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Hollow Knight

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Title Screen

Hollow Knight

Developer: Team Cherry
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Released internationally: February 24, 2017 (Windows), April 11, 2017 (Mac/Linux), June 12, 2018 (Switch), September 25, 2018 (XBO/PS4)

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

ProtoIcon.png This game has a prototype article

To do:
  • Verify text in game files.
  • Upload PNG screenshots.
  • Find more info on unused rooms.
  • Change the WAV audio files found in the files to OGG files.



Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info

Unused Character Dialogue

Hollow Knight Dream Nail Dialogue

The following appears to have been intended as Dream Nail dialogue for the Hollow Knight:

...Shall blaze free...
...This Vessel, broken...fails...
...Dawn...Shall break...
...No mind, the usurper...Only strength...
...Kill the usurper...Our light it would suffocate...

Pure Vessel Dream Nail Dialogue

The following appears to have been intended as Dream Nail dialogue for the Pure Vessel, who was added in the Godmaster DLC.

Do not think...
Do not speak...
Do not hope...
Do not...

Various Dreamer Dialogue

The following appears to have been intended to be a conversation between the three Dreamers, and appears to be a lengthened version of the Dreamers’ dialogue after Hornet’s first battle and the Resting Grounds.

 Would it break the Seals?
They cannot be undone.

They must be undone.

Let us sleep little shadow. Allow us our peace.
 Go no further, little shadow.
 How long has passed? How long have we slept?
 What compels you to claw your way out of the darkness? What compels its return to this sacred kingdom?
 What calls it from beyond the Seal? The vessel, or that captive light?
 It would break the Seals.

They cannot be undone.

They must be undone.

An empty vessel to bring hope.

A strong vessel to bring stagnation.

An enlightened vessel to bring an end. What then is this? Only a weak thing. It would harm the Vessel, harm the seals. It shall be cast away. 
 It matters not. Our Seals remain. This shadow seeks to defy us... It must be cast away. 
 This little shadow... Must return to its darkness. 
 As you say... We made a promise. Let it be done. 

Various Elderbug Dialogue

These lines of dialogue are unused lines for Elderbug.

 If you do meet my fellows down there you might remind them of their poor Elder, up here, back aching, abandoned to his lonesome vigil. Poor poor me!...
Oh I'm fine, really, but a bit of guilt might go some way in persuading their return. Assuming they're still alive that is. 
 There's something strange about you. I've seen all types pass below, but you... You're almost familiar, though I'm sure we've never met before. 
 There’s something about you little traveller. The winds are changing. 
 It's a sprawling land beneath us. If you're ever feeling lost or would care for some direction, come speak with me. I may be able to suggest a new sight or a new path you'd never before considered.

Suprised? Despite my lack of experience, I'm actually quite knowledgeable about the lay of the kingdom below. I've listened to countless stories from travellers and explorers just like yourself.

I'm sure you'll have your own grand tale to tell once you're finished down there. Either that or you'll be dead! I'll admit, in Hallownest, the latter is far more common. 


These lines of dialogue were intended to be spoken by Godseeker, an NPC added with the Godmaster DLC.


 Tuning... An art, difficult. Never perfect. We, the ones below, We bond Our strength to the world. Follow what We give... listen for the Gods. Resonate. Attune! 


 That instrument you hold. It is an aid built for seekers, one bound to our mind. It's a grand boon to receive so fine a device, and dangerous even, for us to allow it part. That instrument lays much of our mind bare. Accept it then as our faith in you. Scour this land. Gain mastery over beings of great power and its beacon shall respond. 


 Crawler. Grand, strange Crawler. Favoured plaything of the Gods! Our mind is filled with the strengths of this kingdom. Rich. Bright. Clear. Thou have attuned thyself to the many Gods of this land. Much power. Perfection? Thine? Perhaps even a match for our glorious shell... 

Unused Gorb Dialogue

Originally, Gorb was to be named Aladar, after their Kickstarter backer Aladar Apponyi. Gorb has several lines of dialogue still under this name. These lines are used in the French translation, as the translation was made while dialogue was still being finalized.

 Greetings pale thing. Do you seek my knowledge? That I cannot give. Only an end. 
 Would you accept the end I offer? 
 Alas. It destroys... 

