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Kameo: Elements of Power

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Title Screen

Kameo: Elements of Power

Developer: Rare
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Platform: Xbox 360
Released in JP: February 2, 2006
Released in US: November 7, 2005
Released in EU: December 2, 2005
Released in AU: March 16, 2006
Released in KR: February 25, 2006

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.

To do:
Document the original Xbox prototype.

Kameo: Elements of Power is a decent platformer/beat-'em-up who's development spanned across four different consoles before ending up as an Xbox 360 launch title along with Perfect Dark Zero.

Build Date

A build date can be found at 0x6CE9C default.exe.

Thu Oct 13 12:10:18 2005

(Source: Ferrox)

Development Text

Present at 0x79C04 in default.exe is a list of internal area names.

Kameo MISC Thread
Quit The Game
End Credits
Game Complete
End Cutscene
Thorn's Airship - Kalus Betrayed
Thorn's Airship - The Final Fight
Thorn's Airship - Meet Thorn
Thorn's Airship - Path To Thorn
Thorn's Airship - Battle On The Wing 2
Thorn's Airship - Path To Wing 2
Thorn's Airship - Battle On The Wing 1
Thorn's Airship - Path To Wing 1
Thorn's Airship - Skirmish In The Hull
Thorn's Airship - Path To The Hull
Thorn's Airship - The Engine Room
Thorn's Airship - Outer Battle
Thorn's Airship - Escape Leg 2
Thorn's Airship - Fight For Leg 2
Thorn's Airship - Enter Leg 2
Thorn's Airship - Escape Leg 1
Thorn's Airship - Fight For Leg 1
Thorn's Airship - Enter Leg 1
Thorn's Airship - Airship Breached!
Thorn's Airship - Into The Ship
Thorn's Airship - Tail Battle
Thorn And Kalus Escape
Knight Boss
Thorn's Pass - Courtyard 3
Thorn's Pass - Courtyard 3 Dragons
Thorn's Pass - Courtyard 3 Shell Trolls
Thorn's Pass - Airship Fight
Thorn's Pass - Courtyard 2
Thorn's Pass - Scorpion Egg Tunnel 2
Thorn's Pass - Pre Scorpion Egg Tunnel 2
Thorn's Pass - Lava Pit Fight
Thorn's Pass - Pre Lava Pit Fight
Thorn's Pass - Climb Challenge 1
Thorn's Pass - Scorpion Egg Tunnel 1
Thorn's Pass - Pre Scorpion Egg Tunnel 1
Thorn's Pass - Lava Traverse
Thorn's Pass - Courtyard 1
Thorn's Pass - Enter Courtyard 1
Thorn's Pass - Dragon Drawbridge
Thorn's Pass - Fight Armour Troll
Battlefield Final Fight
Battlefield Final Fight Intro
Forest To Field
Swamp To Forest
Destroy Swamp Boulder
Show Thorns Pass
Receive Fireant
Fight Fire Ant Shadow
Enter FireAnt ShadowWell
Bung Ogres Holes
Enter Ogres Swamp
Open Ogre's Swamp
Warrior Trainer Remembers
Warrior Trainer Forgets
Return To Forest Entrance
Receive WeedKill
Snow Temple - Fight Snow Temple Boss
Snow Temple - Path To Temple Boss
Snow Temple - Ice Troll Mini Boss Two
Snow Temple - Climb Challenge Three
Snow Temple - Ice Bridge Two
Snow Temple - Protect Walrus Two
Snow Temple - Free Walrus Two
Snow Temple - Climb Challenge Two B
Snow Temple - Ice Troll Mini Boss One
Snow Temple - Troll Arena One B
Snow Temple - Troll Arena One A
Snow Temple - Climb Challenge Two
Snow Temple - Ice Bridge One
Snow Temple - Protect Walrus One
Snow Temple - Free Walrus One
Enter Snow Temple
Path To Snow Temple
Path To Water Pools
Exit Frosty Cave
Receive Snowman
Fight SnowMan Shadow
Enter SnowMan ShadowWell
Open SnowMan ShadowWell
Path To Frosty Cave
Path to Snowball Mountain
Path To Grab Plants
Return To Tree
Exit Quadapus Cave
Receive Quadapus
Fight Quadapus Shadow
Enter Quadapus ShadowWell
Open Quadapus ShadowWell
Path To Quadapus Cave
