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Kid Icarus: Uprising

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Title Screen

Kid Icarus: Uprising

Also known as: Shin Hikari Shinwa: Palutena no Kagami (JP)
Developer: Project Sora
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Released in JP: March 22, 2012
Released in US: March 23, 2012
Released in EU: March 23, 2012
Released in AU: March 29, 2012

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Kid Icarus: Uprising is the third game in the Kid Icarus series, released more than two decades after the last game for the Game Boy. Rather than a platformer, this game is an on-rails shooter with numerous customizable weapons to buy, fuse, and sell.

To do:
Document the unused "Mystery" Power.

Unused Animations

Chapter 9 Hades Cutscene

To do:
  • Figure out how to upload high quality animations of these without linking to giant YouTube videos. OGV files, maybe?
  • In demo/007.zrc/mdl.arc/23.bcres, Gaol's animation has an idle portion where her cape flaps. This can't be seen at all ingame due to the 3DS's low-resolution and the position of the camera. Her arm also motions after the camera stops focusing on her, which can't be seen, either. Record this animation.


In Chapter 9's end cutscene, when Hades rips through the fake credits (and the fourth wall!), the animation itself is actually a bit longer than what the player sees. Hades' body also turns, which is obscured by the black background of the credits.

Unused Music

There is one fully orchestrated song segment that went unused in the final game and one blank unused track.

Chapter 16: "The Aurum Hive" Air Battle


The naming for this song indicates it was meant for Chapter 16's Air Battle. It isn't used in the final game, and cannot be found in the Sound Test.

It does, however, appear in the official soundtrack release between 3:50 and 4:21 of "The Aurum Hive" (Disc 2, track 16).

(Source: Robotortoise)

Chapter 11: "Viridi, Goddess of Nature" Air Battle Empty Track

This track is 1 minute and 30 seconds long and it is filled with...silence. It comes after the other two songs from "Viridi, Goddess of Nature"'s air battle music. It is unknown if this is a mistake, a dummied-out track, or a placeholder for a track that was never recorded.

(Source: Robotortoise)

Unused Dialogue

None of the following lines have equivalent files in the Japanese version of Kid Icarus: Uprising. (For instance, if one file is named "TALK_G23_012", TALK_G23_012 doesn't exist in the Japanese version.)

3D Slider Dialogue

Pit: I can hardly believe my eyes.
Palutena: Set it to your liking.

Palutena is talking about the 3DS Depth Slider, based on Pit's "I can hardly believe my eyes!" and how she mentions setting it (the slider).

(Source: Robotortoise)

Vague Wording in Medusa's Castle

Pit: Whoa!
Palutena: Now this looks familiar. But it's not exactly the same.
Pit: Whatever! We have to move forwa[rd! We] have to defeat Medusa!

This was meant to be used during Chapter 9, in Medusa's castle. It was probably removed for its vagueness, and the fact that two sound bites clip inside each other.

(Source: Robotortoise)

Unused Chapter 18 Dialogue 1

Pit: What are those centurions doi[ng?! Why] are Palutena's troops attacking the town?

This lacks the echo effect that Pit's thoughts have. Also because two sound bites, again, clip into each other.

Unused Chapter 18 Dialogue 2

Pit: What is going on here? I've gotta get to the bottom of this.

This also lacks the echo effect that Pit's thoughts have.

(Source: Robotortoise)

Unused Chapter 18 Dialogue 3

Pit: Oh man, this can't be happening! How am I attacking humans?! Everything's gone off the rails...

This also lacks the echo effect that Pit's thoughts have.

(Source: Robotortoise)

Unused Chapter 18 Dialogue 4

Pit: Now what am I supposed to do, take myself down? I guess I don't have a choice.

This audio piece is lacking, yep, you guessed it, the echo effect that Pit's thoughts have.

(Source: Robotortoise)

Unused Chapter 18 Dialogue 5

Magnus: There was a war between the Underworld and the Forces of Nature. Early in the war, Palutena's army vanished.

Magnus: That was three years ago.

Pit: Three years? That's...over a thousand days!

Magnus: Yeah, thanks for the math lesson. Anyway...

Magnus: When Palutena's forces reappeared, they began launching attacks across the land. As you can imagine, this was a shock to the humans. No one knows what happened. Did your goddess just lose her mind?

Pit: Don't ask me. I've been a ring.

Pit: But I know I have to do something. There must be some way we can reason with her!

Magnus: It's possible that someone else has taken over her entire army.

Pit: Okay, first things first. That guy attacking the town? That wasn't me.

Magnus: So, your mind is over here, but your body is over there destroying stuff. Isn't that convenient? Tell that to all the people your body just killed.

Pit: Look, I didn't exactly plan it this way.

Magnus: Whether you did or not, there's nothing I can do for you now. You've got my body, so you're going to have to get rid of the other Pit. Ironically, that's why I was here in the first place!

