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Jump Ultimate Stars

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Title Screen

Jump Ultimate Stars

Also known as: Jump Super Stars 2
Developer: Ganbarion
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo DS
Released in JP: November 23, 2006

CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

Nintendo’s massive manga cross-over Jump Super Stars has done well enough to warrant a sequel, which has characters from 41 Jump series and got more import-friendly. It later got a partial fan-translation.

Unused Koma

The “koma” (panels) in this game are the various battler/assist/stat enhancer characters that can be assembled in a Deck Edit Mode. Some however are unused: they don’t appear in the list of the available komas. Most of them are completely black.

When hacked into the list with the use of Action Replay codes they can be found under the “Other” category, which is otherwise unused. More importantly, any deck using these unused komas is automatically considered illegal regardless of whether it fulfills the normal rules.

To do:
Add Action Replay codes. Get screenshots. Figure out Help koma effects. See if any of these have anything interesting in their upgrade charts or descriptions in the museum. Do any of the unused battlers have Ally Boosts?

Here is a list of some of these koma:

Help Koma

  • A Koma, B Koma and C Koma: They have the same description, and black graphics. Effect?
  • Soul Unrestricted: This is the most famous one: It gives the battler it is associated with, infinite SP gauge, allowing for spamming endlessly Super Attacks (X button), and Assist characters. It was most likely intended for debug use. It has a description. Black graphics.
  • Red Koma, Green Koma and Yellow Koma: While their battler variant is used sometimes in Story Mode (but not available in Deck Construction mode), the help and assist variant are unused. They have available graphics. Effect is なし, which means "none", and it describes their effect accurately.

Assist Koma

They have black graphics. All of them are 2-case type.

  • Red Koma, Green Koma and Yellow Koma: They have black graphics, unlike their other variants. Effect?
  • Frieza: He normally has help and battler versions. Frieza power-up himself then dash on enemies
  • Majin Buu: He normally has help and battler versions. He fires a very powerful beam.


  • Sasuke: Working. See image above.
  • Raoh: Working.
  • Edajima: Working.
  • Dr Mashirito: It actually spawns Caramel Man J (the final boss!) to fire a ray on a certain distance. It’s easy to see why they removed this: he is supposed to be a rare overpowered koma: only the 8-koma battler variant is used.

Battler Koma

To do:
Transcribe and translate the Ally Boost text. Rip sprites.
  • Momote Taizou (M): Called Cien Fleur Wings in the fan translation. A 4-koma type. Its attacks are not working, and only his idle, damage, and falling animations are available. Laughter-type. It uses Goku's HP bar. This actually is used in the Taizou Mote King Saga world's only mission, where you have to defeat a totally idle Taizou using a deck of female characters, but it is not available to the player. Ability and special moves have blank entries. Base HP is 224. Is ally-boosted by Luffy, Green Koma, and Yellow Koma.


Komamen Ally Boosts

To do:
Find out the Japanese dialogue - this is from the translation patch

The Komamen, basic characters using the 3 types in the game, are seen in many missions and are even playable in several premade decks. However, they cannot be used in the deck builder normally, and as such their Ally Boost dialogue cannot be seen without cheating.

Red Koma

Green Koma: "Just as planned..."

Yellow Koma: "(・3・) Smooch!"

B Koma: "Work hard!!!"

Green Koma

Red Koma: "Doggyaan!"

Yellow Koma: "(-3-)=3"

A Koma: "Praise friendship!!!"

Yellow Koma

Red Koma: "Zugiyuun!"

Green Koma: "(=3=) Burp!"

C Koma: "Let's win!"