Grey Mourner

This line of dialogue was intended to be used after the Knight acquires the King’s Brand, but is not used.

 Le'mer, takes that heavy mantle...Che' wouldn't wish it upon one. Having served that brand at its great height, che' knows well what suffering it brings. Enough to turn nym'King to flee or fair Knights to mourning. 

Herrah the Beast

These lines of dialogue were intended to be used by Herrah.

 For my daughter and my kind, I become bond upon the Vessel. 
 Wyrm, your attempt may prove futile, but your offer I could not refuse. 
 My child... For you, I would give it all. 
 For her, I would give it all. 


This line of dialogue appears to have been intended to be used when Hornet is holding the Hollow Knight down in its boss fight.

 Do it! Make your choice. My thread will only hold so long. Prolong our world’s stasis or face the heart of its infection. 

Last Stag

This line of dialogue was intended for the Last Stag.

 Ready to go, little one? 

Little Fool

This line of dialogue appears to have been intended to be used after dying in a Trial and interacting with Little Fool.

 What is this? I could've sworn you'd already entered the fray? And were killed in spectacular fashion, but now... I can't be sure.
Must've imagined it. I do tend to visualise new combatant's meeting their end. It's good training for the mind, especially whilst your movement's somewhat limited. 

Lurien the Watcher

These lines of dialogue were intended to be spoken by Lurien.

 For this city and for King beloved, I become bond upon the Vessel. 
 That black choice made, but not by me. Our King claimed that burden. My lot is easier, only to sleep and to serve. 
 My city. Do you sustain without me? Do you thrive? I would see your streets again... 
 Our King appears as bug, and I shall take him as so. But his are traits that transcend our kind. His is a mind beyond ours. Deity given form. In sleep, I shall not look upon his like again. 
 Remember our promise, sister! We three vowed to protect the seal with all of our devotion. 
 Remember our bond... our sacrifice. For the kingdom’s sake... for the one we must protect. 

Mister Mushroom

This line of dialogue was likely going to be used when using the Dream Nail on Mister Mushroom without the charm Spore Shroom equipped. In the final game, Mister Mushroom’s thoughts can be read even without this charm.

 ..Mishi umo sanga. Dogo!.. 

Monomon the Teacher

These lines of dialogue were intended to be spoken by Monomon. The last four lines of dialogue appear to have been used when interacting with Monomon, but it is unknown how this would have worked.

 For diversity. For variance. For evolution. I become bond upon the Vessel. 
 We sealed that plague, and thought we’d found an answer, but we were wrong. Our sacrifices... what did they win us? A world sealed in stasis. 
 Only one path I see. The Seals must break. Will it bring destruction? Of course. It will bring change, too. Let it. To live forever in an unchanging world... Death, I would fear less. 
 Will it bring destruction? Of course. It will bring change, too. Let it. To live forever in an unchanging world... that is the only death I fear. 
 To sleep eternal, what difference from death? 
 Open your minds, brother and sister. Our vow was to protect...but do we? The Vessel weakens. 
 My mind is seal upon that tragic being. But who shall teach them now? Who shall open their minds, where I cannot? 
 So... we found each other after all. Can you see me, here in this forgotten dream? I can see only light. 
 Our sacred Hallownest... It was so old. An eternal, undying kingdom... unchanging. They called me 'Teacher', but what did I have left to teach? What did I have left to learn? 
 When the light came, we feared it. Of course we did! So we fought to keep things as they were. Our sacrifices... what did they win us? Simply another kind of stasis. 
 We fought against you, too. Struggling against our fate. The light we caged away... it is alive, and we are not. Is that what draws you to it? 

Moss Prophet

These lines of dialogue were intended to be spoken by Moss Prophet, likely as an extension or early version of her sermon about the light. They appear to be in an early stage of finalization.

 To change ones form is a blasphemy against the light! To steal the soul of weaker creatures is a blasphemy against the light! And most of all... most of all! To DIE is a blasphemy against the light! Live forever, brother and sisters, or be cursed for all eternity! 
 (someone else says this)For a God, there is only one crime: To die. (OR) For a God, there is only one crime: To die. Emptiness is a hateful thing! A vile thing! Kill the empty ones! Tear them to pieces! Suffer them not to bask in the light of this world! 