Pit: Well, if that's our only option, I guess that's the plan.

Magnus: Careful with my body, though. I'm going to need it later.

An older draft of the conversation Pit and Magnus have about Palutena's Army attacking the humans.

(Source: Robotortoise)

Unused Chapter 23 Dialogue 1

Hades: Pardon me if you will. I must go entertain my guests.

This line is used, but this version lacks the echo effect.

(Source: Robotortoise)

Unused Chapter 23 Dialogue 2

Pit: Hello? If Viridi's army is attacking, they're doing it awfully quietly.

Pit, mimicking Viridi: At least I'M doing something, Pit. You're such a slacker. [I need to stop talking to myself.]

Again, this line is used, but this is a variant without the echo effect. Two of the lines clip into each other as well.

(Source: Robotortoise)

Unused Chapter 25 Dialogue

Palutena: Thanks, Viridi.
Viridi: Don't thank me yet. Get your heads back in the game! Let's finish this once and for all!

Yet again, another sound byte lacking the echo effect.

Unused Dummy Voice File

A dummy file included with the streamed voice audio. This was included and unused in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS as well. Both games were developed by Sora and directed by Masahiro Sakurai.

Unreleased AR Cards

The following AR Cards were never physically released in any region. Since they represent Rare Idols, they cannot be acquired through in-game means. Currently, the only way to obtain these Idols is through scanning digital images.

Medusa (Rare)

The Medusa (Rare) AR Card is still currently unreleased. Following the release of Pit (Victory), fans decrypted the stained glass style colorbit code in the cards' lower left corner. By combining the colorbit corresponding to the Idol's index number, an art asset of Medusa, and a recognized background color, they were able to recreate an image which is able to be scanned in the game to obtain the Idol.

English - Medusa (Rare):

Hades reconstructs Medusa from
countless souls woven around a core
of pure hatred for Palutena. Oblivious
to the true cause for her resurrection,
Medusa sets out to take revenge and
conquer the three worlds completely.

French - Médusa (rare):

Hadès recrée Médusa à partir de
bien des âmes emmêlées autour d'un
noyau de pure haine envers Paluténa.
Ignorant la réelle origine de sa
résurrection, Médusa veut assouvir
sa soif de vengeance contre Paluténa
et détruire les trois royaumes.

Spanish - Medusa (rara)

Hades tejió una infinidad de almas
alrededor de la esencia de odio puro
que Medusa sentía hacia Palutena para
revivir a la diosa de la oscuridad. Ajena
al verdadero motivo de su resurrección,
Medusa da rienda suelta a su sed de
venganza e invade el Reino del Cielo.

(Source: Recreated AR Card, Original TCRF research)

Pit (Victory)

In December 2018, as part of a countdown celebration to the launch of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, various Twitter accounts related to Kid Icarus, Smash Bros., and Nintendo released images of the previously unreleased Pit (Victory) AR Card.

(Source: Japanese tweet, American tweet, European tweet)

Unused Textures

In the menu icon texture files, there is a texture that says "In Game" in Japanese.

Ki u unused menu.png

Regional Differences

To do:
There are plenty more. Check for major changes in dialogue and personality changes, especially. The TVTropes page is a good place to start. It mentions Palutena and Pit playing...Super Smash Bros.?!?

Chapter 22 Brain Age/Training Joke

USA Europe

In Chapter 22, Dark Pit mentions the Nintendo game Brain Age. The game in question was called Brain Training in Europe, and as a result there are two identical variations of that line in the game data, the only difference being the name of the game.

The Sneeze

In the international versions, during the final battle of the game, Hades appears to sneeze in Pit's face. However, in the original Japanese version, it is the other way around, with Pit sneezing instead, complete with a special sneezing pose. Though the on-screen animations are the same, the dialogue and Touch Screen character poses were changed, with the special sneezing pose completely removed from the international versions. There seems to be no real reason for the change, other than for humor.

KI U Pit sneezing.png

Dark Pit's name

In the Japanese version of the game, Dark Pit is called "Black Pit" instead. This is referenced in his internal name, "bpit". This wouldn't fly in English-speaking countries because there, "black" is also an adjective commonly used to denote individuals of African descent, leading to the name change. This was reflected when Dark Pit was added to the roster of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.

His embarrassing nickname was likewise changed from "BlaPi" (an abbreviation of "Black Pit") to "Pittoo" ("Pit Two").

Japan-exclusive AR Cards and Idols

There are over 400 AR Cards in the game's data. While most of them were released in North America and Europe, a few were Japan-exclusive. These cards are still fully functional in the international versions, including translated descriptions.

Pit (Revived)

This Idol reveals an interesting story detail: Palutena can't transport Pit to the rewind spring without Dark Pit being there. This may be related to the limits of her teleportation power, as Pit can't be transported directly to the boss.

