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Karnov (NES)

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Title Screen


Developers: Data East, Sakata SAS
Publishers: Namco (JP), Data East (US)
Platform: NES
Released in JP: December 18, 1987
Released in US: January 22, 1988

RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Regional Differences


To do:
Pictures and translations of the endings. Also, can these be re-enabled in the US version?

The entire story of the game was removed in the US release. Along with this, the intro and ending cutscenes were cut out, likely due to the religious tones of the story. The graphics for these still are in the US ROM however.

Screenshot Japanese Translation
Karnov (Japan)-Intro0.png  クリアミナ ちほうに ちいさな まちが ありました。 There once was a small town in the region of Cleamina.
Karnov (Japan)-Intro1.png  あるひ、へいわな このまちに アラカタイという
まほうつかいが あらわれて まちの ひとびとから
たからものを とりあげて しまいました。
One day, in this peaceful town, a wizard
named Alakatay appeared and took all of the
treasures from the town's people.
Karnov (Japan)-Intro2.png  ひとびとは ちからを あわせて アラカタイを たおそう
と しましたが おこった アラカタイは クリアミナちほう
の あちこちに おそろしい まものを はなって ひとびと
を くるしめはじめたのです。
The people worked together to defeat Alakatay, but
Alakatay happened to be doing horrible things on
the other side of the Cleamina region and began cursing
the people.
Karnov (Japan)-Intro3.png  そんな ちじょうでの ありさまを みていた かみさまは
ひとりの おとこを ちじょうに おろそうと おもいました
 おとこの なまえは カルノフと いいました。
Seeing the events going on below,
God decided to have a man on the ground
and called for a man named Karnov.
Karnov (Japan)-Intro4.png  カルノフは にんげんだったころ わるい おこないばかり
していたために いまでは かみさまの めしつかいとして
はたらかされて いたのでした。
Karnov only did bad things when he was a human being,
and now was a servant of God.
Karnov (Japan)-Intro5.png  よいか カルノフ ちじょうでは つみのない ひとびとが
アラタカイに くるしめられている。
 おまえは わたしが あたえる まほうのちからで
アラタカイを たおすのだ。
Understood, Karnov? To prove your innocence,
you must save the innocent people Alatakay has cursed.
You will defeat Alatakay with this
magic I've given you.
Karnov (Japan)-Intro6.png  おまえの ちじょうでの おこないしだいでは めしつかい
から かいほうして やろう。

 さあ いくのだ! カルノフ!
Let me release you from your servitude
once your deeds are performed.

Well, let's go, Karnov!

Depending on how well the player did at the end, the player ends up with one of three different endings. These were all replaced with a simple text screen saying "CONGRATULATIONS!! THE END".


The game is significantly harder in the Japanese version.

  • Karnov can get hit twice before dying in the US version, but only once in the Japanese version.
  • The Super Flame becomes the Clapper, and the Trolley is replaced by the Shield.
  • A secret way to continue the game can be found by pressing Start and Select after losing all of Karnov's lives. While the Japanese version allows two continues, the US version allows infinite continues.