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Jagged Alliance 2

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Title Screen

Jagged Alliance 2

Developer: Sir-Tech Canada
Publishers: TalonSoft (US), TopWare Interactive (EU), Titan Computer (Linux)
Platforms: Windows, Linux
Released in US: July 23, 1999
Released in EU: April 1999

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

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The ruler of the tiny island nation of Arluco has been murdered, and his wife has declared herself queen and taken control, imposing a brutal dictatorship on the unfortunate masses. There's only one solution: Hire a bunch of mercenaries off the internet and take back the country, inch by inch!

The source code was released in March 2004 as part of Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire, a mod sold commercially by the game's publisher.

Unused Code

Air Raid

The source code contains code, sitting in ja2/Build/Tactical/Air Raid.c, for your squad getting attacked with an Air Raid, but it is never called. The only attempt to initialize the Air Raid would have been 1 minute after the game starts.

Social Traits

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A host of unused social traits are present in the default mercenary definitions, but are not actually used in the final game:

  • Appearance: How physically attractive the character is. Options are Ugly, Homely, Attractive and Total Babe.
  • Refinement: How refined this character is. Options are Slob, Snob and Average.
  • Race: The character's race. Options are White, Black, Asian, Eskimo and Hispanic.
  • Nationality: Where the character hails from. There are a host of options here, including Arluco and Metavira (the setting of the original Jagged Alliance).
  • HatedNationality: What nationality this character hates. Same options as Nationality. Setting to -1 makes them not hate a nationality.
  • AppearanceCareLevel: Defines how much the character cares about other character's appearance setting. Options are Not At All, Somewhat and Extremely.
  • RefinementCareLevel: Defines how much the character cares about other character's refinement setting. Options are Not At All, Somewhat and Extremely.
  • HatedNationalityCareLevel: Defines how much the character cares about if another character is from their Hated Nationality. Options are Not At All, Somewhat and Extremely.
  • Racist: Defines how racist the character is towards characters of a different race setting. Options are None, Some and Very.
  • Sexist: Defines how sexist the character is towards characters of a different gender. Options are None, Some, Very and Gentleman.

The v1.13 fan-patch enables these social traits, effecting the hourly morale updates of your mercs based on who you're paying them to hang out with.

Unused Graphics

Unused Interface


An early version of the map/squad interface, still present in the original files. The black area shows where the map should be. Interface images and colors are similar to the original. Maybe this was just an alternate version for the final candidate and was later replaced? (Interface.slf at offset 530166.)


Another early version of the map and the squad interface, using an early Grizzly icon as a placeholder for other soldiers. This is similar to the one above, but it's unknown which one was used first. This interface has a simple plain brown color, rather than the image pattern of the final version. The map resembles Arulco, but contains 18×18 tiles instead of 16×16. (Interface.slf at offset 3872204.)


In-game interface seen in very early versions of Jagged Alliance 2 still left in the original game. Notable for the skills being on the right rather than left, plus the absence of the morale bar. (Interface.slf at offset 2158768.)


What appears to be an even earlier interface, with characters and weapons from Jagged Alliance Deadly Games but in 640 resolution. Unknown when and where this was used. (Data.slf at offset 277832.)

Unused Images


An unused Sir-Tech logo screen, probably an early version. (Interface.slf at offset 7324948.)


Another unused Sir-Tech logo screen, although it's not known which one was used when...if either was used at all. (Loadscreens.slf at offset 26143056)


Probably an early version of the title screen. It has extra animation frames stored in the same file (see below). The buttons like "New Game" and "Load Game" would appear after the lightning strike, either below the II or partly covering it. (Data.slf at offset 502958.)

Unused Animations


Seven frames showing the lightning bolt of the aforementioned early logo affecting the aforementioned II. (Data.slf at offset 1461564.)