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Jinsei Game

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Title Screen

Jinsei Game

Developer: Takara
Publisher: Takara
Platforms: Game Boy, Super Game Boy
Released in JP: June 23, 1995

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.

Jinsei Game ~ The Game of Life in epic proportions, offering 4-player over-the-top situations when played using the Super Game Boy.

Debug Menu

Jinsei Game SGB J Debug Screen.PNG

Game Genie codes 7C1-EAF-08E+081-EBF-B36 will re-enable the Debug Menu activation button. Any time during the game press Select to enter. Press A to select an item and Start to return to the Debug Menu.

It seems, at the development stage only particular game events called this activation code test, but there are no any references in the release version to this routine at all, so here we just call it from the main loop instantly which leads to some problems. The Debug Menu doesn't load a proper font manually, rather using the already loaded one. As a side effect, you'll see only garbage if the Debug Menu is activated in a place where no text is displayed (the Intro, the Title screen, the Map mode, etc...).

Event Test (イベント テスト)

Jinsei Game SGB J Event Test.PNG

Allows you to test all 146 board events by pressing A button. First two events (000 and 001, both are refers to the same event handler and seems doesn't used by the game or work not properly from the Debug Menu) will crash the game after completion, while the rest will simply return you to the Debug Menu.

Character Check (キャラクタ チェック)

Jinsei Game SGB J CHR Test.PNG

Tests CHR data. Only allows you to see currently loaded CHR data in VRAM. So, you can't change the CHR selection.

Sound Test (サウンド テスト)

Jinsei Game SGB J Sound Test.PNG

Plays all music and sounds in the game. A plays and B stops the currently playing sound effects and music. The selection icon is completely missing and music loops through the sound effects then back to the first song.

Scroll Test (スクロール テスト)

Here is the empty dummy handler, literally "RTS" only. There is no input test here or any other controls but the game still working and you can quit this mode any time just by pressing Select button again to call the Debug Menu if using aforementioned Game Genie code.

Reset (リセット)

Takes the game to the Title screen when selected.

Ending (エンディング)

Plays the winners screen when selected then goes back to the title screen.

Unused Sprite Test

Jinsei game (game boy)-sprite test.png

Game Genie codes 25A-9CB-804+4CA-9DB-C46 replaces the empty dummy handler for Scroll Test in Debug Menu with otherwise not mentioned anywhere else Sprite Test. The test is rather simply just like the Character Check mode and only allows you to see one single sprite with some animations using currently loaded tiles for the sprites.

Unused Game Event

Jinsei game (game boy)-mode5 0.png Jinsei game (game boy)-mode5 1.png

Game Genie codes 292-70F-91B+5C2-71F-6EB+059-46A-F72 re-enables an unused game setup screen (index 05) intended to be called after the name entry screen (04) but before the game (06). This screen asks all players to choose a card and then decide the turns order. The code is fully working except this order isn't used by the game anyway. All players are moving according to its numbers in the list in any case. Note, that this hack is overwrites the ending screen.