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Jet Moto 2124

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Title Screen

Jet Moto 2124

Developer: Pacific Coast Power & Light
Platform: PlayStation

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
SourceIcon.png This game has uncompiled source code.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.

We could only wish we were playing this right now... maybe...
This game was never completed and/or given a public release.
As a result of this, keep in mind that the developers might have used or deleted some of the content featured here, had the game actually reached store shelves.

Jet Moto 2124 was supposed to be the futuristic followup to the highly underrated Jet Moto games, to be released in Spring 2000. Unfortunately, problems during development, as well as the relatively lackluster sales of Jet Moto 3, resulted in its cancellation.

A ROM of an early test build was acquired by Jet Moto Central and released on January 14th, 2014.

Unused Tracks

Atlantis II

Known in-game as ATLAN_2. This track uses a similar aesthetic as Atlantis, but has a completely different layout. According to developers, this stage was scrapped due to being too difficult for the first stage in the game, and was thus replaced with Atlantis.

Atlantis II can replace Atlantis with the use of the following code:

300C55EC 0041
300C55ED 0054
300C55EE 004C
300C55EF 0041
300C55F0 004E
300C55F1 005F
300C55F2 0032

Neo Rio

Known in-game as NEORIO. This track crashes the game when loaded.

JM2124 Neo Rio Trophy.png

An unused trophy for Neo Rio exists in the game's files.

Pacific Ocean

Known in-game as PACIFIC. This track exists as a near-duplicate of Atlantis II with only some minor aesthetic changes. The files are located after Neo Rio, indicating that Atlantis II was to be brought back after being cut with a slight change in its theme before being scrapped again.

Pacific Coast can replace Atlantis with the use of the following code:

300C55EC 0050
300C55ED 0041
300C55EE 0043
300C55EF 0049
300C55F0 0046
300C55F1 0049
300C55F2 0043

JM2124 Pacific 1.png
The beginning of the track. Note the different sign compared to Atlantis II.

JM2124 Pacific 2.png
The turn right after the underwater tunnel.

JM2124 Pacific 3.png
The ship jump, now with less protective barriers.

JM2124 Pacific 4.png
Again, note the yellow arrow sign.

Test Track

Known in-game as CRYS_COM. This track is a flat plain made up of a grid of various textures.

Test Track can replace Atlantis with the following code:

300C55EC 0043
300C55ED 0052
300C55EE 0059
300C55EF 0053
300C55F0 005F
300C55F1 0043
300C55F2 004F
300C55F3 004D
300C55F4 0000
300C55F5 0000
300C55F6 0000
300C55F7 0000
300C55F8 0000
300C55F9 0000
3001430C 0043
3001430D 0052
3001430E 0059
3001430F 0053
30014310 005F
30014311 0043
30014312 004F
30014313 004D

JM2124 test stage 1.png

JM2124 test stage 2.png

JM2124 test stage 3.png

JM2124 test stage 4.png


This track crashes the game when loaded.


This track crashes the game when loaded.


This track crashes the game when loaded.


This track crashes the game when loaded.

Unused Characters

Originally, the game was meant to have 8 hidden characters. The full list of characters as referenced in the game is as follows:

Jed Moto
Captain Moto

Pink Rider

JM2124 pink rider texture 1.png

These textures exist for a second pink rider.

Old Mortician

JM2124 old mortician texture.png

These textures exist for an old version of Mortician.


JM2124 alien texture.png

These textures exist for an unused alien rider.


Smiley is fully playable in the game with the following code:

300C5588 0053
300C5589 004D
300C558A 0049
300C558B 004C
300C558C 0045
300C558D 0059

He is difficult to handle and prone to bouncing really high into the air.

JM2124 smiley 1.png
Smiley as it appears in-game.

JM2124 smiley 2.png
Smiley after bouncing really high.

JM2124 smiley 3.png
The front side of Smiley.

JM2124 smiley texture.png
Smiley's textures.

Tron Racer

Another unused playable racer exists within the game's files. This character appears invisible at first, but becomes jet black when first entering a dark area.

JM2124 tron 1.png

JM2124 tron 2.png

JM2124 tron 3.png

Unreachable Powerup

JM2124 hidden powerup.png

This hidden turbo powerup can be found only by falling under the track on the Phobos stage.

Build Date

Present near the beginning of the ROM.

Wed Mar 01 10:17:56 2000

Unused Images

Given the unfinished nature of the game, there are a lot of images that go unused here.


JM2124 intro.png
A development credit for Sony Interactive Studios America, recycled from 2Xtreme. It was most likely a placeholder for either the 989 Studios logo video or for Pacific Coast Power & Light's own logo.

JM2124 legal info.pngJM2124 legal info 2.png
A couple of screens involving legal info.

JM2124 demo screen.pngJM2124 demo screen 2.pngJM2124 demo screen 3.png
These screens were meant to be displayed at the end of a demo build of the game.

JM2124 controls.png
This screen was meant to be shown when loading stunt mode.


JM2124 logo.png
An unused logo image.

JM2124 test.png
A simple test image, showing a screenshot from Jet Moto 2.

JM2124 test image.png
Another test image.

JM2124 concept.pngJM2124 concept 2.png
There are also a couple of other unused renders hidden in the game's files. Their intended purpose is unknown.

Jet Moto 2125

There are several leftover images from a much earlier build of the game, titled Jet Moto 2125.

JM2125 main menu.pngJM2125 main menu 2.pngJM2125 main menu 3.pngJM2125 main menu background.png
These images were used for the title screen. Interestingly, the background is also stored as a separate file, despite the menus coming pre-assembled in the first three images.

JM2125 options menu.pngJM2125 options menu background.pngJM2125 options menu options.png
These images were used for the options menu. Likewise, there are several elements that are saved separately, despite the pre-assembled menu screen.

JM2125 speedometer.pngJM2125 speedometer 2.png
A couple of early speedometer designs.

Unused Music

The tracks "Falling" and "Keep Hope Alive" go unused, as they were intended to play on Pacific Coast and Neo Rio, respectively.

Foobar's Album

Another file in the game's code gives more information about the game's music.

Back on a Mission - Cirrus
Blowing Up - Ellis Dee
Doorway - Easedrop
Escape - Gyrate
Flip the Track - Trip Theory
Fear of Flying - Uberzone
Stargazer - Deepsky
Godspeed - BT
Pistol Whipped - Josh Ryan
Believe - Uberzone

Source Code

Contained on the disc is MUSIC.H, which contains the following code. Note the inclusion of the unused songs.


  File created by Audio Grinder                   

    for xa file -> MUSIC.XA


#ifndef MUSIC_XA

#define MUSIC_XA	0X4D555349

#define XA_BELIEVE			11	/* (112.373337s) */

#define XA_BLOWING_UP			6	/* (125.173340s) */

#define XA_B_O_A_MISSION			8	/* (120.053337s) */

#define XA_DOORWAY1			7	/* (121.386673s) */

#define XA_ESCAPE			10	/* (114.613335s) */

#define XA_FALLING			5	/* (125.973335s) */

#define XA_FEAR_OF_FLYING			1	/* (130.026672s) */

#define XA_FLIP_THE_TRACK_2			0	/* (139.520004s) */

#define XA_GODSPEED			3	/* (129.386673s) */

#define XA_KEEP_HOPE_ALIVE_3			9	/* (116.053337s) */

#define XA_PISTOL_WHIP_2			2	/* (129.973343s) */

#define XA_STARGAZER			4	/* (126.026672s) */