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Jurassic Park: Trespasser/Build 117

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This is a sub-page of Jurassic Park: Trespasser.

To do:
With other priorities related to Trespasser articles here, I (Glisp) don't have time to take some screenshots of these. If anyone would like to, go right ahead. The official patch (along with various versions of it for different installation preferences) can be found here on Trescom: http://www.trescom.org/patches/

After the game was released, a patch was released to fix several aesthetic aspects and make bug fixes. Later released copies of the game include the patch.

Bug Fixes

  • Jump consistency.
  • Object pickup tweaked to avoid unnecessary dragging.
  • Keypad interaction tuned.
  • Interpenetration of compound, physical objects fixed.
  • Centering aim from mouse command removed.
  • Optimized box-box interaction and world queries.
  • Occasional object disappearance.
  • Floating objects.
  • Adjusted terrain texture resolution.



  • A plant was removed, as it clipped into the fence.
  • The baseball bat in the truck was moved to the ground, presumably to make it somewhat easier to pick up and to avoid physics issues.
  • "bool NoCache = true" is added to the billboards.
  • Tutorial messages are changed from using ActionType 34 to a "ResourceID" script instead (which is hardcoded).

Industrial Jungle

  • Several foliage objects, some parts of the stream-bed leading up to the monolith easter egg, and several billboards were removed.
  • The density on the object "Vstickj00-XX" is changed from 5 to 2. With the patch, "bool NoCache = true" is added to the billboards.

InGen Town

  • Wu's microwave has been removed.
  • The phone wires were refitted to actually go onto the poles. An additional phone pole was added in the middle of a street.
  • Instead of being a hint trigger the player must enter, the hint "This place is dead. I have to get out the northeastern gate, and look for that satellite link." is shown after picking up the purple card in Hammond's office.

The Lab

  • In the unpatched version, the player was able to break the truck hood. With the patch, "BreakStrength" was removed from the script of the object.

Ascent 1

  • Two objects with three stacked boxes were changed to spread out the blocks.
  • Two more objects were also removed; a wall floating above the level and another wall hidden below the terrain.

Ascent 2

  • Crates were repositioned throughout the level.
  • Two triggers were placed for killing the player, but cannot be reached as they are under the terrain.

(Source: Tatu)