This is an early version of one of the verses of Myla’s song.

 Bury the knight with a broken sword,

Bury the lady beneath her lord

Bury the priest in her tattered gown

Then bury the beggar and his golden crown 

The Pale King

This appears to be an early version of the dialogue that appears when using the Dream Nail on the Pale King’s corpse in the White Palace. This dialogue was removed in the Hidden Dreams update.

 False one… you can not… reach me… here 

Relic Seeker Lemm

This is an early version of the dialogue that appears when trying to sell a relic to Lemm, but you have no relics.

 Not carrying any relics with you? Go find some for me. I'll pay good Geo for nice items. 

Royal Retainer

This line of dialogue was intended to be used when using the Dream Nail on the Royal Retainers; they use three other lines of dialogue in the final release.

 Your light... Magnificent and true... 

Charm Lover Salubra

These lines of dialogue were intended to have been used for Salubra after the Knight gets enough charms to be able to buy a charm notch from her.

First Notch:

 Ooooooooooooohhhhhhh, you're building up quite the Charm collection, aren't you? Quite the little connoisseur. I'd bet you'd like to wear more Charms at once, hmm? I've got a special item for sale that I think you'll be very, verrrry interested in! Mmm! 

Second Notch:

 Oooohhhh! You flamboyant little gadfly! Your Charm collection has expanded quite a bit, hasn't it? I think it's about time you bought another Notch so you can wear more Charms at once. Go on... spoil yourself! Mmmm! 

Third Notch:

 Oooohhhh! Your charm collection is getting positively enormous! I'm so jealous! I think it's about time you bought another Notch so you can wear more Charms at once. Go on... spoil yourself! Mmmm! 

Shrumal Ogre

These lines of dialogue appear to have been intended to appear when using the Dream Nail on a Shrumal Ogre without Spore Shroom equipped.

 Melemag....Mu ola... 
 ...Undaya...Moga moga nala... 
 Gagan oola 

Shrumal Warrior

These lines of dialogue appear to have been intended to appear when using the Dream Nail on a Shrumal Warrior without Spore Shroom equipped.

 Nyush oola mumu? Shruba dungo ola, ola mu... gungi? 
 ...Mushi mungi ooalala... 
 ...Nyanmul....Gassa ola... 

The White Lady

This line of dialogue was intended to be spoken by the White Lady, and was removed in the Hidden Dreams update.

 Two halves of a whole. You found your way... back to me? We were so unfair, weren’t we? To cast you out. Please, you must not hate him. He did what he thought was right. The Kingdom had to live... 

Unknown Characters

It is unknown what characters were intended to have spoken these lines.

 That plague, it calls to something within. But that union it offers is a lie, the cost, a mind regressed. 
 Do you truly wish to break it...? Do you have the strength, or the will...? 
 Sometimes, I like to find a spot somewhere you can lie down and look up, and not see the roof of any caverns. The darkness is beautiful, and it goes on forever. 

Unused Miscellaneous Text

Abyss Entrance Lore Tablet

There is an early version of the lore tablet at the entrance to the Abyss in the game’s files.

Early Tablet Final Tablet
Higher beings, these words are for you alone.

From below, our pure Vessel has ascended. Only a realm of regret remains. We shall enter that place no longer.

Higher beings, these words are for you alone.

Our pure Vessel has ascended. Beyond lies only the refuse and regret of its creation. We shall enter that place no longer.

Ancient Basin Fountain

There is an early version of the text that appears when interacting with the fountain in the Ancient Basin.

Early Final
Geo is a burden to the ignoble bug. Let Hallownest's Pale King relieve you of it. A true servant gives all for the Kingdom.

Let Hallownest's Pale King relieve you of your burden.

Ancient Spider Corpse Inspect Text

 Remains of an ancient creature. 

City of Tears Lore Tablet

This is an unused lore tablet that would have appeared in the City of Tears. In the final game, some Royal Retainer corpses in the Ancient Basin use some of this dialogue.

 Missing monarch, we need you now. The madness spreads. The Vessel fails. You must return to us. 

Unknown Inspect Text

Some inspect text for an unknown corpse. It could have been intended for the dead Vessel in Greenpath.

 The remains of a wanderer, long deceased. 