English - Pit (Revived):

Pit after the recovery of his wings in
the Rewind Spring. To transport him
there, Dark Pit has to first fly through
the Underworld, finding the spring,
which allows Palutena to transport
Pit to that very same spot.

French - Pit (ressuscité):

Voici Pit, après qu'il a récupéré ses
ailes dans la source du renouveau.
Pour l'y transporter, Pit maléfique a
d'abord dû traverser les Ténèbres
en volant afin de trouver la source,
ce qui a permis à Paluténa d'amener
Pit à cet endroit.

Spanish - Pit (revivido)

Gracias a la ayuda de Pit Sombrío,
que cruzó la ciudad de los espiritus,
Palutena pudo teletransportar a Pit
hasta la fuente del pasado para que
pudiera regenerar sus alas. Por
desgracia, Pit Sombrío perdió la
facultad de volar en el proceso.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Magnus and Gaol

This Idol features Magnus and Gaol, based on the battle in Chapter 24 where Pit faces them as a duo. It reveals an interesting tidbit about their relationship: they were originally friendly rivals, and Gaol was originally a mercenary.

English - Magnus and Gaol:

Years ago. Magnus and Gaol were
friendly rivals, often working together
as mercenaries, each competing to 
steal the other's glory. Dyntos gives
them a chance to fight together again,
testing Pit on his way to battle Hades.

French - Magnus & Gaol:

Il y a bien longtemps, Magnus et Gaol
étaient amis et rivaux. Chacun de ces
deux alliés mercenaires cherchait sans
cesse à obtenir plus de gloire que
l'autre. Pour tester la valeur de Pit,
Dyntos leur donne une occasion de
plus de combattre côte à côte.

Spanish - Magno y Gaol

Años atrás, Magno y Gaol, que
trabajaban juntos como mercenarios,
competían a todas horas por arrebatarse
mutuamente la gloria. Dyntos les dio la
oportunidad de volver a luchar juntos
dureante las preubas que le impuso
a Pit para que demostrara su valía.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Pit (Injured)

This and the Pit (Revived) Idols are the only instance of the "injured" Pit model being used in the Idol viewer.

English - Pit (Injured):

Hades shatters the Great Sacred
Treasure with one vicious clap. Pit
takes the brunt of the damage,
unable to rise and fight. Yet just as
Hades moves to strike the final blow,
an unlikely ally appears.

French - Pit (blessé):

D'un revers de la main, Hadès brise
le Grand trésor sacré. Pit subit cette
attaque de plein fouet et s'effondre.
Mais, au moment où Hadès s'apprête
à lui porter le coup fatal, un allié
improbable fait son apparition.

Spanish - Pit (herido)

Hades hizo añicos el gran tesoro
sagrado de una violenta palmada.
Pit se llevó la peor parte y quedó
incapacitado para proseguir el
combate, pero justo cuando el dios
del Inframundo se disponía a rematarlo,
una inesperade aliada entra en escena.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Kid Icarus Float

The Kid Icarus Float Idol is the final Idol, and is probably the only AR Card/Idol that was never meant to be released outside of Japan. It is based on a float which appeared at a Summer festival in Japan to promote the game, and was specifically made for Japanese players.

English - Kid Icarus Float:

On August 4th, 2011, this float made
its debut during a summer festival in the
Aomori Prefecture of Japan. Reaching
a height of almost 40 feet and weighing
five tons, this float awed spectators
with its depiction of Pit and Palutena.

German - Kid Icarus Motivwagen:

Am 4. August 2011 konnten die Besucher des Umzuges bei einem Sommerfestival
in der japanischen Präfektur Aomori diesen 13 Meter hohen und fünf Tonnen
schweren Wagen mit Figuren, die Pit und Palutena darstellen, bewundern.

French - Char Kid Icarus:

Le 4 août 2011, ce char de carnaval
a participé à la parade du festival
d'été de la préfecture d'Aomori, au
Japon. Haut de 13 mètres et pesant
cinq tonnes, ce char représentant Pit
et Paluténa a fait sensation dans le

Spanish - Carroza de Kid Icarus:

El 4 de agosto de 2011, esta carroza
hizo su primera aparición durante el
festival de verano de la prefectura de
Aomori, en Japón. Sus más de doce
metros de altura y sus cinco toneladas
de peso dejaron boquiabiertos a todos
los espectadores.

Italian - Carro Kid Icarus:

Il 4 agosto 2011 questo carro é apparso per la prima volta durante
un festival estivo nella prefettura di Aomori in Giappone. Alta quasi
12 m e con 5 t di peso. I'immagine di Pit e Palutena ha stupito il pubblico.
(Source: AquaBat (image, scan (via ar.essh)), Original TCRF research)