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Hot Wheels Turbo Racing (PlayStation)

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Title Screen

Hot Wheels Turbo Racing

Developer: Stormfront Studios
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform: PlayStation
Released in US: September 7, 1999
Released in EU: October 22, 1999

TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

A car driving game with powerups and the ability to perform stunts while airborne (ranging from simply doing a clean landing to combinations of spins/rolls/flips) to earn turbos. The main modes are played for finish line positions but others are about points earned with stunts. Many cars can be unlocked by collecting the respective "Hidden Car" on a course, while a few more - and all unlockable tracks - are obtained by winning the three tournament modes.

The game, using CD-DA audio streaming, even doubles as a techno/metal compilation music CD with its unedited tracks!

An adaptation of this game with less content and shortened music, but occasionally superior graphics, was released for the Nintendo 64.

Power-Up Names

The various power-ups found in tracks are not named in the game (only in the manual), despite them having names programmed:

Manual Codename In-Game
4X4 4x4 4x4 Power
[Unlisted; probably refers to explosive cans and crates that make lightweight cars fly a little.] boing Boing!
Super Brakes brakes Super Brakes!
Gyro gyro Gyro Power!
Super Handling handling Super Handling!
Rubber Car rubber Rubber Car!
Car of Steel steel Steel Car!
Sticky Tires sticky Sticky Tires!
Turbo Boost turbo Turbo!
Mystery Car uncar1 Unlock Car!
Mystery Car uncar2 Unlock Car!

(Source: CCCPSXP.BIG @ 0x5B653F0)

Special Passwords

As an alternative to the comprehensive memory card storage feature, the game supports a password save feature for players without a memory card (by accepting a save prompt then refusing to try again when a memory card is not detected).

[Interestingly, both the manual save/load and password input options are relatively hidden: while their existence is clearly acknowledged in the manual, it is never mentioned that the player must (or can) press Left or Right on the Sign In option, with the only clue being the presence of the same arrow symbols that appear on the Cars, Track, and game mode options.]

Such game-state passwords are, to tradition, apparently random to the external viewer, but the game's code contains some special ones:

  • SH0RTY_L - Rock Buster, Twinmill, Twinmill II, Go Kart, all tracks except R.M. Sludgeworks
  • HW_T3ST3RS - All cars except Tow Jam
  • M1N14CT10N - Power Rocket
  • CR0NST4RR - Serpent Sprint
  • H1GH_NRG - Hot Wheels 500
  • WH1T3C4R - Everything except Tow Jam
  • TH4T_R0CKS - Twinmill II
  • (The 8-digit sequences that follow aren't passwords)
(Source: CCCPSX.EXE # 0xC06FC)
  • C1NDY - Strip Teaser
  • N0SL33P - Rigor Motor
  • THR4K4 - Twinmill
  • K_D0GG - Exhaust Pipes, Serpent Sprint, Volcano Blowout
  • DA_H00D - Nothing since A isn't on the keyboard!
  • J_D0GGY - Exhaust Pipes & Strip Teaser
  • SW41TS - Jet Threat
  • R4LF13 - Super Van
  • 1G0R - Strip Teaser
  • G10L1T0 - Rock Buster
  • F4TM4N - Sol-Aire CX4
  • NZM4N - Go Kart
  • 1H03 - Jet Threat
  • M0_D - Jet Threat
  • C0L0MB0 - R.M. Sludgeworks & R.M. Test Track
  • PWDTST - Everything except Tow Jam
  • V0LC4N0 - Exhaust Pipes, Serpent Sprint, Volcano Blowout
  • TWJM - Tow Jam
(Source: CCCPSX.EXE # 0xC3154)

Regional Differences

HotWheelsTurboRacingPSX Crash.png

The European version accidentally features one less playable track, as "Exhaust Pipes" will reproducibly freeze the game with an on-screen crash dump as it loads. Fortunately, it is completely optional.