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Kick Ass: Destroy the Web (iOS)

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Kick Ass: Destroy the Web

Developer: Rootof Creations
Publisher: Rootof Creations
Platform: iOS
Released internationally: May 13, 2011

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

Kick Ass: Destroy the Web is a game that lets you destroy any webpage you want on your phone.


Launch: 1.0

√ Semi-black overlay for when typing URL
√ Any orientation
√ Ship interpolateToPoint
√ Hide ship before page load
√ Show activity indicator over ship controls when page loading
√ Points indicator
√ Make page 100% destroyable
√ UI
√ Horizontal UI
√ Menu
	- √ View page highscore
	- √ Save page highscore
	- √ Change ship
√ Highscore
√ Facebook integration
√ Earn ships
√ Stuka
√ Facebook profile saving

√ When rotating device and dashboard is down, loading
√ Tap on dashboard should show/hide it
√ Load last page
√ Back/forward crash

√ Only recreate GLDrawer on orientation, use for width/height all the time, just adjust the offset of the ship instead
√ Rotating bug, fix all field-size bugs
√ Fix crash on iPod touch
√ Fix stop loading button
√ Fix UIWebView initial height bug
√ Reset onlyTextual-children based on element destruction
√ Speed up collision detection
√ Group removeWithEID within a certain timeframe
XHR or periodic updates of enemies array
√ Speed up collision detection with spacial trees?

√ Migrate highscores to kickass.erikrothoff.com (and fix them)
√ Corner radius issue on shipdemoview chooser

x Back-arrow-button for HighscoreViewController, MenuViewController
x Other explosion?
x Other font for points?
x Don't need to reload page to "commit" score. Who cares?
x Scroll-amount is relative to zoom-amount
x Menu?
√ Facebook (null) when logged in but without connection
√ Show navigation bar when link clicked
√ OpenGL error message (1282, 0x500)
√ Fix OCPromptView on < 4.0 rotation
√ Facebook loses scores when logging out
√ When page is destroyed, say so
√ Pixly ship
√ Achievements
	- √ Database
	- √ Sync
	- √ Implement all achievements
	- √ Notifications
√ Pull down dashboard not possible when several fingers down
√ Fix ajax-needs-reload on ajax-heavy sites
√ Add wood
√ Pretty error loading page
√ Pretty welcome page

BETA #2:
√ Worldwide on apple.com not shootable
√ Annas request
√ Större knappar
√ Rotation on < 3.2
√ Navbar behaviour
√ Stå hur många facebook like buttons det är kvar
√ Older posts facebook bug

BETA #3:
√ requests loading counter can be wrong
√ Settings page
x After game stats page?
√ Pretty icon

Remove cruft

A file called TODO contains a checklist of stuff to do.

Unused Graphics

Kickassdestroytheweb ios placeholder.png
A white placeholder image.