Elegy For Hallownest

The game's opening sequence displays the first four lines of the poem, but the rest can be found in the game's files.

The full poem is as follows:

Our cherished dreams you granted and delivered more,

But in dismay you found too late our desires had no end,

What cost to tame our savagery? You gave your all and then gave more.

Yet still desires lay unquenched, more dreams remained, your energies spent.

Amongst it sprang a dreadful scourge,

that forced return our aggressive urge,

and turned us back to beasts or husks,

Our souls consumed by light above.

Within your corpse can still be heard the plaintiff cries of one,

Who took our pain, and loss, and dreams inside itself to...

Through it's pain we found a truth that must now be confessed,

For nothing can contain such things but perfect emptiness.

Zote Hall of Gods Text

This likely would have either appeared when inspecting the Eternal Ordeal statue of Zote. Added in the Godmaster DLC.

 Intruder amongst the gods of Hallownest 

Menderbug Journal Entry

There is an unused version of Menderbug’s Hunter’s Journal entry in the files. Note the incomplete sentence.

Early Final
Though not often caught at their task, the results of their work can be seen in the deft, timely repair of damaged Member of an elusive guild of bugs fixated on the maintenance of Hallownest's many signs and wayposts.

Menderbug’s House Unlock Prompt

Originally, Menderbug was going to drop an “Odd Key” upon his death, which could be used to open his house. in the final game, his house automatically unlocks after his death.

 The door is locked. 
Use the Odd Key? 

Record Bela

A lore tablet that would have appeared in the Soul Sanctum. In the final game, there are only Records Aba and Cenda. In the files, it is referred to as BELA_MAGE_COMP_02.

 Record Bela

To manipulate a soul, reformation of the mind must first occur.

Few can bear such change.

The path to true progress is littered with mistakes. 

Knight Statue in Hall of Gods

This dialogue originally appeared when interacting with the statue of the Void Entity in the Hall of Gods after beating all bosses on Radiant difficulty, added in the Godmaster DLC. In patch, this dialogue was changed to “Void given focus.”

 Void given mind. 

Early Memorial Inspect Text

An early version of the Hollow Knight’s memorial inspect text, under the name of “RUINS_FOUNTAIN”.

Early Final

HOLLOW KNIGHT In its black egg far above. Through its sacrifice, Hallownest lasts eternal.


HOLLOW KNIGHT In the Black Vault far above. Through its sacrifice, Hallownest lasts eternal.

Xero’s Grave

Before version, Xero’s grave had a different epitaph.

Early Final
Here lies a traitor. Cursed are those who turn against the King.

Developer's Notes

Notes from the developers regarding lore, characters, development, and editing of the game's text.


 Can be used if directly connected to a weapon ie a nail's blade. 


 not sure if these exist? Likely not. Journals exist. Tablets exist. Parchment exists. Journals look like they're made of stone. the relic dealer references parchment made from spider silk, but its not common. 

Bretta’s Journal

 To obscure the knight's gender in this instance, White Prince should probably be replaced with White Saviour. 

British English

 Hollow Knight uses British English. Run a spell check. Channelled, not Channeled. 

But, though

 check Ari hasn't used these too much as well and replace where possible/necessary. 


 Cloak is okay. Otherwise the bugs wear no clothes. 


 can be a crown as in the top of a head, but not a separate object. 

Day, today

 remove anything this specific about time. 


 check for it. can be used in special instances, but not a common word. 


 ... in hollow knight never has a space afterwards. The next words follow directly after the final . eg: I know....but. 


 can be used, but check carefully, many of the bugs may not have eyes, rather just sockety things. 


 these may not exist at all? 

Gender notes

 the hollow knights have no gender. Check for hims and hes. Is the Wyrm King gendered? probably. or is it that when the wyrm took king form it gained a gender?Hornet is the Gendered Child. She can be referred to as female. 


 is Geo capitalised? Should it be? 


 perhaps in special instance? though usually the god-like creatures are higher beings. 


 Few creatures have hands. Avoid it if possible. 


 Talks about her history: As part of the agreement for her alliance and her role as a dreamer, King gave her a child (Hornet). Was she allowed to keep this child or was she taken away? 


 THE LINE 'I've returned late' has currently been removed. Should it be in there? 