Climb Rope Bridge
Destroy Rock Door2
Path To Rock Door 2
Destroy Rock Door1
Enter Snow Top Tribe
Battlefield Protect Water Shrine
Battlefield Ship Arrival
MtFalls To Field
Show Snow Top Tribe
Receive Ice Yeti
Water Temple Boss
Water Temple - Path To Boss
Water Temple Climb Tower Two
Water Temple Boat Fight Two
Water Temple Exit Corridor
Water Temple Spin Wheel Two
Water Temple Fight Two
Water Temple Fight Two Prelude
Water Temple Climb Tower One
Water Temple Boat Fight One
Water Temple Path To Boat Fight One
Water Temple Spin Wheel One
Water Temple Fight One
Water Temple Fight One Prelude
Water Temple Entry Corridor
Enter Water Temple
Outside Water Temple
Mountain Falls To Water Temple
Mountain Rise Path To Mountain Falls
Mountain Falls Activate Shortcut
Exit Puddles Cave
Unlock Puddles Cave Door
Receive Puddle
Fight Puddle Shadow
Enter Puddle ShadowWell
Open Puddle ShadowWell
Path To Puddles Cave
Mountain Falls Rock Troll 3
Path To Rock Troll 3
Cross Cave Blockade
Enter Cave Blockade
Mountain Falls Torch Gate3
Mountain Falls Cave Clash
Path To Cave Clash
Mountain Falls To Cave 2
Mountain Falls Torch Gate2
Mountain Falls Rock Troll 1
Path To Rock Troll 1
Mountain Falls To Cave 1
Mountain Falls Torch Gate1
Enter Mountain Rise
Mountain Falls to Rise
Receive Armadillo
Fight Armadillo Shadow
Enter Armadillo ShadowWell
Open Armadillo ShadowWell
Path To Armadillo Cave
Restore Rock Bridge
Chase Armadillo Shadow Troll
Mt Falls Destroy Boulders
Enter Mountain Falls
Battlefield Protect Forest Shrine
Battlefield Tanks Approach
Forest To BattleField
Show Mountain Falls
Receive Pyrosaur
Forest Boss Fight
Forest Temple Enter Boss Chamber
Forest Temple Raise Stairs
Forest Temple Activate Platforms
Forest Path To Forest Temple
Forest Fight Archer Troll 3
Forest Path To Archer Troll 3
Forest Break Gate 3
Forest Fight Shell Trolls 2
Forest Path To Shell Trolls 2
Forest Feed Statue 3
Forest Fight Archer Troll 2
Forest Path To Archer Troll 2
Forest Fight Shield Troll 2
Forest Path To Shield Troll 2
Forest Break Gate 2.Forest Feed Statue 2
Forest Fight Archer Troll 1
Forest Path To Archer Troll 1
Forest Fight Shell Trolls 1
Forest Path To Shell Trolls 1
Forest Break Gate 1
Forest Feed Statue 1
Forest Fight Shield Troll 1
Forest Path To Shield Troll 1
Enter Forgotten Forest
Path to forgotten forest
Fight Rubble Shadow
Enter Rubble Shadow Well
Enter Rubbles Cave
Show Forest Shadow Troll
Enter Forest Entrance
Battlefield Elven Assault
Battlefield Trolls Revealed
Battle Field Intro
Exit Fairy Kingdom
Find Warrior Trainer
Enter Castle Grounds3
Show Forgotten Forest
Return To Mystic
PummelWeed Upgrade Tutorial
Receive Flowerboxer
Fight Flower Shadow
Enter Flower Shadow Well
Enter Castle Grounds2
Shadow Troll story
Enter Mystic Hut
Exit Trainer Hut
Get Wotnot
Enter Trainer Hut
Ortho Trainer Prelude
Show Castle Grounds
Enter Castle Grounds
Mystic Intro
Lose Monsters
Castle Mini Boss Fight
Castle Water Tower
Castle Broken Tower Fight II
Castle Broken Tower Fight
Castle Bridge 2
Castle Bridge 1
Castle Ball Troll Fight
Castle Armadillo Room II
Castle Armadillo Room
Castle Tower 1
Climb Castle Wall
Start of Game
No Game

Present at 0x7BD38 in default.exe are some audio related strings.

%s_%s (%d/%d)
Currently playing %d cues
Music.%.2f (%.2fdB) pause:%d
SFX.%.2f (%.2fdB) pause:%d
Amb.%.2f (%.2fdB) pause:%d
Speech.%.2f (%.2fdB) pause:%d
%d KB
Wouldn't we lose this cue?
audioCuePendingDestroyTick (audioTick audioCueFree)
Notification UNKNOWN

(Source: Ferrox)