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Higemaru Makaijima: Nanatsu no Shima Daibouken (NES)

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Title Screen

Higemaru Makaijima: Nanatsu no Shima Daibouken

Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Platform: NES
Released in JP: May 14, 1987

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

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Higemaru Makaijima: Nanatsu no Shima Daibouken is the follow-up to Pirate Ship Higemaru, now with a bit of Zelda flavor.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Read about notable bugs and errors in this game.

Unused Graphics


An undead Higemaru skeleton, probably intended to occupy the Ghost Ship seen late in the game, replacing the living Higemarus from previous pirate ships.

Oddly enough, the boss of the Ghost Ship is depicted as undead in the MSX version, even though the undead Higemaru isn't used there either.

Makaijima UnusedMomotaroArms.png

Momotaro with outstretched arms, intended for when he holds objects, but he just keeps his normal sprites for whatever reason. The above are mockups based on metasprite data present in the ROM.

Unused Music

The track that plays during the enemy roll lasts 2:18, but the enemy roll itself only lasts 2:00 or so, leaving the last few seconds of the theme unheard.

Debug Leftovers

At the title screen, hold B and press Start on Controller 1 to start a new game and enable some debug leftovers. Basically this disables some collision, so you will be invulnerable at any battle. Unfortunately, this will also lead to garbled game graphics.

More disabled functions are available, but due to code changes they crash the game. Additional debug flags were available, but are now inaccessible. The debug mode flag is found at address $5F.

Hidden Message

Present at the end of the ROM.