Hot Spa/Hot Spring

 probably go with spring over spa. Is spa a man made thing? spas are man-made, but the spas in this game do seem as though they've been constructed. wither term is fine though 


 No specific time is ever perceptible. Enforces the idea of a world in stasis. 'An age ago' is okay. 


 Can be used for conjoined words, but should be avoided in sentences, given the classic style of the text. use commas and full-stops instead. 

Journal Pluralization

 This should be consistent. Most follow this formula, but not all: standard not is singluar.Hunter's note speaks to the species normally, but can be either, because it's more casual. 


 is it always captialised. Should it be? Currently inconsistent in the text. 

Knight or knight?

 Are knights a special term in the kingdom? so only the hollow knight and the five king's knights are referred to as 'Knight'. All others eg mage knights, royal guards should not be referred to as 'knights' 

Lady, man

 is lady okay? Check its usage. As a royal thing maybe? Or maybe better to avoid it completely. 


 More detached than the other dreamers? Maybe ponders how the Hollow Knight (vessel) feels after all this time. Would he make the same choice again? First few dialogues are very taciturn. 


 spell is used, but magic in Hollow Knight is generally a shamanistic thing, so the words around it are more 'will' 'spirit' 'force' and emotions like 'rage' 'vengeance' 'longing' etc. Maybe magic can be used? 


 probably should be just geo. but could say the kingdom's currency. 


 just check this hasn't been used too much by Ari. 

Seal, seals

 do a check for the pluralisation here. There is one seal (around the hollow knight, that includes the binding spells, the chains, the dreamers and the egg). Each of the dreamers is part of that seal, not 'A' seal. <-- this is no longer accurate. I ended up pluralising seals. It became too difficult otherwise -Ari. 


 The moth tribe were (perhaps) descended from Radiance. However, the King convinced them somehow to seal Radiance away. I guess so he could rule Hallownest with his singular vision, as a monarch/god with no other gods.The moths sealed Radiance away by forgetting about her. Hallownest was born and flourished. However, the memory of Radiance lingered (eg the statue at hallownest's crown) and soon she began to reappear in dreams and starting exerting influence. The King and the bugs of hallownest resisted this memory/power and it started to manifest as the infection. Thus the first attempt to seal Radiance failed, and the King had to try another method - the Vessel. 


 As in the verb, 'to shop' 

Snail Shaman

 At some point hints that he can not leave the mound. "Can not" could mean he stays out of duty, or literally can not leave 

Skin is shell

 Most things don't have skin. the bugs refer to their exteriors as shell. 

SOUL and soul

 in UI text it should be SOUL in full caps, as seen on the first Tut tab. Currently inconsistent. 

Species not race

 do a find and manual replace for each of these. 


 no days. its one long night 


 no trees in hallownest, only roots, leaves and plants. 

Vengeful Spirit

 A desire for revenge is seared into the SOUL of those who fell in battle or were wronged in life. A Shaman can concentrate this desire and cast it out into the world to burn away whatever stands before them. - old descriptor text. Is pretty good! Should we put it in dialogue somewhere? 

Wood to Shellwood

 Doesn't come up much, but this is probably what Zote's Nail is made from. Also what the beams in the mines are made from. 

Unused Graphics

There are several unused sprites in the game’s files.

Enemy Sprites

Cut Dragonfly

A cut dragonfly enemy that can be found in the files. It is not used in the final game, but will be used in Hollow Knight: Silksong.

Hk dragonfly animated.gif

Winged Lifeseed

A lifeseed that would have had the ability to fly.

Hk flying lifeseed.gif


Some unused charms can be found in the game’s files. Some other charms can be found on the Prerelease page (Note: this has yet to be created).

Charm Description
Hk bronze dashmaster.png
A bronze version of the Dashmaster charm. Note that it resembles the statue where the charm is found.
Hk unused geo charm.png
A charm that appears in the Hollow Knight press kit and the files, and can be seen in an early screenshot of the game, where it has a yellow-tinted Geo in its center.
Hk unused charm.png
A charm that appears in the Hollow Knight press kit and the files.
Hk moss charm.png
A charm that appears in the Hollow Knight press kit and the files. Resembles the Mosskins found in Greenpath, and may have been a very early version of Shape of Unn.

