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Kamen Rider Ryuki

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Title Screen

Kamen Rider Ryuki

Developer: Digifloyd
Publisher: Bandai
Platform: PlayStation
Released in JP: November 28, 2002

CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.

Those who don't fight wouldn't survive. Like the first two Heisei Rider series before it (plus the original and V3, the first two Showa-era Rider shows), Kamen Rider Ryuki gets a fighting game adaptation, and a simplistic one at that. This show was known in the West in the form of a Power Rangers-esque adaptation called Kamen Rider Dragon Knight.

This game also starts the tradition of keeping Alternative and Alternative Zero out from Kamen Rider fighting games.

Removed Mode?

KR Ryuki 2P Tag Mode.png

Menu banner text for a scrapped tag-team mode. That's pretty much all to it.

Unused Song

An unused song; where it would be used is unknown. Strongly resembles the instrumental backing of the show's "Final Vent" theme.


In-game Portrait
Found from Shiro and Yui's rejected mirror monsters folder. KR Ryuki Biogreeza Thumbnail.png

Biogreeza, Verde's Advent Monster, was planned to be playable at one point, but he ended up otherwise, probably since Biogreeza was never a Contract Monster that was once wild at one point in the TV show (Verde only appeared in the 13 Riders TV special, Biogreeza himself would later appear in another Kamen Rider show as a cameo), unlike Scissors' (Volcancer), Gai's (Metalgelas), Tiger's (Destwilder), and Imperer's (Gigazelle). Use GameShark code 30075090 001B to choose Biogreeza for the first player.

Biogreeza appears to be unfinished. He has his own name in lifebar, but he uses the model of Volcancer with Verde's texture sheet, resulting in the monster appearing to be corrupted. Biogreeza cannot move or attack, not even be knocked down, and if he is thrown, he does Volcancer's pre-fight taunt afterwards. If he is the first player, he will appear in the left-hand side of the playfield during the pre-fight taunt; otherwise he will be offscreen.

It should be noted that the textures of playable Contract Monsters (excluding Gigazelle and the Zebraskulls, which were wild Mirror Monsters with no affiliation to any of the Riders) are actually copies of the textures of the Rider they are contracted to, since the texture data for the Rider and Contract Monster are stored together. This explains why Biogreeza appears as Volcancer with Verde's texture when Biogreeza is played. Biogreeza does have his own model, used in Verde's Advent and Final Vent (as well when he finishes a match using the Final Vent - as standard procedure), but for whatever reason the game doesn't call the right model when Biogreeza is chosen as a playable character.

Biogreeza also has a portrait for the character selection screen, but only the large one exists; Biogreeza was likely going to be chosen much like the Megazelle/Gigazelle or the Zebraskulls.

Unused Advent Cards

To do:
Find out if these still have effect in code.
Image Description Intended User
Placeholder Vent? All characters has this card with blue background and low-resolution katakana that reads "blank" and used solely for padding. All characters
Confine Vent In the show, the Confine Vent was used by Gai to nullify the effect of an opponent's Advent Card (for instance, removing an active weapon from an opponent or to interrupt a Final Vent). Likely scrapped as Advent Cards in the game can only be used per round and would be awkward having this Advent Card disappear while having almost no practical effect for the user. Gai, Ouja (Metalgelas deck)
Copy Vent, Verde style While Raia's Copy Vent is used and exactly does what it do (copy a non-guard weapon), Verde's version of the card, intended to assume the look of an opponent, is not.
Although Raia uses this card as mentioned, it is still listed here for completeness.
Freeze Vent The Freeze Vent does what the first word say to an opponent. The almost definite reason for its removal is for balance reasons, as it wouldn't be fair for the opponent in a 2P VS match. Tiger
TAIMU BENTOO~ The infamous Time Vent was used to repeatedly restart the timeline of the TV show. It is unknown how it would be implemented in the game, but it's probably for better it isn't. Odin

In addition, all playable Advent Monsters (including Biogreeza) also has two copies of Magnugiga Advent card and Zolda's launcher-type Shoot Vent. As they are unable to use Advent Cards, they end up unused.


If Raia uses Copy Vent against Blank Ryuki's Sword Vent, Blank Ryuki's sound will play when the copied Blank Ryuki's sword gets broken after hitting the rival, since there's no specific sound for Raia breaking Blank Ryuki's sword. A similar behavior also occurs when Copy Vent is used against Zolda's rocket launcher-type Shoot Vent, if the weapon is swung using Kick button.