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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Arcade)/Unused Sounds

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This is a sub-page of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Arcade).

Bizarre adventure.png Unused Rubber Soul Voice Files

This translates to: "You have no way of winning!"

Bizarre adventure.png Unused Khan Voice Files

This translates to roughly to: "Hey, its me! [insult]."

Bizarre adventure.png Unused Hol Horse/Boingo Voice Files

This translates to roughly: "It's destiny, yes."

This translates to roughly: "Believe it."

Bizarre venture.png Unused Avdol Voice Files

This would go with his Shoryuken move which is labelled "Fire Wall" in the HD rerelease's move list.

Bizarre venture.png Unused Chaka Voice Files

This scream goes unused and would have gone with his screaming winpose.

Chaka never says "DIO!" like the heroes and Devo do so this goes unused.

Bizarre venture.png Unused JoJo Voice Files

I am very conflicted about this since it actually appears in the Jojo's Venture Sound CD under Voice and SFX (which would mean it most likely appears in-game) but I cannot get Jojo to ever say this so it goes here.

He seems to be saying "Caesar..." as in Caesar Zeppeli, his friend from Part 2 of the manga. JoJo also screams Caesar's name when performing his Teachings super. Because of how similar the super is to Old Joseph's counterpart, it's possible this one would have been used, but was replaced to replicate how he acted in the manga.

Bizarre adventure.png Unused Black Polnareff Voice Files

This is most likely an alternate take on a laugh. Used in one of his win poses in the Asia region, or using voicetype other than normal.

Although this is indeed used in one of his supers, the end of it gets cut off in-game.

Bizarre adventure.png Unused N'Doul Voice Files

Nante yatsu da!? (What kind of person is he!?)

Masaka!? (Could it be!?)

Laughing sound. Occasionally plays if hit in stand ON if you play him via debug mode.

Dio-sama... taoshimashita. (Lord DIO... I defeated them.)

(Source: Translations)

Bizarre venture.png Unused System Voice Files

This goes unused but exists in both games. Obviously would have gone with the multiplayer continue screen. Might have gone unused since the screen for a villain or female character is different.

Bizarre adventure.png Unused Music/Jingles

A short, 8 second loop that sounds somewhat similar to Dio's theme. Would later be used in the PlayStation port as a Super Story cutscene BGM during the "DIO's World" segment.

An ominous jingle. This would later be used in the PlayStation port for the Tarot Fortune Telling minigame.