final still.

Alpha 2 Leftovers

Leftovers from Alpha 2.


Test music for the finale's theme.

Sound Effects


"Hello" SFX

Unused Particles


Weird tomato splat. Uses the weird splat found in the resources folder.


Dirt particles? This has no texture.


Particles for the fireworks in Alpha 2.


New particles for the fireworks.


Old fire used before full game.

Unused Maps

Fear Factory

HN-Fear FactoryScreenshot.png
  • Found in the first Beta and leftover in the Modkit, This level was meant for obtaining the "Power Throw" ability, however the dev's deemed the level as boring and unfun, so it was scrapped and Power Throwing was made a base ability.

Unused Textures/Graphics


A texture of a buy list, showcasing the items needed to complete Fear Supermarket perhaps at one point this was used to show the items instead of looking in the other mannequins carts.


Object Icons

  • Various unused icons.
Missing Poster Tomato Hammer Calendar Suitcase Stone Rubix Cube

Something to note, is that the Missing Poster is used in-game, however it's impossible to be seen without removing the Police Station mesh, as it's hitbox blocks the object from being picked up.

Controls Graphics

PS4 (Placeholder)

  • Placeholder for the PS4 Controller

HN Controller PS4.png

PC Tool-Tip

  • Used in early versions of the PC Builds



  • Placeholder image for the Credits screen, Seen at the end of Alpha 4, Beta 1, Beta 2, and Beta 3


Unused Meshes


  • Old art version of the windmill in Act 3, Left is new art, Right is old art



  • Test for the backhouse in Act Finale. Left is Old, Right is Final


Unused Objects


  • Unused Blueprints for the Swings, while the Swing models are used, These are not, They have full physics on them, bumping into them causes the swing to.. well, Swing!


  • Test for the windmill, Even uses a older model.


  • Found in old builds, as well as the Modkit, there's a object for, you guessed it, testing impulses, this also contains a rather crude dev note for seeing how inputs work, It appears in the Alpha 3 version of Fear_Darkness, although broken.
  • Takes the appearance of a Couch.

HNMK-BP ImpulseCurse.png


  • This object from the Alpha's still persists in the Modkit, and even still works! To see gameplay of this, visit the Alpha 1 page


  • BP_Flour is a object found in the HN Modkit, It would have worked as a way for the Neighbor to track the player, stepping in the flour causes the player to leave behind footprints (seen in the image), for roughly 10 steps, before the effect wears off, everything but the code is completed for this object, leaving behind red cubes instead of footprints.

Image of Footsteps



  • These take the appearance of a Banana, These objects were planned to be like the Crow in Alpha 2, Which alerts Theodore to your position, However, these are unfinished.


  • Leftover from well, testing the player.


  • Material that shows where the neighbor is in the level, this was used in many pieces of promotional material.

Unused Achievement

In the Main Map for Beta 3, There is a Achievement Box around the Raven Brooks Memorial Statue, Why this was cut is up to speculation, but it was probably not to flood the game with Out of Bounds Achievements, as the final game has quite an abundance of them.


Unused Player Abilities / Item Mechanics



This was used in Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek, however it can be activated in a buggy broken state in the Hello Neighbor Modkit, making the Binoculars float instead of marking it when you try to activate it.

"Emissive" Ability

Not much is known much about this. all that is known at the moment is that there may have been a ability where Nicky would emit a small light, allowing you to see without a flashlight.

This shows up as a player ability in the HN Modkit, Forcing it on does nothing.



In the Blueprint for the Radio, there is a unused Point Light, and code for turning it on, reconnecting the code together, well, makes it so when the Radio is turned on, a light goes on, and when its off, the light goes off.

Unused Cinematics


The Cutscene begins with Nicky sitting in his apartment watching TV before a loud thumping on his door is heard, a Plate (placeholder for Horse Shoe most likely) falls off of his door, Nicky runs and sets up a bear trap in front of his door, before jumping out of his Kitchen window and getting caught by Theodore.

Revisional Changes

Console Trophies

  • Due to Revisions (and Sony's rules on Copyright probably playing a part in it), Some achievement icons were changed, These include:
Name Icon (New) Icon (PC)
Wrong Place to Bury HN-PS4-WPTB.png HNPC-WPTB.jpg
Up, Up! HNPS4-UpUp.png HNPC-UpUp.jpg
Space Jam HNPS4-SpaceJam.png HNPC-SpaceJam.jpg
Is She Ok?? HNPS4-IsSheOk.png HNPC-IsSheOk.jpg
No More Fears HNPS4-NoMoreFears.png HNPC-NoMoreFears.jpg
Watch Your Head! HNPS4-WYH.png HNPC-WYH.jpg
  • Space Jam and Wrong Place to Bury's Achievement icons remain the same on Xbox.

Xbox Achievement Names

  • Xbox's achievements still use the old names from the Beta, These are:
Xbox Name PC Name
Double Fun Up, Up!
Neighbor MD Is She Ok??
No Digging! Wrong Place to Bury
Lets Go Deeper I Had No Choice!
Like Father Like Son No More Fears
  • The Achievement's descriptions are the same as the Beta ones as well.
Name Description New Desc.
HNPS4-UpUp.png Overcome the fear of darkness Leap of Faith In the Closet
HNPS4-IsSheOk.png ICU there You Should Check Her State
HN-LookingDeeperAch.png Learn to look deeper Wrong time wrong place
HNPS4-NoMoreFears.png Defeat your past Defeat your fear