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Just Shapes & Beats

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Title Screen

Just Shapes & Beats

Developer: Berzerk Studio
Publisher: Berzerk Studio
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: May 31, 2018

MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
PiracyIcon.png This game has anti-piracy features.

To do:
Updates have been released that add things, document unused things in those updates.

It’s true to its name.

Unused text

On unknown circumstances, the game can crash at the very end of a Challenge run's song, and the special rewards given to players will be instead replaced by default text, its title being "Ribbon's name" and the subtitle "ribbon description".

Jsab unused text.jpg

Just a simple test message.

Play Party mode for 15 minutes straight

Seems like an unused challenge (How would playing Party Mode be a challenge?)

This track is already completed! 
Retry the whole track anyway?

Probably meant for Story Mode


Some kind of error message

Playlist is empty!
Add some tracks in your playlist!

You can't load an empty playlist, so these are unused

Start game with that playlist?

Just a confirmation message


Not sure what this would be for

You seem to already be in this lobby. (Error code: [x])

You can't join a lobby while inside one so this goes unused

There are no checkpoints in this level
But I'm a nice guy
I'll give you extra health

Some unused tutorial text


In with all the control texts. Could you at one point shoot fireworks?

Easy story mode enabled
Stop asking

Some early text for casual mode

Hack the mainframe

Might be some Easter egg

Unavailable for demo

Demo leftovers


Credits text for Never Modern Talk. Even though none of their music is actually accessible in game

AUTO_UPDATE_1_3_UNLOCKABLE", "unlockable with their amiibo or in the playlist"
AUTO_UPDATE_1_3_DAILY_REWARDS", "daily amiibo rewards"


Unused music

Count Five and Die

The song "Count Five and Die" by Never Modern Talk can be found in the files. Unlike the other songs in the files, This is the full song instead of fading out after about a minute

Piracy Screen

If the game detects that it is a pirated copy, programmer and game designer Lachhh will personally chew you out for stealing let you know he understands, ask you to support the game via word of mouth, and invite you to check out his stream.

(Source: Jackscape)