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Jurassic Park: Trespasser/Pine Valley

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This is a sub-page of Jurassic Park: Trespasser.

Pine Valley is perhaps the most famous scrapped level from Trespasser, probably because of how far into production it made it before being scrapped. It's also because of the fact a stripped down version of Pine Valley was used for the Trespasser demo. The main reason for Pine Valley's removal was because the puzzles were too buggy and Dreamworks Interactive had little time to fix them before the upcoming deadline. Most of the bugs had to do with the complexity of the level's Geothermal Plant puzzle. Given more time, perhaps the level could have been finished. This sub-page will only cover the leftover content in the final version of the game (Build 116). Information on the various versions of Pine Valley found in prototypes can be found on the game's prototypes' pages.

Music Tracks

All of the music tracks used or planned to be used in Pine Valley are still in the final game's data. Two of these tracks are actually used in the retail levels. "MUSIC - GEO PLANT COURTYARD" is used in Ascent 1 in the final. Likewise, "MUSIC - GEO PLANT CONTROL ROOM" ended up being used in InGen Lab. Other tracks used in this level unfortunately, weren't so lucky and remained unused:


This track is used in Trespasser Build 96. The player can hear it at the beginning of the level, indicating where it was intended to be. The track plays on a large cliff/hill, hence the title of the song, "Reveal of Landscape".


Another track that went unused in the final, but is used in Build 96. As the name suggests, it is used in Pine Valley. In the prototype, the track plays near a small set of Mayan Ruins with a Raptor nearby, which is found when taking the path through the woods.


This track is pretty self explanatory. While it isn't used in neither the prototype nor the final, it was confirmed that this T-Rex encounter theme would have appeared here by the music composer, Bill Brown, himself. In Build 96, there is a T-Rex in Pine Valley which would make sense.


This track is unused, but like the previous song, it wasn't used in Build 96 or the final. However, at one time, a hidden village was planned for Pine Valley. It would have been found on the route where the player had to walk through the woods mentioned above.


Pretty self-explanatory. This would be used when the island's Geothermal Plant's power was restored. In fact, it plays in Build 96 when that feat is accomplished in Pine Valley.

Loading Screen

Yes, I used this twice.

The level's loading screen is still intact in the menu files! Interestingly, if the player ports Pine Valley from Build 96 into the retail engine's directory, it will use this loading screen!


Various voice-overs in the final's stream.tpa mention Pine Valley or were intended to be used there. Some of Anne's were removed before the final relating to PV, but they are still mostly intact in Build 96.



A forest like this, you could just walk forever. And never come back.
This was used in Build 96 for the route Anne takes through the forest.


These must run back to the town on one end.
Used if Anne folows the main road to a certain point in Build 96.


Must be out of darts.
Possibly related to the Raptor Nest area in the forest path? This isn't played at all in Build 96.



As we left, we vandalized our own locking mechanisms. InGen tolerates no trespassers.
A standalone version of the combined voice-over below.


I stepped out of the jeep and stretched my legs. The two guards attended to the wheel, and just for an instant I stood alone, unprotected in the Jurassic wilderness. I felt the air currents around me, heard a single tree rustle.
This is used in Build 96 when Anne steps near the turned over Jeep in the clearing close to the beginning of the level.


When I was little I dreamed of a time when the entire world was covered by an ancient forest. Great hunters stalked in the cool darkness, among silent, huge columnar trees – oaks, and sequoias.
This is actually still used in the final but was moved to Ascent 1 since Pine Valley was removed.


The steam pipes hissed and spat. Water pumped deep into the earth and came back super-heated.
Used in the Geothermal plant in Build 96 when entering the building with the valves.


VC H49 – A154

HAMMOND: As we left, we vandalized our own locking mechanisms. InGen tolerates no trespassers.

ANNE: Not until now.
This dialog is used in Build 96 but due to a seeming bug in Build 96 it doesn't play unless the game is saved and reloaded while the voice-over is playing.