Other Sprites

Royal Waterways Key

Originally, the sewer entrance in the City of Tears was going to require a unique key; in the final game, only a Simple Key is needed.

Hk waterways key.png

Blue Lantern

A strange blue lantern, known only as the “witch’s eye” in the files.

Hk lantern.png

Odd Key

Originally, Menderbug was going to drop a key upon death, which could be used to unlock his house In the final game, his house is automatically unlocked upon his death.

Hk odd key.png

Elegant Key

An early version of the Elegant Key can be found in the files, under the name “Mysterious Key”. In the Weird and Wonderful reveal trailer, Sly can be seen selling this key for 600 Geo (compared to 800 Geo in the final game.)

Mysterious Key Elegant Key Differences
Hk mysterious key.png
Hk elegant key.png
The Mysterious Key is a lighter shade of grey than the Elegant Key, and has a different symbol embedded in it.

Ink Jar

An unused item. Its purpose is unknown.

Hk ink jar.png

Treasure Map

An unused map, under the name of the “Treasure Map” in the game’s files.

Hk unused map.png

Snail House

The only remnant of an early snail village located in the Resting Grounds, seen in the Weird and Wonderful World trailer.

HK snail house.png

Vessel Bench

An unused bench that consists of Vessels. Likely would have been located in the Abyss.

Hk vessel bench.png

Abyss Dream Particle

Unused dream particles that would have likely appeared in the Voidheart dream.

HK abyss essence.png

Early Belfly

Some low-resolution sprites of a Belfly, with a red stomach.

Vessel Fragment

Originally, Soul Vessels would have only consisted of two Vessel Fragments. Sly’s description for his second Vessel Fragment is a remnant of this idea.

HK soul vessel.png

Shade Soul

An unused variant of Shade Soul can be found in the files, which resembles Abyss Shriek.

HK Shade Soul.png

Massive Moss Charger Journal Image

Before the Lifeblood update, the Massive Moss Charger had a unique Hunter’s Journal image, and an unused variant of that image could be found in the files. The Massive Moss Charger currently uses the Moss Charger’s Journal image.

Unused Before Lifeblood After Lifeblood
HK MMC unused.png HK MMC old.png HK Moss Charger.png

Spider Mage Hunter’s Journal

Before the game’s release, a fully-grown, infected Weaver named the Spider Mage was showcased on Twitter. Its Hunter’s Journal entry images can still be found in the files.

Grimmkin Pursuit Sprite

Each Grimmkin type has an unused variant of their Nightmare Pursuit attack sprite in the files. They were added in The Grimm Troupe update and were removed in the Lifeblood update.

Grimmkin Novice Grimmkin Master Grimmkin Nightmare
HK Grimmkin Novice.png HK Grimmkin Master.png HK Grimmkin Nightmare.png

Cut Hall of Gods Sprites

If Zone’s statue in the Eternal Ordeal entrance room is moved using third-party programs, cut Hall of Gods difficulty selectors, along with a switch that appears to have been intended for switching bosses between dream variants, can be found. These were added with the Godmaster update.

Elderbug’s Head

The top of Elderbug’s head could be found as a separate sprite in the files, prior to the Lifeblood update. This is a remnant of Dream Diving, an early ability that was cut from the game.

Radiant Menu

A cut menu style that would have been received for beating all bosses on Radiant mode in the Hall of Gods can be found in the files. This was added in the Godmaster update.

HK Radiant.png

Garpede Death Sprites

Sprites for a dead Garpede can be found in the game’s files, despite the fact that they can not be killed.

HK Garpede.png

Sleeping Stag

A sleeping animation for the Last Stag can be found in the initial release version of the game, though it was removed in later versions. This animation can also be found in the files of the beta. This sprite was edited to become a Stag corpse in the Stag Nest.

HK Stag Sleep.gif

Ambloom Jump

A cut sprite in the files suggests that the Amblooms were originally able to jump. This could also be a frame for an extended hurt animation.

HK Ambloom.png

Early Crystal Crawler

Some concept art for the Crystal Crawler can be found in its sprite sheet.

HK Crystal Crawler.png

Dreamers’ Hunter’s Journal Images

The Dreamers have unused images for Hunter’s Journal entries.

