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Iron Chef (Windows)

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Title Screen

Iron Chef

Developers: CyberPlanet Interactive, Maya Wizard[1]
Publishers: CyberPlanet Interactive (AS), Phoenix Games (EU)
Platform: Windows
Released in EU: 2007
Released in AS: 2006

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

I can't believe it's not BurgerTime!

Unused Graphics


The Worm enemy has an unused set of walking sprites, with less exaggerated movements compared to what the final game uses. They can be found in the file Worm_Walk_49.jpg, while the alpha channel is Worm_Walk_49_a.jpg, both located insde of the folder Data\IC_Character\Worm:

Reference Pictures

Throughout the game's data are several reference pictures for some of the game's screens:




Combo Graphics

The directory Data\IC_Play\Score_Num, which contains the number sprites seen in the gameplay and bonus stages, also contains graphics from a removed combo system. Note that the latter graphic seems to be a leftover from Caveman Rock, also developed by CyberPlanet Interactive.

num_score_combo.jpg + num_score_combo_a.gif

num_score_combo_137.jpg + num_score_combo_137_a.gif


The root Data directory also contains some unused graphics, as listed below:

Check_FM.jpg is a lavender square.

COMPANYLOGOw.BMP is a bitmap version of CyberPlanet Interactive's logo. The used file is a JPG, located at Data\All_Menu\BackGround\Title\COMPANYLOGO.JPG.

default.bmp is a red diamond.

Ground_FM.jpg is a pink square.

Hideblog.bmp is a blue diamond.

number_(12,18).bmp is an unused graphic for numbers. The file is dated December 27, 2004, much older than everything else in the data, and seems to be a leftover from Moontra Kid: The Ghost City.

shadow.bmp is a simpler shadow texture.

Unused Text

Found at offset 0xB3970 of the game's executable are leftover text strings from Deep Hunter, a previous game by CyberPlanet Interactive:

   Deep hunter is a shooting game in the deep ocean. There are three major sea creatures: octopus, green jellyfish and red jellyfish. Octopus earns 5 points and 10 Oxygen points. Green jellyfish earns 10 points. Red jellyfish earns 20 points. There is chance to earn Bonus point too. Press the UP and DOWN arrow key to control the diver's movement. When ready to shoot, press the centre button. Earn as many points as you can within the time limit.

Deep Hunter
Version 1.0

Copyright 2003
CyberPlanet Interactive.
All rights reserved.