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Ikari Warriors (Arcade)

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Title Screen

Ikari Warriors

Also known as: Ikari (JP)
Developer: SNK
Publishers: SNK (JP), Tradewest (US)
Platform: Arcade (SNK Triple Z80 hardware)
Released in JP: February 1986
Released in US: March 1986

RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

The adventures of two musclebound commandos before they began infiltrating fighting tournaments to save the world.

Regional Differences

The most noticeable difference between regions is the fact that you're fighting an unknown army (presumably the Vietnamese) in the US release... while in Japan, you're fighting Nazis in a jungle.

To do:
Add pictures of the Nazi symbols in vehicles and stages

Title Screen

Japan USA
Ikari (Arcade) - JP Title.png Ikari (Arcade) - USA Title.png

The US release of the game moves the "Ikari" title upwards, removes the kanji, adds the 'Warriors' subtitle and places the rifle bullet next to it.


Japan USA
Ikari (Arcade) - JP Ending.png Ikari (Arcade) - USA Ending.png

Both endings have completely different text (with the Japanese version having some very unfortunate choice of words), and show you rescuing a gigantic superior officer who was captured by the enemy for some reason. In the Japanese version, you rescue General Kawasaki, and in the US release you rescue Colonel Cook.

General Kawasaki Colonel Cook
Ikari (Arcade) - JP General.gif Ikari (Arcade) - USA General.gif

Their names and appearances are references to Eikichi Kawasaki (one of SNK's founders) and Leland Cook, Jr. (co-founder of Tradewest).

(Source: Game on Girl)