Lurien Herrah Monomon
HK Lurien.png HK Herrah.png HK Monomon.png

Shrumeling Sprite

An unused sprite for the Shrumelings can be found in the files.

HK Schrooms.png

Unused Miner’s Room

In the Weird and Wonderful World reveal trailer, Myla can be seen in her own room with different dialogue. The sprites for this room can still be found in the files.

HK unused cave.png
HK unused cave2.png
Room miner BG.png
Room miner FG.png

Godhome Scenery

Some unused decoration, likely meant for Godhome.

GG scenery 0001 20.png
GG scenery 0002 19.png
GG scenery 0003 18.png

Unused Audio

There are several audio files that can be found in the game’s files, but were never used in the release version of the game.


This sound, referred to as “hammering” in the files, could possibly have been an early version of the Nailsmith’s hammering.



The Seer has an unused dialogue sound for when she is in her Dream form.

Seer’s Unused Dialogue Sound

Tuning Sounds

Five unused tuning sounds were added with the release of the Godmaster DLC. They appear to have been intended to be made as examples for what the final sound should sound like.

Sound 1

Sound 2

Sound 3

Sound 4

Sound 5

Unused Rooms

Before the Hidden Dreams update, there were several unused rooms that could be found in the files.


A room identical to the room where the first Dreamer can be defeated.

Dream Guardian NPC

A cut NPC, seemingly an early prototype for the Dreamers. Wears a mask like Monomon's, has a shape and cloak similar to Lurien's, and stands on the ground rather than floating. Originally, the Dreamers all shared this design.

HK unused dreamer.png


An unused room in the Ancient Basin, to the right of the Palace Grounds. It features a unique bench on the right, and spools of thread. As the room is travelled through to the left, the room becomes less detailed. If the room is exited on the left side, the Knight is brought to where the Hidden Station is now (the Hidden Station also has spools on the right side of the room). The assets for this room are referred to as assets for Hornet’s room in the files.

HK Hornet1.jpeg
HK Hornet2.jpeg


A larger version of the secret area with moth statues in the Spirit’s Glade, where the Shrine of Believers can be found.

HK Resting Grounds.jpeg


An early version of Unn’s hideout in Greenpath. Based off the room’s layout, the room was likely going to be swam (an unused ability) through.

HK Greenpath 1.jpeg
HK Greenpath 2.jpeg
HK Greenpath 3.jpeg


An untextured room which was likely an unused part of the Teacher’s Archives, though it is apparently a Fungal Wastes room.


An unknown room intended for the Fungal Wastes that was likely going to be swam through.

HK Fungal Wastes.jpeg


An untextured room intended for the Fungal Wastes with an unknown purpose.

HK Fungal Wastes Blank.jpeg


Another untextured room intended for the Fungal Wastes with an unknown purpose. It has a broken spawn point.

HK Fungal Wastes Other Blank.jpeg


An unused Crystal Peaks room with non-functional crushers.

HK Mines Crusher.jpeg


Another unused Crystal Peaks room. There is a breakable wall in this room, but it has no hitbox and can be walked through. There are also a large empty area that may have been a boss arena, and a Crystal Dash section with a nonfunctional Geo rock.

HK Crystal Unused.jpeg
HK Crystal Unused 2.jpeg


Another blank, untextured room. It is unknown where this room would have appeared.

Strange File Names

Infected Crossroads Glowing Womb Background

In the background of the room where the Glowing Womb charm can be found, there is a sprite referred to in the game’s files as deepnest_blur_hive. This matches up with an early map of the game, where the Hive was located in Deepnest.

Kingdom’s Edge File Names

In the files, the rooms in Kingdom’s Edge are all categorized under “Deepnest_East.” This is because Kingdom’s Edge was originally part of Deepnest.

Greenpath/Queen’s Gardens/Fog Canyon/Fungal Wastes File Names

In the files, the rooms in Greenpath are categorized under “Fungus1”, the rooms in Fog Canyon and the Queen’s Gardens are categorized under “Fungus2”, and the rooms in the Fungal Wastes are categorized under “Fungus3”. This is because these four areas were originally a singular area referred to as “Fungus”.


Goam HP Value

Goals have an HP value of 91, though they are not able to be damaged in-game.