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Jurassic Park: Trespasser/InGen Town

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This is a sub-page of Jurassic Park: Trespasser.

InGen Town is the fourth level, but it was originally supposed to be the fifth. With Plantation House being scrapped and partially merged with Jungle Road, it was moved up one slot. Originally, it would have ended a little ways after exiting the East Gate and the level "Plains" would have started up. However, with Plains being scrapped, part of the level was merged with the InGen Town.

Henry Wu's Stair Rail

They must have been in a hurry to miss that.

At some point in development, the railing to Wu's stairs was removed. However, it seems the guys at DWI were in such a hurry to meet the deadline that they forgot to remove the collision data. Going by a time frame, the railing's object was removed sometime between Build 96 and the final (which would be build 116). The remnants of the railing can be seen with the BONES cheat.

Wu's Entertainment Center

"Nice stereo, guy."

A voice node in front of the entertainment center in Wu's house is placed too high to reach normally. The only ways to activate it are to drag an object underneath the node and stand on it, or jump against the entertainment center and hope the physics push you upwards.

The Sign at Wu's Pool


The sign next to Wu's pool in his backyard isn't actually unused. However, the text in the bottom right corner is difficult to read. According to some, it is supposed to read the following:

Please take a shower before entering the pool.
If you don't, I will kick you're [sic] ass first, and
ask questions later. That be the Law asshole.
If you don't like it, you can get the fuck out
of my house. No exceptions......! Thank you.

Early Cattle Prod

One of the only melee weapons that isn't totally useless.

Out of bounds at -1605,-347,2 is an early version of the cattle prod, even earlier than the one found in Build 96. Like Nedry's Mace, this weapon wasn't nerfed by the developers and can actually deal a fair amount of damage.

The Wyckoff-Mounier Psychological Device

While not unused, not a lot of people notice this right away while playing (or at all on some occasions if they aren't told about it.) the level. There is a code hidden below the sink in the gas station that can be entered in the console at the Ops Center. The code is House, House, House, Gate, Gate, Lightning Bolt, Data, Lightning Bolt. Entering this code brings up a screen put in by Richard Wyckoff, one of Trespasser's developers who designed most of the puzzles in the Town level. Apparently, by this point, the work on Trespasser was so stressful that Richard decided to express his frustrations in-game. Mounier is Michael Mounier, one of Trespasser's programmers. He probably handled the internal coding for this little Easter egg.

Hidden HK-91

This is why objects float over the ground. To prevent stuff like this from happening.

This HK-91 is buried underground in the pit in the middle of the church at -374.3, 62.9, 45.7. It can only be seen with the BONES cheat on. Surprisingly, it's actually possible to grab it by kneeling down and positioning Anne's hand so it just barely touches the handle.

The Church

The church itself isn't unused; but according to the 1997 walkthrough, the developers made to plan out the initial ideas for the game, a tree was supposed to go in the pit in the center of the Church. It looks like this was at least partially executed, as not only is there a hole in the floor where it should have gone, but a matching hole in the ceiling can be seen above. Due to the numerous problems faced during development, it's possible that the tree was either cut to reduce stress on the graphics engine or was simply never placed at all.

Test Scene Warp

Fake walls? Classic.

There's a hidden spot in the Town wall at 449.0,84.4,45.2 where the player can slip through the wall. It's easy to see with the BONES cheat on. Slipping through here activates a trigger that sends the player to the Test Scene. This was most likely intentional, since the Secrets.doc that came with the Trespasser Source code actually mentions including a warp to the test scene.

Other Misplaced Voice-Overs

In addition to the voice-over regarding Wu's Stereo in his house, a couple of other voice-overs that were placed too high can also be found throughout the town.

(To see the full quote for each voice-over, move your cursor over the photo.)

How did they get their electricity? They must have had a generator.

This lamppost found at -424,42,45 has a voice-over at the top of it. It can easily be climbed to by placing a crate or two at its base.

Now would probably not be a good time for a drink. Much as I might like one...

This one is in the Saloon. It can be triggered by climbing on the left bartender counter and jumping.

Nothing here. I bet you Hammond's the one who's got all the fun satellite phones.

This plays in the gas station garage when jumping on or near the lift. This voice-over is actually mentioned as being planned as a secret in the Secrets.doc that came with the leaked Trespasser source code. Originally, the developers had talked about having the player trigger a switch that would lower this lift, allowing them to hear the voice-over when it rose up. However, this is pretty easy to jump up to. Alternatively, it can be heard by climbing on top of the gas station.

Floodgate Control Door Message

Good luck reading this. I'm not even sure how the fanbase knows what it says...

According to certain fans, the door to the Floodgate Control Room has a profane message written on it in text almost too small to be legible, even at high resolutions.

Why don't you just fuck off out of here.
Why don't you just fuck off out of here.

If this is true, the developers probably weren't happy with how things were going with development.

Nothin' But Net

"Nothin' but net."

Originally, dunking a ball through either of the hoops would trigger a voice-over acknowledging the achievement. However, the voice-over seemed to have a slight problem: It would repeat itself indefinitely. As a result, in the final version, the triggers for playing this voice-over were simply moved to behind the hoops. With some patience, it is still possible to activate these triggers in the game, but they will repeat over and over again until the level is finished or a save is loaded.

Old East Gate Music


This music track probably would have played when opening the East Gate and accessing the walk to the Plains level entrance.

Albertosaurus Encounter


At some point in the InGen Town level, the player was supposed to encounter an Albertosaurus. Unfortunately, it seems that the Albertosaurus encounter was scrapped.

Hidden Hunting Rifle

Behind the floodgate control room, a Hunting Rifle can be found embedded in the ground. Despite being underground, its shadow shows up on the ground indicating where it is. This Hunting Rifle used to be in a weapons safe in earlier builds but the safe was since removed and the Hunting Rifle was placed on the ground... albeit too close to the ground as it now spawns underground!